PBL 2018: Chennai Smashers vs Mumbai Rockets, Live Match Updates

By Sportskeeda Desk | Last ModifiedDec 27, 2017 22:42 IST

Chennai Smashers edge the Mumbai Rockets 4-3


22:42 (IST)27 DEC 2017

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22:40 (IST)27 DEC 2017

What a thrilling contest to open the Delhi leg! We can't wait to see what's more in store in this leg!

PV Sindhu will be pretty happy with that result. This was a tough match and the way they held their nerves for the win, was admirable. The Smashers were desperately in search for a win after losing their PBL 3 opener in Guwahati.

22:36 (IST)27 DEC 2017

And with that win, the Chennai Smashers edge the Mumbai Rockets 4-3, which is the exact same scoreline that we had in the Season 2 final.

22:35 (IST)27 DEC 2017

22:37 (IST)27 DEC 2017

But the Adcocks regrouped in time and clinched the win!

15-9, 13-15, 15-9 win for the Adcocks!

22:36 (IST)27 DEC 2017

And again, some Arjun magic!

He has been so impressive and so fearless!

Mumbai 9-12 behind

22:35 (IST)27 DEC 2017

Adcocks have now steered their way to 12-7

22:35 (IST)27 DEC 2017

Wow! Look at Arjun. He is still managing to outfox the mighty Adcocks.

Mumbai trail 6-10

22:32 (IST)27 DEC 2017

8-4 to the Adcocks going into the interval.

22:31 (IST)27 DEC 2017

Wow! What a disguise shot from the young Arjun! It lands just near Chris' feet!

Mumbai are 4-7 behind

22:29 (IST)27 DEC 2017

The Mumbai pair is finally on the board!


22:29 (IST)27 DEC 2017

Chris is everywhere on the court!


The last rally was a 33-shot one!

22:28 (IST)27 DEC 2017

The Adcocks are unleashing winner after winner!


22:25 (IST)27 DEC 2017

And Mumbai pair snatches the second game!


Wow! This is some match!

22:24 (IST)27 DEC 2017

And it is 13-13 pretty soon

22:22 (IST)27 DEC 2017

The scratch pair of Stoeva and Arjun is up 13-11

22:22 (IST)27 DEC 2017

Arjun is the one to watch right now!

12-10 for Mumbai

22:21 (IST)27 DEC 2017

Arjun showing some powerful display here!

11-9 for Mumbai

22:20 (IST)27 DEC 2017

Chris took pace off the shuttle.

And they are back!


22:19 (IST)27 DEC 2017

That was a run of five straight points from Mumbai!

22:18 (IST)27 DEC 2017

Would you believe it?

Arjun shows some magic as Mumbai take an 8-6 lead at the interval.

22:17 (IST)27 DEC 2017

Some resilience from Mumbai!

They are back in this!


22:16 (IST)27 DEC 2017

But the Chennai pair takes a few quick points to soar to 6-3

22:16 (IST)27 DEC 2017

Mumbai bag a couple of points to come to within 3-4

22:15 (IST)27 DEC 2017

What a rally!

Great defence from both the pairs but Stoeva sends it out.

Adcocks up 3-1

22:12 (IST)27 DEC 2017

But they shake it off soon and bag the opener.


22:12 (IST)27 DEC 2017

Chris misses a down the line shot.

22:11 (IST)27 DEC 2017

14-7 to Adcocks now

22:10 (IST)27 DEC 2017

The Adcocks are thoroughly committed to every shot. The difference in experience and the world rankings between the two pairs is showing.

Adcocks up 12-6

22:07 (IST)27 DEC 2017

PV Sindhu is back in the dugout and thoroughly enjoying this!

8-4 for her team at halftime

22:06 (IST)27 DEC 2017

Arjun got one back through a good smash.


22:06 (IST)27 DEC 2017

Adcocks are now up 6-3

22:05 (IST)27 DEC 2017

3-3 to start off things

21:58 (IST)27 DEC 2017

It's now up to the World No. 5 pair of Chris & Gabrielle Adcock to get the Trump win for Chennai. Gabriela Stoeva & MR Arjun will represent the Mumbai Rockets.

21:55 (IST)27 DEC 2017

21:53 (IST)27 DEC 2017

It's all down to the last match of the day now. Can Chennai win their Trump mixed doubles match and win this?

This has been one cracker of a contest!

21:52 (IST)27 DEC 2017

That was a Trump win for Mumbai. With that, they add 2 points to their kitty and go up to 3-2 in tonight's tie!

21:56 (IST)27 DEC 2017

With a deft touch at the net, Son Wan Ho finishes the commanding win!

15-11, 15-5 win for Son Wan Ho

21:55 (IST)27 DEC 2017

The former World No. 1 is in sniffing distance of victory!


21:53 (IST)27 DEC 2017

Tanongsak pulls back a couple of points but Son Wan Ho goes up further.


21:50 (IST)27 DEC 2017

The World No. 5 is up 8-2 at the interval.

21:49 (IST)27 DEC 2017

Even the shuttle is listening to the Korean!

It trickles down to Chennai's side.


21:47 (IST)27 DEC 2017

He continues to attack the Tanongsak forehand.

Up 6-1

21:46 (IST)27 DEC 2017

Son Wan Ho is continuing from where he left.

He is up 4-1 with some great attacking display

21:41 (IST)27 DEC 2017

Son Wan Ho grabs the opener.


21:41 (IST)27 DEC 2017

And Tanongsak could not take advantage of it!

Son up 14-11

21:40 (IST)27 DEC 2017

Would you believe it? 

The southpaw has levelled the score here! Son just peppered a few errors to let Tanongsak back in!


21:37 (IST)27 DEC 2017

A service fault called at such a crucial juncture!

11-9 to Son Wan Ho

21:36 (IST)27 DEC 2017

Tanongsak pushing the Korean back to draw errors.

Trails 8-10

21:36 (IST)27 DEC 2017

It's 10-7 to Son Wan Ho currently
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