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As it happened: Gujarat Fortunegiants vs Dabang Delhi K C, 26-20

The action starts on August 1 at 7.30 PM!
Match 7
Gujarat Fortunegiants26
Dabang Delhi K.C.20
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Gujarat Fortunegiants beat Dabang Delhi K.C. (26-20)
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Updated: 01 August 2017 21:15 IST - Published: 01 August 2017 19:00 IST
Rahul Chaudhari and Nitin Tomar have both started brightly in the second match of the day!

Follow it here live! 
You can follow the UP vs Titans match here on Sportskeeda as we continue to bring you the latest updates from the action.

Click on this link for the live commentary from the second match of the day.
Another debutante on the charge in the next game as UP Yoddhas will be up against the Telugu Titans.

Can they inflict another loss on the hosts or will Rahul Chaudhari come good again?
A few empty raids at the end and Gujarat begin their campaign on a winning note.

Delhi garner at least a point for their late efforts.

And finally, an all out for Delhi as Parvesh Bhainswal is taken down!

The lead is down to seven and Delhi will take at least a point.
R Sriram picks up a bonus but it's the last point of the match. Gujarat wind down the clock and ensure the win by a 26-20 margin.
And now Delhi can have an all out!

Suresu Kumar thinks he has it. But the referee doesn't think so.

A review taken but there was no touch.
A do or die and the raider looked for a bonus point. 

No bonus given and Pawan Sehrawat is deemed out.

A review was taken but not successful!
Gujarat down to 3 and Sriram with another great raid!

And finally gets Sukesh Hegde with a slap on his shoulder.
Sriram with another point. Great running hand touch! Lead down to 12!
The game is out of reach. But Delhi will be looking to pick the loser's point - which will be awarded to the losing team if they lose by 7 points or less.
Rakesh Narwal on a do or die raid!

Uses up all the time before finally getting dashed out of the court.
A technical point for Delhi as there is a late entry from Gujarat!

Anand Patil takes both the Iranians in one go! Abozar goes in with the ankle hold and Fazel dashes in from the right. But Patil turns around well and reaches the midline.

Massive raid there. But that is just too little and too late it seems.
Gujarat are just milking the clock!
Rohit Gulia with the raid and another point. The Delhi defence too slow to get back there and Gulia uses the running hand touch to great effect.
Delhi has really looked toothless so far. No real potency on the raid and errors in defence!
Sukesh Hegde looks fired up! Amazing to see him this way, especially after a poor Season 4 last year.
Nilesh Shinde on the raid!

Takes the bonus but can't stave off the all out. The final nail in the coffin? Likely.
Rakesh Narwal takes Bajirao Hegde and Delhi down to one!
And Delhi going further down! 

The Gujarat defence is looking formidable and this time devours Anand Patil.
Sunil Kumar - a left corner on a do or die raid!

What is going on in the Delhi think tank?

And he doesn't get far. Abozar with a fine double thigh hold.
Delhi with a few empty raids! But they can't afford this.

Sachin again. And again he comes back with a point and this time he gets Sriram with a hefty hand touch.
Abolfazl targeting Fazel Atrachali!

In the left corner. Teases him but Fazel is unfazed and latches on to his ankle. Shows why he is the best defender in the league.
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