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PMCO Spring Split Live Match Highlights India and South Asia Group Stage Day 1 Standings

By Sportskeeda Desk | Last ModifiedFeb 07, 2020 15:58 GMT

Pubg Mobile Cup Open Spring Split Live Match Highlights for India and South Asia Group Stages


15:58 (GMT)7 FEB 2020

Overall Standings of Day 1 PMCO India Group Stage

15:56 (GMT)7 FEB 2020

Orange Rock is on the top of leaderboard after the end of Day 1 with a total of 21 kills followed by 53 points.

15:54 (GMT)7 FEB 2020

PMCO Group Stage India Match 4 Standings

15:49 (GMT)7 FEB 2020

TGE clan wins the final match of the Day, taking down 13 enemies.

15:48 (GMT)7 FEB 2020

Noob from TGE clan clutches the round with his deadly spray of Micro UZI.

15:47 (GMT)7 FEB 2020

There's an intense 3v3 situation between TGE clan and Team UME in the last zone.

15:45 (GMT)7 FEB 2020

ASHgamer from the TGE clan dies outside the play zone.

15:42 (GMT)7 FEB 2020

It's the final zone of the map and only a single compound is available to camp in the zone.

15:38 (GMT)7 FEB 2020

There are only four minutes remaining of the final map and 8 teams are still alive on the battleground.

15:36 (GMT)7 FEB 2020

TGE clan eliminates the whole squad of Team iNSANE in the 6th zone of the map.

15:34 (GMT)7 FEB 2020

On the other hand, Team Elementrix grabs the final Chicken Dinner of the day in the South Asia Group Stage.

15:32 (GMT)7 FEB 2020

TeamGenocide knocks out Naruto from the iNSANE clan and instantly confirms his kill, making it the 10th kill of match 4.

15:25 (GMT)7 FEB 2020

JSL finally takes its revenge from Team Elves by blowing up their vehicle and deleting them off the map.

15:20 (GMT)7 FEB 2020

Furthermore, AIM clan rushes on the same compound and kills the rest of the ORB team members.

15:16 (GMT)7 FEB 2020

Team iEX takes an early fight and unfortunately, their whole squad got eliminated by ORB Elites.

15:14 (GMT)7 FEB 2020

The first play zone of the game favors most of the teams, forming in north side of the map.

15:11 (GMT)7 FEB 2020

The final match of the day is being competed on the Vikendi map. Flightpath for the match is from Peshkova to Dobro Mesto.

15:08 (GMT)7 FEB 2020

PMCO Group Stage India Match 3 Standings

15:00 (GMT)7 FEB 2020

The last match of the PMCO India Group Stage Day 1 will begin in 5 minutes.

14:51 (GMT)7 FEB 2020

In the final zone, the whole squad of Elves charges on the AIM clan and grabs the Chicken dinner by eliminating the remaining opponents.

14:49 (GMT)7 FEB 2020

Meanwhile, the 2nd and 3rd positions are grasped by AIM and MGZed respectively.

14:47 (GMT)7 FEB 2020

Team Elves acquires the Chicken Dinner in the Miramar map with 14 kills.

14:45 (GMT)7 FEB 2020

Its the final zone of the game, and everyone is using the smoke grenades trying to survive as much as they can.

14:43 (GMT)7 FEB 2020

Team Elves bursts their own vehicle and makes a cover in the open field.

14:42 (GMT)7 FEB 2020

After 24 minutes of the map, only four teams are alive in the game.

14:40 (GMT)7 FEB 2020

While shifting into the zone, Team Elves punished the whole squad of Team Celtz,

14:38 (GMT)7 FEB 2020

The fifth zone of the game is completely open and teams will have to do a hard shift near the ridges.

14:33 (GMT)7 FEB 2020

OrangeRock eSports engages on Revenge Esports knocking out two players.

14:28 (GMT)7 FEB 2020

As for South Asia Group Stage, Nepali Ho Ni wins the third game with 14 kills.

14:27 (GMT)7 FEB 2020

The first airdrop lands in Pecado and Seven Seas are trying to steal it.

14:25 (GMT)7 FEB 2020

UMEx's KiKiOP knocks out ORBxAaYush and instantly secures his kill, drawing the first blood of the game. 

14:22 (GMT)7 FEB 2020

The first playzone has formed on the south side of the map covering locations like Los Leones, Impala and Pecado.

14:19 (GMT)7 FEB 2020

The third match is being played on Miramar in TPP mode. Flightpath for the match is from Torre Ahumada to Los Higos.

14:16 (GMT)7 FEB 2020

PMCO India Group Stage Match 2 Standings

14:01 (GMT)7 FEB 2020

Revenge Esports flanked the last member of JSL in the final zone eliminating him and setting themselves for an easy chicken dinner.

13:57 (GMT)7 FEB 2020

Team JSL and AIM have secured the second and third position respectively.

13:56 (GMT)7 FEB 2020

Revenge Esports has clinched the victory in Game 2 with a total of 6 kills.

13:55 (GMT)7 FEB 2020

SuryaOP added a couple of kill points for Team JSL by eliminating 3 team members of Full Power.

13:53 (GMT)7 FEB 2020

After 25 minutes of the second match, 5 teams are alive on the map.

13:52 (GMT)7 FEB 2020

MGZed's Dude comes out huge eliminating the whole squad of Team iNSANE in a 1v4 situation.

13:49 (GMT)7 FEB 2020

Badsha from RIPSquad knocks TTmantyOP from Raven Esports and instantly confirms his kill.

13:43 (GMT)7 FEB 2020

Meanwhile, PanSingh from Zero Degree flanked Team Elves' Avi instantly eliminating him from the map.

13:41 (GMT)7 FEB 2020

Team Elves and AIM Clan are facing each other in an intense 3v4 battle.

13:37 (GMT)7 FEB 2020

A1 eSports has clinched second chicken dinner in a row ending the game with 10 kills.

13:36 (GMT)7 FEB 2020

The first airdrop of the second match has landed near the Orange Rock team, and it contains AWM and level 3 gear.

13:32 (GMT)7 FEB 2020

ORB drew the first blood in the match knocking down TGxDD and instantly confirmed his kill.

13:30 (GMT)7 FEB 2020

The second match is being played on Sanhok in TPP mode. Flightpath for the match is from Sahmee to Camp Alpha.

13:25 (GMT)7 FEB 2020

PMCO India Group Stage Match 1 Standings

13:10 (GMT)7 FEB 2020

Orange Rock had 10 kills in total with DaljitSk securing 5 of it.
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