PBL 2018: Delhi Dashers vs Mumbai Rockets, Live Match Updates

By Sportskeeda Desk | Last ModifiedDec 25, 2017 23:28 IST

Mumbai Rockets def Delhi Dashers 4-1


23:28 (IST)25 DEC 2017

And that wraps up our live coverage of the PBL tonight. Thanks for staying with us.

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23:22 (IST)25 DEC 2017

23:22 (IST)25 DEC 2017

What a thrilling finish to what was heading to be heading to be an easy win for the Mumbai Rockets.

The Mumbai team really had to work hard for the 4-1 win

23:24 (IST)25 DEC 2017

And they convert!

15-9 to the Bulgarian-Korean combine!

23:24 (IST)25 DEC 2017

Match point to the Mumbai pair.

23:21 (IST)25 DEC 2017

It's 10-7 to the Mumbai pair.

Within sniffing distance of victory

23:18 (IST)25 DEC 2017

It's a close contest in the second game.

Brilliant defence from the Delhi pair to make it 6-6

23:12 (IST)25 DEC 2017

Mumbai takes the opener, 15-11

23:11 (IST)25 DEC 2017

But Dae and Stoeva has stormed back to 13-11

23:08 (IST)25 DEC 2017

What a comeback from Chopra and Arathi!

So much aggression and intent!


23:05 (IST)25 DEC 2017

And the Mumbai pair is up 8-5 at the midgame interval

23:05 (IST)25 DEC 2017

The Delhi pair raced ahead to 4-2 but the Mumbai team came back to make it 6-5

22:57 (IST)25 DEC 2017

Suddenly, this tie has come alive!

22:56 (IST)25 DEC 2017

22:56 (IST)25 DEC 2017

And thanks to that upset win in men's singles, Delhi is still in contention! Can they keep it going and win the all-important mixed doubles Trump Match?

22:53 (IST)25 DEC 2017

22:54 (IST)25 DEC 2017

Houwei shows his mettle under pressure.


22:53 (IST)25 DEC 2017

Houwei finishes with a brilliant down the line  smash!!!!

Wow! Who saw that coming?

22:52 (IST)25 DEC 2017

And he adds 2 more!


22:52 (IST)25 DEC 2017

And would you believe it?

A surprising turn of events here!

Houwei takes five points on the trot to soar to 12-9

22:48 (IST)25 DEC 2017

Great response from the Chinese after the break.

He is back to 7-9

22:45 (IST)25 DEC 2017

Son Wan Ho has powered past the Chinese to 8-2 at the break

22:41 (IST)25 DEC 2017

4-2 to the Korean

22:39 (IST)25 DEC 2017

It's 2-0 to Son Wan Ho in the decider

22:37 (IST)25 DEC 2017

It's one game apiece.

Houwei takes the second game. 


22:35 (IST)25 DEC 2017

Son Wan Ho wrested away the momentum to surge to 13-12 but Houwei has hammered the brakes on his progress.

Houwei goes up to 14-13 

22:30 (IST)25 DEC 2017

We have our answer!

Son Wan Ho storms back to even things and make 10-10

22:29 (IST)25 DEC 2017

10-8 lead for Houwei.

How long can he keep his nose in the front?

22:26 (IST)25 DEC 2017

Houwei still has a 2-point advantage here.


22:23 (IST)25 DEC 2017

But the Delhi player has restored his lead through some accurate play.


22:21 (IST)25 DEC 2017

Houwei snatched a 4-3 lead but Son Wan Ho's stubborn defence ensures his joy is short-lived.


22:19 (IST)25 DEC 2017

It's 2-2 in the second game

22:15 (IST)25 DEC 2017

And the first game is in the bag for the Mumbai Rockets.

15-13 to Son Wan Ho

22:11 (IST)25 DEC 2017

And we are all even at 12-12

22:11 (IST)25 DEC 2017

And Son Wan Ho's big lead has suddenly vanished!

It's 12-11

22:09 (IST)25 DEC 2017

Houwei is now coming up with some fabulous angular smashes!

He has reduced the deficit to 9-11

22:07 (IST)25 DEC 2017

Son Wan Ho is now up 10-7.

Both players are now playing some engaging rallies

22:05 (IST)25 DEC 2017

Houwei is suddenly all fired-up after the break. Takes 2 quick points on the trot.

Trails 6-8

22:02 (IST)25 DEC 2017

It's 8-4 to the Korean at halftime.

Clearly, looking to lead his team to victory tonight!

21:59 (IST)25 DEC 2017

And Son Wan Ho has already imposed himself in this match.

It's 7-2 to the Korean

21:57 (IST)25 DEC 2017

Former World No. 1 Son Wan Ho is definitely the more favoured one in this match

They are tied 2-2 in the initial stages

21:50 (IST)25 DEC 2017

21:48 (IST)25 DEC 2017

21:49 (IST)25 DEC 2017

Vincent and Ivanov of Delhi are screaming with joy!

They have every reason to rejoice! Sung gives Delhi their first win after what has been a miserable night for Delhi so far.

With that win, Delhi now trail Mumbai, 0-2

21:47 (IST)25 DEC 2017

As Zhang fumbles at the net, Sung wins!

15-9 it was!

21:46 (IST)25 DEC 2017

And she regroups well.

Sung is now at match point.


21:46 (IST)25 DEC 2017

It's 12-8 for the Delhi player.

She just cannot afford to be complacent. Delhi is counting on her for their first win of the night.

21:44 (IST)25 DEC 2017

Sung still can't keep Zhang away.

It's just a three-point lead for the Korean now


21:42 (IST)25 DEC 2017

Sung brought her experience into play and made it an 8-5 lead for Delhi at halftime

21:39 (IST)25 DEC 2017

But Zhang is unfazed. She is still responding with quick hands at the net.

Now trails 4-5
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