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As it happened: Haryana Steelers vs Puneri Paltan, 22-38

Haryana 22-38 Pune, FULL TIME
Match 76
Haryana Steelers22
Puneri Paltan38
Full Time
Puneri Paltan beat Haryana Steelers (38-22)
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Updated: 13 September 2017 22:18 IST - Published: 13 September 2017 22:06 IST
That's it from us tonight!

Thanks for joining us. See you again tomorrow as we bring to some more pulsating Kabaddi action from the final day of the Haryana leg.
Wazit Singh with the bonus.

But the last laugh is for Sandeep Narwal who again hits on the raid.
Review is successful and it is a Super Raid for Deepak Hooda on the do or die.
Deepak Niwas Hooda keeps on hitting and his point goes to 12 for the night as he goes back to the midline breaking the chains.
But one is wiped out now as Pune's review on a bonus is upheld.
Another trading of blows.

Sandeep Narwal gets another point on the block on Deepak Dahiya. But Wazir Singh comes back with two points of his own,
A trading of blows as Wazir Singh and Deepak Hooda get a point each.
Sandeep Narwal given a point on the raid. But he was nowhere close to his man. A bad bad piece of sportsmanship from the veteran there.
A host of changes for Haryana as this looks like waving the white flag.

Dahiya on the last man raid. And he can't ride past the tackle from Sandeep Narwal.
Dahiya again hits with a bonus.

But Sandeep Narwal picks up Wazir Singh on the left corner.
Do or Die - Pune.

Mohit Chhillar came running from the blind side. But Deepak Hooda was too clever for him. He moves off his path and goes back easily.
Dahiya, however, keeps on hitting.

He rides a great dash and goes back to the mid line.
Haryana with a challenge but that is more in hope than anything. Rejected.
Deepak Niwas Hooda represent!

The Pune skipper produces another moment that should well and truly seal the game for his team.

He rode over the challenge from Nada and took another man back with him.
Dahiya hits for Haryana as he gets Cheralathan on the toe. 

Has not been a great campaign for the veteran.
Deepak Dahiya hits this time on the raid. 

But Pune come back again as Sandeep Narwal comes back with a great hand touch.
Pune are not going give this one away.

Deepak Hooda hits the golden duo. Touch on Mohit Chhilar and then overpowers Surender Nada and gets back.
Trading blows. 

Akshay Jadhav hits for Pune and then Deepak Dahiya answers for Haryana.
Deepak Dahiya on the raid.

And he finally hits. A great Dubki and he breaks the chains to swing the momentum for the Steelers. But the gap is still at 8.
Another do or die on the Super Tackle.

Haryana get Rajesh Mondal this time. 4th Super Tackle of the game but Jeeva Gopal stepped out as well.
But Prashant Kumar Rai is now sent packing.
Do or Die and Deepak Niwas Hooda steps up against three. 

Opportunity for a Super Tackle and it is another Super Tackle.
The second half action begins and Deepak Hooda on the prowl to begin with.
But Pune are really not letting anyone have success on the raid. 

And Ernak this time hits Deepak Kumar who is sent packing.
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