PBL 2018: Hyderabad Hunters vs North Eastern Warriors, Live Match Updates

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Hyderabad Hunters def North Eastern Warriors, 5-2


23:19 (IST)24 DEC 2017

And with that, we wrap up our Day 2 coverage of the PBL 2018. Hope you enjoyed it. Thanks for staying with us!

Do join us tomorrow for the Day 3 coverage.

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23:16 (IST)24 DEC 2017

23:15 (IST)24 DEC 2017

What a performance that was from the Hyderabad Hunters! They came, they saw and they conquered! And with that, they have made their intentions very clear. They have their eyes set on the big prize -- their maiden PBL title!

23:14 (IST)24 DEC 2017

Hyderabad Hunters def North Eastern Warriors, 5-2

23:13 (IST)24 DEC 2017

23:12 (IST)24 DEC 2017

Final score: Rankireddy & Zebadiah of the Hunters def Cheol & Sawant of the NE Warriors, 15-8, 15-11

23:13 (IST)24 DEC 2017

And the Hunters take the win, 15-11

23:13 (IST)24 DEC 2017

The Hunters pair moved their opponents to both sides of the court to get match points

23:10 (IST)24 DEC 2017

Hyderabad keep their nose in front, despite a spirited fightback from the debutants.


23:07 (IST)24 DEC 2017

But with Satwik on the other side, they cannot hope to continue it for a long time.

The visitors are up 9-7

23:07 (IST)24 DEC 2017

The home team has pulled back a few points on resumption.

They now trail 7-8

23:04 (IST)24 DEC 2017

It's 8-5 for the Hunters at the interval

23:02 (IST)24 DEC 2017

They are still in front after a series of brilliant exchanges.

Satwik is bringing forth his excellent smashes.


22:59 (IST)24 DEC 2017

The Hunters are completely dominating this contest.

4-1 in the second game

22:56 (IST)24 DEC 2017

The Hunters have wrapped up the first game.


22:54 (IST)24 DEC 2017

And the gap is increasing more and more.

It's 12-6 to the Hunters 

22:50 (IST)24 DEC 2017

It's 8-5 for the visiting team at the interval

22:49 (IST)24 DEC 2017

It's a close contest right now.

Satwik & Zebadiah of the Hunters are up 5-3

22:41 (IST)24 DEC 2017

Next up is the mixed doubles match, which is the final match of the day!

Cheol & Sawant of the NE Warriors take on Rankireddy & Zebadiah of the Hunters

22:38 (IST)24 DEC 2017

22:38 (IST)24 DEC 2017

Final score: Wang Tzu Wei of the NE Warriors def Sai Praneeth of the Hunters, 11-15, 15-6, 15-6

22:38 (IST)24 DEC 2017

Thanks to the Trump win, the Warriors get 2 points.

22:37 (IST)24 DEC 2017

And NE Warriors get their first win of the day, and that too a Trump win!


22:36 (IST)24 DEC 2017

And it is match point courtesy of a no-look backhand lob!

22:36 (IST)24 DEC 2017

It's completely one-way traffic now!


22:35 (IST)24 DEC 2017

11-6 for Wang.

The NE team members are on their feet!

22:32 (IST)24 DEC 2017

It is 8-6 to Wang at the interval

22:31 (IST)24 DEC 2017

7-5 in Wang's favour.

And the NE dugout can't stop screaming!

22:30 (IST)24 DEC 2017

6-4 it is to the World No. 11

22:30 (IST)24 DEC 2017

The NE dugout is trying their best to urge on their star shuttler 

22:29 (IST)24 DEC 2017

We are still all level after Wang wins a challenge.


22:27 (IST)24 DEC 2017

But wait, Sai storms back with a flurry of smashes and makes it 3-3

22:26 (IST)24 DEC 2017

This match is all sorts of exciting now!

Wang has gone up to 3-1

22:24 (IST)24 DEC 2017

Can Wang continue the momentum and deliver the home team their first win of the day?

22:22 (IST)24 DEC 2017

And he converts his first game point!


We are onto a decider!

22:22 (IST)24 DEC 2017

Fantastic display at the net by Wang!


22:20 (IST)24 DEC 2017

And it is 12-3

It is a 9-point lead!!

22:19 (IST)24 DEC 2017

Wang is relentless!!!!!

He has a big 10-3 lead

22:17 (IST)24 DEC 2017

And Wang has maintained the momentum to surge to 8-2 at the break

22:15 (IST)24 DEC 2017

Wang has made a great start. Looks determined to enforce a decider.

Up 5-1

22:09 (IST)24 DEC 2017

It will be very costly for the home team if they can't win their Trump Match.

22:11 (IST)24 DEC 2017

And Sai takes the first game.


22:11 (IST)24 DEC 2017

Game point for the Hunters player.


22:10 (IST)24 DEC 2017

Sai's strokeplay is in full display now.

12-10 he leads

22:09 (IST)24 DEC 2017

Wang puts the shuttle into the tramlines and gifts Sai a point

22:08 (IST)24 DEC 2017

It's 10-10

22:07 (IST)24 DEC 2017

It's 9-9 currently

22:06 (IST)24 DEC 2017

Sai rebounds to take an 8-7 lead at the half-time

22:05 (IST)24 DEC 2017

What great touch from the Hunters player!

It's all level at 7-7

22:04 (IST)24 DEC 2017

Sai is steadily clawing his way back into this game now.

7-5 is the lead for the NE player
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