PBL 2018: Chennai Smashers vs Delhi Dashers, Live Match Updates

By Sportskeeda Desk | Last ModifiedJan 03, 2018 22:18 IST

Delhi Dashers def Chennai Smashers 3-0


22:18 (IST)3 JAN 2018

And with that, we wrap up our live coverage of tonight's PBL 2018 match.

It didn't start on a good note for the Delhi Dashers, but it ended in the worst possible way for the Chennai Smashers.

Let us pray for Gaby Adcock's quick recovery.

Thanks for staying with us. Do join us tomorrow for the live updates of PBL 2018 Day 13.

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22:11 (IST)3 JAN 2018

An injury while playing is the worst thing for any player and the fans. Let us hope it's not too serious and Gaby can be fit for Chennai's next match. 

22:08 (IST)3 JAN 2018

But it's a painful scene on the court as Gaby is lying down and is being treated.

Great sportsmanship from Ashwini Ponnappa and the rest of the Delhi players to come up to her and pacify her. 

22:07 (IST)3 JAN 2018

The tie finishes 3-0 in Delhi's favour

22:07 (IST)3 JAN 2018

And with that, Delhi have not just won this match but have won this tie also

22:06 (IST)3 JAN 2018

Chennai have conceded the mixed doubles match with Delhi leading 6-5

22:05 (IST)3 JAN 2018

Gaby Adcock tripped on Chris' foot and rolled her ankle.

She is grimacing and seems to be in pain.

22:03 (IST)3 JAN 2018

It's 5-5

but Gaby Adcock seems to have rolled her ankle!

22:01 (IST)3 JAN 2018

3-1 lead for the Adcocks

22:01 (IST)3 JAN 2018

This is crucial for Sindhu's team as this is their Trump Match.

Can the Adcocks get it back for the Smashers?

21:57 (IST)3 JAN 2018

21:56 (IST)3 JAN 2018

But what a terrific match that was!!!!
Such amazing fighting spirit from both ladies! Sung didn't give up despite conceding an early lead to the Indian.

With that win, Delhi now lead this match for the first time tonight.

Who would have thought after Delhi's disastrous start?

21:55 (IST)3 JAN 2018

21:54 (IST)3 JAN 2018

Final score: Sung wins 11-15, 15-13, 15-14

21:53 (IST)3 JAN 2018

Sung has won this! She has snapped Sindhu's eight-match winning streak!

21:52 (IST)3 JAN 2018

And Hawk-Eye confirms it is indeed out!

21:52 (IST)3 JAN 2018

Sindhu hits it long on golden point!

But we have a challenge!

21:51 (IST)3 JAN 2018

Sung puts the shuttle into the net!

What a match!


21:50 (IST)3 JAN 2018

A charged-up Sindhu comes up with a series of smashes!


21:49 (IST)3 JAN 2018

Sindhu saves one match point


21:49 (IST)3 JAN 2018

Another big smash down the line from the Korean!


21:48 (IST)3 JAN 2018

The Korean is taking the shuttle early now and is hitting it right back at Sindhu's body!


21:47 (IST)3 JAN 2018

A 33-shot rally goes Sung's way!

Is she going to ride on this now?


21:46 (IST)3 JAN 2018

What placement from the Korean! Finding the corner of the court!

She has again levelled matters here!


21:45 (IST)3 JAN 2018

Sindhu has snatched just a one-point lead now

Still pretty tense!


21:42 (IST)3 JAN 2018

Big crosscourt winner from the Korean to even things here!


21:40 (IST)3 JAN 2018

8-6 to Sindhu heading into the mid-game interval

21:38 (IST)3 JAN 2018

A crosscourt slice shot that lands just on the line helps Sung blunt Sindhu's aggression.

She is back in this!


21:36 (IST)3 JAN 2018

Sindhu is now pretty comfortably placed at 5-3

21:34 (IST)3 JAN 2018

Sindhu has brought her aggressive game here!

21:34 (IST)3 JAN 2018

A 305kmph winner down the line from Sindhu to go up to 4-1

21:32 (IST)3 JAN 2018

2-0 to Sindhu in the decider!

21:30 (IST)3 JAN 2018

Wow! Sindhu looked in control in the early stages but credit to the dogged resistance of Sung, who shows why she is a top-10 player!

21:29 (IST)3 JAN 2018

Sung converts and bags the second game 15-13

21:28 (IST)3 JAN 2018

Sung has reached game points now


21:26 (IST)3 JAN 2018

And 13-10 to the Korean

Are we heading to the decider?

21:26 (IST)3 JAN 2018

It is 11-10 to Sung as Sindhu makes an uncharacteristic error

21:25 (IST)3 JAN 2018

Sung has evened the score and it is 10-10

Who will take the next point?

21:22 (IST)3 JAN 2018

Sindhu attacked the Korean's backhand to finish a long rally!


21:20 (IST)3 JAN 2018

But the Korean takes a slender lead of 8-7 going into the interval

21:20 (IST)3 JAN 2018

And you can never count out Sindhu!

An aggressive Sindhu comes back to 7-7

21:18 (IST)3 JAN 2018

The Korean wants to make a match of this!

Has surged to 6-4

21:15 (IST)3 JAN 2018

And the determined Indian has made it 4-4

21:15 (IST)3 JAN 2018

Sung went up to 4-2 but her errors are now helping Sindhu claw back into this!

21:13 (IST)3 JAN 2018

It's 2-2 in Game 2

21:09 (IST)3 JAN 2018

With just a flick of the wrist, Sindhu comes up with a fantastic backhand volley and grabs the opener.


21:08 (IST)3 JAN 2018

Sindhu converts defence into offense with a crosscourt winner!


21:08 (IST)3 JAN 2018

Sindhu continues to have a three-point advantage.


21:05 (IST)3 JAN 2018

Nice crosscourt drop from Sindhu


21:04 (IST)3 JAN 2018

Sindhu kept elevating the shuttle to draw the error from Sung.

Up 10-8
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