Portugal vs Mexico Live Score and Commentary, FIFA Confederations Cup 2017 POR vs MEX

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Portugal 2 - 2 Mexico (Quaresma 35', Cedric 86'; Hernandez 41', Moreno 91')


22:24 (IST)18 JUN 2017


Mexico were palpably the better side for the vast majority of the 90 minutes but when the game didn't spark into life Portugal - with Ronaldo and Quaresma in fine fettle - looked the deadlier.

All in all that was a just result in what was truth be told a rather entertaining affair that had it all!

Viva Confederations Cup, as it were!

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22:21 (IST)18 JUN 2017

92' THREE MINUTES OF ADDED TIME, by the bye, and as it stands Russia remain top of the group!

22:20 (IST)18 JUN 2017

OH WOW! FOR THE SECOND TIME MEXICO DRAW LEVEL. Giovanni dos Santos send in a lovely ball that Moreno rose above Fonte and absolutely thumped into the bottom corner. WOOOF!!! WHAT A HEADER! 

22:20 (IST)18 JUN 2017


22:19 (IST)18 JUN 2017

90' Mexico stream forward and Guardado stands over a freekick that he himself picked up.... Hector Herrera ended up delivering it and it's a corner

22:18 (IST)18 JUN 2017

89' OH MARTINS!! THAT WAS SO CLOSE! Andre Silva and Ronaldo counter at pace before the former plays in Martins. He holds of Araujo and turns & shoots in one smooth motion but the ball trundles agonisingly wide.

22:17 (IST)18 JUN 2017

88' OH WHAT A MOVE! Jonathan dos Santos played in Giovanni whho touched the ball towards Chicharito but the little Pea simply can't get it under control!

22:15 (IST)18 JUN 2017


22:15 (IST)18 JUN 2017

THAT WAS COMING! Gelson Martins whipped past Layun and smashed a ball in that Hector Herrera could only steer in the direction of Cedric. The fullback smashed it at goal... and it deflected off Herrera's boot and into the goal

22:14 (IST)18 JUN 2017


22:14 (IST)18 JUN 2017

85' AAAAOOOOOOO!!!! ANDRE SILVA!!! Andre Gomes floats in a lovely little ball that is too high for Ronaldo but Silva behind him can connect with his leap - it takes Ochoa to go full stretch to keep the score level!

22:12 (IST)18 JUN 2017

84' Carvalho clever slides Cedric free on the right but Herrera and Layun doe supremely well to first tackle him and then ensure it doesn't go out for a corne.

22:12 (IST)18 JUN 2017

83' Peralta bundles Pepe to the ground in his pursuit of a dos Santos long ball - but he can't get around the prone defender to get it. This half looks like it's finishing well too 

22:10 (IST)18 JUN 2017

82' Substitution as the excellent, but fading, Ricardo Quaresma makes way for AC Milan's newest striker Andre Silva

22:09 (IST)18 JUN 2017

81' MEXICO COUNTER at extreme pace before Giovanni dos Santos screws his side well wide! Portugal counter right back but Quaresma's cross reeks of tiredness and sails harmlessly wide

22:09 (IST)18 JUN 2017

80' Ronaldo twists and turns away from Herrera but the Mexican is obdurate and comes back for more - he and Araujo manage to shoulder-charge the great man off the ball. Portugal retain possession though and lays it off to Quaresma whose half-volley is straight at Ochoa

22:07 (IST)18 JUN 2017

79' Mexico fling their dice for the last time as they bring on Oribe Peralta for the unusually quiet Raul Jimenez. Peralta's first contribution to the game is to foul Jose Fonte

22:06 (IST)18 JUN 2017

78' Martins plays in Ronaldo but the pace on the ball forces the great man wide... he does well to keep the ball and ensure Portugal can continue to ping it around... all that ends when Martins cant's control a smart little through ball from William Carvalho

22:05 (IST)18 JUN 2017

76' Andre Gomes dumps Andres Guadrado on the ground with a lovely run down the right flank before he lays it off to Quaresma. The veteran lines up a shot - with Ronaldo screaming for the pass - and so naturally he smacks his shot into the nearest defender. If looks could kill, Ronaldo would be in trouble for a lot more than tax-dodging. 

22:04 (IST)18 JUN 2017

75' Carvalho tries to play in Martins with a smart little dink... but the ball races off the surface and bounces into the gloves of Ochoa

22:03 (IST)18 JUN 2017

74' Adrien Silva tries to play his way into the box, but a triumvirate of white shirts blocks his path before the ball is pummelled out of danger. 

22:02 (IST)18 JUN 2017

73' Ricardo Quaresma stands over the free kick... but his delivery is atrocious. The dancing feet of Gelson Martins keeps the ball in play, but is not enough to get past Araujo

22:01 (IST)18 JUN 2017

72' Ronaldo takes the ball and decides enough is enough and he flies past Andres Guardado - who trips him up and gets a yellow card for his troubles

22:00 (IST)18 JUN 2017

71' Hernandez almost combines brilliantly with Giovanni's brother Jonathan, but the younger dos Santos is stopped in his tracks by the dour figure of Pepe. It really is all Mexico as the CONCACAF Champions dictate play

21:59 (IST)18 JUN 2017

70' Chicharito picks up a layoff and threads a ball into Giovanni dos Santos... but he won the layoff by going in with a high boot on Silva and the ref goes "peep!"

21:57 (IST)18 JUN 2017

69' Miguel Layun lines it up....and he smashes it over the crossbar! Not too shabby, that effort

21:56 (IST)18 JUN 2017

68' The first yellow card of the match is flashed in the direction of Adrien Silva as he says hello to Giovanni dos Santos in a less than friendly manner as the latter was on the verge of bursting into the box. 

21:55 (IST)18 JUN 2017

65' Portugal are once again playing much better as the half wears on - Mexico make a substitution as they replace Salcedo for Araujo (like-for-like swap, that)

21:54 (IST)18 JUN 2017

64' Portugal come bombing forward again but Quaresma's ball (delivered with that inimitable outside-of-the-boot technique) is well headed away by Guadrado

21:53 (IST)18 JUN 2017

63' WHERE IS THE REAL RONALDO? WHERE IS HE!? he gets the ball and runs at a furiously backpedaling Reyes and instead of smashing it at goal, he tries to play in Gelson Martins (who is is in turn muscled off the ball by Salcedo, but that's beside the point)

21:51 (IST)18 JUN 2017

62' Andre Gomes runs diagonally across the box, delaying his pass to Ronaldo at least three times before finally giving it to his captain in a position where there was no chance he could have gotten his shot away. Poor from the Barca man

21:50 (IST)18 JUN 2017

61' Quaresma, though, is in fine form and he does what he's always done best.. twists his fullback (salcedo) inside-out before delivering a teasing ball that Diego Reyes does well to head off the forehead of Gelson Martins. 

21:49 (IST)18 JUN 2017

60' Mexico are knocking the ball around with absurd ease here... Dos Santos touches the ball on agonisingly wide of Hernandez but fret not because Portugal are treating the ball like a hot potato and give the ball right back. 

21:48 (IST)18 JUN 2017

59' Gelson Martins has moved to the left as Ronaldo stops pretending and takes up the striker role

21:47 (IST)18 JUN 2017

58' PEPE finds himself all alone in front of goal as Guerrero sweeps a freekick in and he hilariously mis-controls... all while being a mile offside. 

21:46 (IST)18 JUN 2017

57' SUBSTITUTIONS -  Carlos Vela off, Giovanni dos Santos on..... while for Portugal the unimpressive Nani goes off for Gelson Martins while Joao Moutinho is hooked for Adrien Silva

21:45 (IST)18 JUN 2017

56' AIY AIY! Another flowing Mexico move comes to an end as dos Santos rather comically runs ahead of the ball... Portugal counter, but this is an all new Ronaldo - and instead of taking on Layun he cuts back and "recycles" the ball...

21:43 (IST)18 JUN 2017

55' Vela gets the ball at the edge of the box, ghosts past Guerrero before taking on Fonte and Carvalho - and smashing his cross/shot into the side netting. 

21:43 (IST)18 JUN 2017

54' Layun tries to run in behind Cedric from Guadrado's clever ball, but the Portuguese right back holds his ground... this is a bit hopeless though. This half has started exactly the way the first did - it's ALL MEXICO!

21:41 (IST)18 JUN 2017

53'... which is comfortably caught by Patricio. He then proceeds to lump it straight back to Ochoa *deep sigh*

21:41 (IST)18 JUN 2017

52' Ochoa's certainly gone the Barcelona way - under pressure from Ronaldo he calmly passes it a couple of feet to his right and Mexico build up from the back. once again. They move forward rather more rapidly and Vela wins a corner...

21:40 (IST)18 JUN 2017

51' Chicharito weaves his way through Portugal's midfield, but the run is horizontal and the ball merely ends up on the right flank...

21:39 (IST)18 JUN 2017

50' Portugal stroke the ball around a bit before William Carvalho pumps it too long for Nani and Ochoa can take over proceedings

21:38 (IST)18 JUN 2017

49' OOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOFFF!!! The ball in is superb but it drifts teasingly away from the onrushing Mexicans in the box. In the end, just a goalkick. 

21:37 (IST)18 JUN 2017

48' Layun wins a regular ol' greco-roman tussle with Quaresma before he is upended unapologetically by Pepe. Guaddrado stands over the freekick in a decent area (for a delivery into the box)

21:35 (IST)18 JUN 2017

47' Layun's ball into the box is not all that great and Portugal move forward once again...only for Moutinho to hand possession back with a loose pass. Scrappy start to the second 45

21:34 (IST)18 JUN 2017

46' Jose Fonte tries to play in Quaresma behind Layun, but the Mexican left back is having none of that. Mexico move forward with Guadrado...

21:33 (IST)18 JUN 2017

PEEP! We're back!

Nani kicks things off!

21:31 (IST)18 JUN 2017


Well that was rather interesting... what started off as a dour affair has now turned into an end-to-end free-for-all... Exactly the kind of thing we all needed to see

21:17 (IST)18 JUN 2017

46' Carlos Vela steams past Gomes and Guerrero like the two don't exist before cutting in a lovely ball that flashes across the face of the goal and lands at the feet of Chicharito.... WHO SMASHES IT INTO ORBIT! OH MY! OH MY!
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