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As it happened: U Mumba VS Puneri Paltan, 21-33

U Mumba 21-33 Puneri Paltan, Full Time
Match 2
U Mumba21
Puneri Paltan33
Full Time
Puneri Paltan beat U Mumba (33-21)
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Updated: 29 July 2017 20:21 IST - Published: 28 July 2017 20:49 IST
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Goodbye and goodnight.
This Pune team looks like an early favourite. This team really looks formidable with its defence. And with Dipak Niwas Hooda in their ranks, he is always a favourite to put up points on the raids.

He was ably supported by Rajesh Mondal, More and Sandeep Narwal.
And that's it. Comprehensive win for Pune. 

This is their second win on the trot over Mumbai after losing the first seven against them.
But not for long as Kuldeep meets Ravi Kumar again. Another great hold and tackle.

A thigh hold from Kuldeep just brings Rajesh Mondal to a halt.
Sandeep Narwal commits and has to make his way out. Badly timed tackle and Kuldeep picks two points in a row.

Weak first ankle hold. Anup Kumar thought he touched the line as the rest of the Pune team came along.
Rajesh Mondal on the raid and he gets Nitin Mande. On the left corner and he gets that with a running touch point. 
Shabeer Bapu on the raid.

Ravi Kumar with the ankle hold. What a defence this side has! Early favourites.

And Kuldeep with another era and Suresh touches him. Bad day in the office for Mumbai.

Dharmaraj Cheralathan goes for the tackle but Anup is too quick for him.
Nitin Madne get a point as he forces Sandeep Narwal out of the court.
Shabeer Bapu with a touch point but Pune calls for a challenge. 

No touch point given. Overturned. 

It was a do or die and that means Bapu has to go back.

Anup Kumar with another ankle hold.

Holds and pulls back More. He is doing it on the defence as well.
Ernak on the raid that means they want to give their raiders a bit of a breath.
Do or die for U Mumba!

But that is over before it began. Bapu taken out by Ernak and the rest pounce in after the first tackle.

Rajesh Mondal again sent but Mumba get them a point as Suresh and Shabeet Bapu gets to the man.
Pune right now burning down precious time. Around 11.5 minutes remaining.
Another point now. This time Bapu takes Dharmaraj out of the game. A mistake and not something we say that about the veteran.
Can Anup Kumar DELIVER?

He gets another bonus. And then gets More with an ankle hold.

Nothing happening for Mumbai and Pune just hauled back Madne.  They are running away with this.
And this is looking to be over before it even began. What a performance from Pune.

First of the season. AND THAT'S FIVE POINTS!

Brute brute force and Dipak Niwas Hooda just carries three men over the line. What a move.
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