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As it happened: Bengaluru Bulls vs Telugu Titans, 21-21

Second match of the day.
Match 19
Bengaluru Bulls21
Telugu Titans21
Full Time
Match Tied
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Updated: 08 August 2017 22:19 IST - Published: 08 August 2017 22:18 IST
Coming back to the buzzer raid, 

Ashish Kumar was seen telling Preetam Chhillar that he was to give away only one point and he did just that with an advanced tackle. 

Rahul could have gone in for a touch on Ashish but the pressure must have got to him and he went back into his own half with one point, to tie the match! What a thrilling encounter this has been!

With this tie, the Bulls are perched on second place while the Titans have occupied the third place!
Rahul Chaudhari picks just the one point from the raid with two defenders on the mat and the match has ended in a TIE!! 

What a clash this has been right from the first minute and we have our second tied contest this season!
Bonus point picked by Ashish Kumar and the Bulls take the lead!
Rahul strikes!! Two points for the skipper and he has changed the course of this match!

The lead is now erased and it's on the edge of the knife!
Rohit is pinned down on the do or die raid!

Rakesh Kumar brings all his experience into play and he shoves him away!
What a raid from the Titans raider!

Two points from that raid and the lead is now down to just three!
Timeout called by the Telugu Titans. 

A much-needed one for the visitors, they will need to pull their socks up to erase the five point deficit with just more than two minutes to go. 
Nilesh is sent off on a do or die raid!

Fails to pick up a point and the Titans are down to five men. 
Harish Naik strikes for his second point this game!

Rohit Rana looks to push his off, Harish uses his strength to ward off the challenge and picks a point!

Rahul Chaudhari does a good job to keep his footing inside the lobbies on that occasion. 
A review called in by the Bulls!

Pahal claims that Rahul stepped into the lobbies without a touch.
Substitution for the Bulls! 

Harish Naik is in for the home team. 
Timeout called by Bengaluru Bulls!!

Tension all around, the Bulls have a 3-point lead with just under five minutes to go!
And now Rohit is gone!

Rohit Rana combines with Vikas Tanwar and brings down the Bulls skipper! 
Just as I say that he is pinned down by Preetam Chhillar! 

Solo tackle from him on the left corner, brings him down!
Blow for blow as Rahul strikes gets a huge touch on Mahender Kumar!

He seems to be back in his element after the break!
Rohit Kumar scores a touch point in a DO OR DIE raid!

Gets Rakesh Kumar!
Rahul strikes immediately after the break!

Sachin puts in a weak tackle and Rahul has a point. 
Official timeout in place!

Just nine minutes left in the game and the Bulls have their noses ahead, with a lead of 16-12. 
Young Rakshith in for the do or die and his courageous effort is in vain!

Sachin Kumar envelopes Rakshith and Pahal comes in to pull him back into their own half. 
Do or die for Ashish Kumar!

The youngster fails to deliver! Vishal Bharadwaj it is yet again, an ankle hold vicious enough to stop Ashish Kumar from getting away. 
Nilesh Salunke is pinned down!

Looks to jump over the chain of Pahal and Preetam Chhillar but loses his stance and he's brought down!
Ajay Kumar in for the do or die and fails!

Vishal Bharadwaj strikes! Produces a strong ankle hold and Ajay has nowhere to go!
Nilesh Salunke picks up his fourth bonus for the Titans this game!
Substitution for the Titans. 

Mohsen Magsoudlou in for Rakesh Kumar. 
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