PBL 2018: Delhi Dashers vs Hyderabad Hunters, Live Match Updates

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Delhi Dashers take on Hyderabad Hunters tonight at 7 pm.


22:43 (IST)31 DEC 2017

That's all from tonight's PBL action as we head into the new year.

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22:41 (IST)31 DEC 2017

Delhi Dashers win their first tie as they blank Hyderabad Hunters with a 5-0 scoreline

22:41 (IST)31 DEC 2017

Ivanov wraps up the win for Delhi as they win the game and the match

Del 15 Hyd 12

22:41 (IST)31 DEC 2017

Satwiksairaj with a powerful smash as Ivanov's return hits the net

Del 14 Hyd 12

22:40 (IST)31 DEC 2017

Match point for Dashers as Pia misses a return

Del 14 Hyd 11

22:40 (IST)31 DEC 2017

Ponappa with quick play at the net as Delhi are within two points of the win

Del 13 Hyd 11

22:39 (IST)31 DEC 2017

Errors from Ivanov allow the Hunters to draw equal

Del 11 Hyd 11

22:38 (IST)31 DEC 2017

Delhi continue to push the pace as they maintain the lead

Del 11 Hyd 10

22:37 (IST)31 DEC 2017

Two quick points from Dashers as they regain the lead after the break

Del 9 Hyd 8

22:34 (IST)31 DEC 2017

Satwiksairaj with another smash as Hunters take an 8-7 lead at the short break

Del 7 Hyd 8

22:33 (IST)31 DEC 2017

Great serve from Satwiksairaj as he catches her with a deep serve

Del 5 Hyd 6

22:32 (IST)31 DEC 2017

An error from Satwiksairaj goes way out as Delhi take a 5-4 lead in Game 2

Del 5 Hyd 4

22:31 (IST)31 DEC 2017

Soft hands from Satwiksairaj as Hunters rally back to draw level

Del 3 Hyd 3

22:30 (IST)31 DEC 2017

Ivanov with a superb smash down the middle as he clocks a speed of 403 km/h. Phew!!

Del 3 Hyd 0

22:29 (IST)31 DEC 2017

Second game begins in Delhi as Ponappa serves first and scores the point

Del 1 Hyd 0

22:27 (IST)31 DEC 2017

Delhi win the game in the Match 5 of the tie

Del 15 Hyd 11

22:27 (IST)31 DEC 2017

Ponappa misses a smash and is quick to change her racquet

Del 14 Hyd 11

22:26 (IST)31 DEC 2017

Flat smash from Satwiksairaj as Ponappa is unable to return it

Del 14 Hyd 10

22:26 (IST)31 DEC 2017

Great defense from Hunters as they catch Ivanov on the turn

Del 14 Hyd 9

22:25 (IST)31 DEC 2017

Delhi with a game point as Satwiksairaj misses a smash chance and hits the net

Del 14 Hyd 8

22:23 (IST)31 DEC 2017

Ponappa leaves a drop well as the shot from Pia goes wide

Del 12 Hyd 7

22:22 (IST)31 DEC 2017

Satwiksairaj with a powerful smash as they cut the lead to three

Del 10 Hyd 7

22:22 (IST)31 DEC 2017

Delhi continue their streak as they take a 4-point lead

Del 10 Hyd 6

22:20 (IST)31 DEC 2017

At the break, Delhi go into a three-point lead

Del 8 Hyd 5

22:19 (IST)31 DEC 2017

Close game of back and forth continues as Delhi lead by two

Del 6 Hyd 4

22:16 (IST)31 DEC 2017

Delhi fight back and are back in the lead

Del 4 Hyd 2

22:15 (IST)31 DEC 2017

Two smashes from Satwiksairaj as the Hunters take a 2-1 lead in the first game

Del 1 Hyd 2

22:14 (IST)31 DEC 2017

Pia makes a mistake as her return hits the net

Del 1 Hyd 0

22:13 (IST)31 DEC 2017

The match begins as the Hunters serve first in the match.

Del 0 Hyd 0

22:09 (IST)31 DEC 2017

22:09 (IST)31 DEC 2017

Up next is the final match with the Mixed Doubles action at the PBL.

Delhi Smashers have Vladimir Ivanov and Ashwini Ponappa facing off against Hyderabad Hunters who will field Satwiksairaj and Pia Zebadiah

22:06 (IST)31 DEC 2017

Delhi Dashers win the tie 4-0 on the night.

22:06 (IST)31 DEC 2017

Sai Praneeth with another error as his snap goes wide. Tian wins the trump match for the Delhi Dashers

Delhi Dashers win 15-14 14-15 15-10

22:06 (IST)31 DEC 2017

A long shot from Sai as Tian has a match point.

Del 14 Hyd 10

22:05 (IST)31 DEC 2017

Is a comeback on again? Praneeth cuts the lead down to just 3 now

Del 13 Hyd 10

22:04 (IST)31 DEC 2017

Praneeth gets a lucky point as his shot comes off the tape as Tian is unable to reach it

Del 13 Hyd 9

22:03 (IST)31 DEC 2017

Tian challenges a call but it is ruled long as Sai scores another point

Del 13 Hyd 8

22:03 (IST)31 DEC 2017

Tian with a wide smash as Praneeth cuts the lead to 6

Del 13 Hyd 7

22:01 (IST)31 DEC 2017

Tian with a great crosscourt smash as Praneeth looks on in disbelief

Del 13 Hyd 6

22:00 (IST)31 DEC 2017

Praneeth misses a jump smash as his effort hits the net. Silly error from the Indian

Del 12 Hyd 4

21:59 (IST)31 DEC 2017

Tian with two quick points as he takes a 6-point lead in the deciding game

Del 10 Hyd 4

21:57 (IST)31 DEC 2017

Praneeth misses a smash as his shot hits the net

Delhi 8 Hyderabad 4

21:56 (IST)31 DEC 2017

Two good points from Praneeth as he cuts the lead down to three points

Del 7 Hyd 4

21:55 (IST)31 DEC 2017

Tian takes a 5-point lead with another smash down the line

Del 7 Hyd 2

21:54 (IST)31 DEC 2017

Tian with a superb smash as Praneeth dives but fails to return the powerful smash

Del 5 Hyd 2

21:53 (IST)31 DEC 2017

Praneeth scores his first point as he gets a crosscourt winner

Del 3 Hyd 1

21:51 (IST)31 DEC 2017

Game 3 begins as Tian wins two in a row to take an early lead

21:48 (IST)31 DEC 2017

Superb play from Sai Praneeth as he scores four in a row to win the game. Outstanding stuff from the Indian shuttler

Del 14 Hyd 15

21:45 (IST)31 DEC 2017

Praneeth commits an error as he does well in the rally but fails to nail the point

Del 14 Hyd 10

21:44 (IST)31 DEC 2017

Tian with superb smash deep towards Praneeth's left

Del 13 Hyd 10
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