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PMCO Spring Split Live Match Highlights India and South Asia Group Stage Day 2 Standings

By Sportskeeda Desk | Last ModifiedFeb 08, 2020 15:47 GMT

PUBG Mobile Cup Open Spring Split Live Match Highlights for India and South Asia Group Stages


15:47 (GMT)8 FEB 2020

Overall Standings after Day 2 (All Groups)

15:45 (GMT)8 FEB 2020

MAYHEM tops the leaderboard after the end of Day 2 following by 110 overall points.

15:43 (GMT)8 FEB 2020

Overall Kill Leaders

15:41 (GMT)8 FEB 2020

PMCO India Group Stage Day 2 Match 4 Standings

15:39 (GMT)8 FEB 2020

MVP of the Match 4

15:38 (GMT)8 FEB 2020

MAYHEM with a man advantage wins the third match of the day.

15:35 (GMT)8 FEB 2020

Only two members of FNATIC are currently surviving on the map.

15:34 (GMT)8 FEB 2020

MAYHEM is still on fire as one of its players has terminated the IGL of FNATIC, ScoutOP.

15:33 (GMT)8 FEB 2020

Cloak from MAYHEM kills the last alive player of TE clan.

15:30 (GMT)8 FEB 2020

Fnatic is currently leading the live points table carrying all its four members alive.

15:29 (GMT)8 FEB 2020

The two members of GODL have been punished by the ELMT clan.

15:27 (GMT)8 FEB 2020

Both the GO and TE clan are currently concluding a face to face battle around a small compound.

15:22 (GMT)8 FEB 2020

A cluster of teams has arrived at the cement factory, as the play zone shifted to the same spot.

15:21 (GMT)8 FEB 2020

The first 13 minutes of the game is over and five teams have got an early exit from the game.

15:19 (GMT)8 FEB 2020

Furthermore, FNATIC's Ash eliminates the last standing player of IM clan doing by doing third party.

15:17 (GMT)8 FEB 2020

On the other side, the IM clan vanishes the whole squad of MEGA kicking them off at #16 spot.

15:15 (GMT)8 FEB 2020

Meanwhile, MAYHEM also loses its team member 'Navjot' while engaging with opponents.

15:14 (GMT)8 FEB 2020

Believe from Mayhem knocks out LC's Craft and instantly deletes him from the game.

15:12 (GMT)8 FEB 2020

For some reason, a team member of the SGR clan is not present in the game.

15:09 (GMT)8 FEB 2020

Unfortunately, all the teams have decided to change their gliding direction as the first play zone unfavored all the teams.

15:08 (GMT)8 FEB 2020

The fourth and final match of the day is being played on the Vikendi map. The flight path stretches from Vihar to Port.

15:06 (GMT)8 FEB 2020

Head to Head kill leaders

14:58 (GMT)8 FEB 2020

The final match of the day will begin in 5 minutes.

14:53 (GMT)8 FEB 2020

PMCO India Group Stage Day 2 Match 3 Standings

14:52 (GMT)8 FEB 2020

Top 5 players of the Miramar Map

14:51 (GMT)8 FEB 2020

IM clan attains the Chicken Dinner in game 4 with a total of 6 kills.

14:50 (GMT)8 FEB 2020

FNATIC loses all the players to the IM clan, giving them victory of the third match.

14:49 (GMT)8 FEB 2020

It's the final zone and there's a decisive battle between Fnatic and LM clan. 

14:48 (GMT)8 FEB 2020

Fnatic slays the whole squad of ELMT Esports finishing them off at #3 spot. 

14:46 (GMT)8 FEB 2020

After 25 minutes of the game, GODLIKE's journey ends at 6th position.

14:43 (GMT)8 FEB 2020

MAYHEM is currently holding the best spot on the map.

14:42 (GMT)8 FEB 2020

While scouting the edge of the zone, last alive member of Team HYP knocks out two members of AZTEC with a single grenade.

14:41 (GMT)8 FEB 2020

The fifth circle has again formed in an open field forcing a couple of teams to do a hard shift.

14:39 (GMT)8 FEB 2020

ELMT clan punishes two members of SGR clan deleting them off from the game.

14:35 (GMT)8 FEB 2020

The first airdrop of the game has arrived and it contains the most powerful AR i.e. Groza follow up with Level 3 gear.

14:33 (GMT)8 FEB 2020

Meanwhile, another vehicle runover kill comes from VSG side eliminating GO's F4NG from the game

14:31 (GMT)8 FEB 2020

GODL Gill knocks himself out as he after falling from the vehicle.

14:30 (GMT)8 FEB 2020

The first five minutes of the match are over and everyone is rotating into the zone to avoid the damage of the blue zone.

14:29 (GMT)8 FEB 2020

Vexe from MEGA clan kills FNATIC's Ronak by running buggy over him.

14:24 (GMT)8 FEB 2020

Like the previous day, the first zone of the game has favored the biggest loot location of the map i.e. Los Leones.

14:23 (GMT)8 FEB 2020

The third match of the day 2 has begun and the plane takes its flight path from El-Pozo to El-Azahar in Miramar map.

14:21 (GMT)8 FEB 2020

DaljistSK reserves the #1 spot in Overall Kill leaders table with a total of 11 Kills.

14:19 (GMT)8 FEB 2020

Kill leaders of the Tourney

14:09 (GMT)8 FEB 2020

Overall Standings after Match 6 (All Groups)

14:05 (GMT)8 FEB 2020

PMCO India Group Stage Day 2 Match 2 Standings

14:05 (GMT)8 FEB 2020

Top 5 players of the Sanhok Map

14:04 (GMT)8 FEB 2020

Cloak, the MVP of Game 2

14:02 (GMT)8 FEB 2020

MAYHEM has got the Chicken Dinner in the second match of the day, following by 11 kills.

14:01 (GMT)8 FEB 2020

MAYHEM clan clutches the final fight, snatching the victory from the MEGA clan.

14:01 (GMT)8 FEB 2020

It's the final zone and there's a face to face battle between MAYHEM and MEGA clan.
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