PBL 2018: Delhi Dashers vs North Eastern Warriors, Live Match Updates

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Delhi Dashers def North Eastern Warriors 4-1


22:33 (IST)10 JAN 2018

With that, we wrap up our live coverage of Day 19 of the PBL 2018. Thanks for staying with us.

Do join us tomorrow for the live coverage of the final league match of the PBL 2018.

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22:31 (IST)10 JAN 2018

The Delhi franchise joins the PBL 2018 debuntants Ahmedabad Smash Masters in the last-four. Who will join them?

We'll find out tomorrow.

22:30 (IST)10 JAN 2018

The Delhi Dashers did not make a bright start but they certainly rebounded well after that early loss. Hopefully this will inspire the former champions to put in an inspiring show in the semi-finals.

22:25 (IST)10 JAN 2018

22:24 (IST)10 JAN 2018

The North Eastern Warriors can't advance to the semi-finals but they end their debut season with a win in their last match of the tie. 

22:23 (IST)10 JAN 2018

The Warriors pair has taken this 15-9.

But the Delhi Dashers win the tie 4-1

22:20 (IST)10 JAN 2018

The Warriors have regrouped and now have a slender lead of one point.


22:17 (IST)10 JAN 2018

The Warriors have bagged the second game 15-10 but are now trailing 3-5 in third

22:11 (IST)10 JAN 2018

It's 11-8 to the Warriors.

Can they force a decider or will Delhi come back?

22:06 (IST)10 JAN 2018

The North Eastern pair makes a strong start to the second game


22:03 (IST)10 JAN 2018

Ivanov and Sozonov certainly look more inspired after the semi-final berth got confirmed.

They bag the opener 15-9

22:00 (IST)10 JAN 2018

And it is still all level at 9-9

21:57 (IST)10 JAN 2018

This is an absorbing men's doubles clash.

6-6 it is

21:57 (IST)10 JAN 2018

21:51 (IST)10 JAN 2018

With those vital points from a Trump win, the Delhi Dashers not only have an unassailable lead of 4-0 in tonight's tie but have also sealed a spot in the semi-finals.

21:48 (IST)10 JAN 2018

21:41 (IST)10 JAN 2018

Some superb crosscourt smashes from Li to trail 11-12

She is definitely not going away without a fight!

21:38 (IST)10 JAN 2018

10-7 to the Korean at present

21:35 (IST)10 JAN 2018

It's 8-4 to Delhi's Trump player at the interval.

21:32 (IST)10 JAN 2018

Sung has opened up a 5-2 lead in the decider....playing fast and aggressive now.

21:28 (IST)10 JAN 2018

Sung wraps up the second game 15-11 and forces a decider.

21:26 (IST)10 JAN 2018

Sung still maintains her two-point advantage.


21:23 (IST)10 JAN 2018

8-6 to the Korean going into the interval.

21:19 (IST)10 JAN 2018

Sung is now up to 6-3 in Game 2.

Can she hold on to this and take this game?

21:16 (IST)10 JAN 2018

1-1 in Game 2

21:13 (IST)10 JAN 2018


She takes the opening game 15-13

21:10 (IST)10 JAN 2018

It's 13-10 to the World No. 6 as she continues her march.

21:05 (IST)10 JAN 2018

Some exceptional footwork from both ladies! Li and Sung got engaged in a stupendous 31-shot rally that had Li diving to the court for the shot, but it goes in favour of the Korean.

Sung up 8-5 at the break.

21:01 (IST)10 JAN 2018

Sung moved up to 2-0 but a resilient Michelle levelled matters soon.


20:56 (IST)10 JAN 2018

20:54 (IST)10 JAN 2018

20:51 (IST)10 JAN 2018

He has trumped North Eastern's Trump.

Delhi now lead 2-0

20:50 (IST)10 JAN 2018

And HOUWEI HAS DONE IT! Takes the third game 15-11

20:49 (IST)10 JAN 2018

And Houwei is now up 13-11

What a turnaround!

20:48 (IST)10 JAN 2018

This is suddenly a very, very tight affair.

Wang has let Tian come back and make it just a ONE-POINT GAP!

Wang 11-10

20:44 (IST)10 JAN 2018

Wang targeting Houwei's backhands and is getting rich dividends.


20:42 (IST)10 JAN 2018

8-2 for Wang at the mid-game break.

20:41 (IST)10 JAN 2018

Tian continues to miss the lines and is very, very erratic at the moment.

20:40 (IST)10 JAN 2018

Wang looking more aggressive of the two here and surges to 5-2

20:38 (IST)10 JAN 2018

It's 2-2 in the decider

20:36 (IST)10 JAN 2018

Wang has clinched Game No. 2 with a score of 15-8.

Looking solid as ever.

20:32 (IST)10 JAN 2018

Wang is unstoppable and has bagged three points on the trot now.


20:30 (IST)10 JAN 2018

It's 8-5 to the Trump player at the mid-game interval.

20:29 (IST)10 JAN 2018

Wang is now raining down 350kmph smash winners on Houwei and his ultra-aggressive approach has now taken him up 7-4

20:26 (IST)10 JAN 2018

Houwei looks pretty determined to get this win.

4-2 in Game 2

20:22 (IST)10 JAN 2018

Tian Houwei grabs the opening game 15-10.

20:19 (IST)10 JAN 2018

The Chinese is coming up with fabulous crosscourt smashes to take the game away from Wang.


20:18 (IST)10 JAN 2018

It's 8-5 to Houwei going into the mid-game interval.

20:15 (IST)10 JAN 2018

Tian Houwei is now moving much, much better and attacking both wings of Wang.

Tian has gone up to 5-4

20:13 (IST)10 JAN 2018

Wang has the responsibility of North Eastern's Trump tonight and he is up 3-2
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