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As it happened: Bengaluru Bulls vs Bengal Warriors, 31-25

Match 20 of PKL Season 5.
Match 20
Bengaluru Bulls31
Bengal Warriors25
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Bengaluru Bulls beat Bengal Warriors (31-25)
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Updated: 09 August 2017 21:02 IST - Published: 09 August 2017 21:00 IST
And that's all the action for tonight. The win takes the Bulls to the top of Group B.

The Warriors, who have played only three games so far are in third spot.
Ajay Kumar with the last raid.

Surjeet with a great tackle but he goes out himself.  That means that the Warriors lose their first game of the season but not before taking home a point.
Deepak Narwal picks up a point and that means they claw back another point, lead down to six. 

And they should gain a point from this.
And now Ran Singh gobbled up. Another great tackle. 

That should be it! The final dagger.
Jang Kun Lee with the raid and nearly pulls off a super raid.

He got back to the midline but no part of his body was in the court.
DO OR DIE! And Ajay Kumar again!

But he can't. Surjeet and the rest of the Warriors get on to him.
Seven points in it and the Bulls should have this in the bag unless the Warriors really pull off something really great.
The Warriors now lose their review looking for a review.
ROHIT KUMAR on the Do or Die!

And he gets eaten for dinner at the left corner. before the rest of the team comes out in support.

Maninder Singh this time. What a great performance from the Bull's raider.
The BULLS hit again.

They have tamed the beast as Jang Kun Lee goes back. The left corner and cover comes in takes care of the star that is Jang Kun Lee.
Ajay Kumar delivers again!

And it's Surjeet, the Warriors' skipper who has to go back.
There is still more than 8 minutes remaining. And going by what we have seen, anything can happen.
And Jang Kun Lee responds in kind with a bonus point of his own.
Ajay Kumar gets another bonus! 

The Bulls keeping the score ticking.
And the point goes to Warriors. And Bengal are still in it.
And Jang Kun Lee gets a point! 

But the Bulls want a review.

What a great team tackle and Jang Kun Lee taken down.
And Rohit Kumar takes Surjeet!

Warriors down to 1.
This can really turn the game on its head.
DO OR DIE! For the Bulls now.

Ajay Kumar on the raid and a super raid with 4 points! WHAT A RAID!

Vinod Kumar thrown into the trenches and he can't come out. All tied now!

Naik takes a bonus but he is taken out. The Warriors take the lead.

And it is Harish Naik on the raid.
But the BULLS down to 1 again!

Jang Kun Lee gets Rainder Pahal with a great kick.
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