PV Sindhu vs Akane Yamaguchi, Live Badminton Score and Updates, Hong Kong Open Superseries 2017 Quarter-finals

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Sindhu def Yamaguchi, 21-12, 21-19 to enter the semi-finals


16:49 (IST)24 NOV 2017

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16:47 (IST)24 NOV 2017

Sindhu will next meet the sixth seeded Ratchanok Intanon for a place in the final.

16:44 (IST)24 NOV 2017

What a second game that was!

So many momentum shifts....Sindhu went up, then Akane came storming back and then again the lead changed hands and went back to Sindhu.

Akane did compete well but lost her usual precision in the end. And Sindhu didn't blink when she finally got an opportunity. And what a way to win the match point!

Sindhu is definitely looking more energetic and hungry this week in Hong Kong.

16:40 (IST)24 NOV 2017

Final score: Sindhu def Yamaguchi, 21-12, 21-19 in 37 minutes to enter the semi-finals.

16:43 (IST)24 NOV 2017

She wins!

21-19 in the second game

16:43 (IST)24 NOV 2017

Sindhu's shot lands spectacularly on the backline!

16:42 (IST)24 NOV 2017

Now Sindhu finds the net.


16:42 (IST)24 NOV 2017

Akane misses!

Match points to SIndhu


16:41 (IST)24 NOV 2017

And wide shot again from Akane

Sindhu up 19-18

16:41 (IST)24 NOV 2017

Yet another wide shot from Akane


16:40 (IST)24 NOV 2017

Wide from Akane

Sindhu trails 17-18

16:39 (IST)24 NOV 2017

Sindhu falters at the net.

Akane inches ahead to 18-16

16:39 (IST)24 NOV 2017

Another one goes out from Akane

She barely leads 17-16

16:38 (IST)24 NOV 2017

3-point lead for Akane at 17-14

16:37 (IST)24 NOV 2017

Long from Akane!

Pusarla has clawed back to 13-16

16:36 (IST)24 NOV 2017

Another shot drifts long from Sindhu as Akane making her retrieve low dropshots.

Akane still leads 16-12

16:35 (IST)24 NOV 2017

Akane finds the net now.

Still up 14-11

16:35 (IST)24 NOV 2017

Akane's precision is amazing right now!

Goes up to 14-10

16:34 (IST)24 NOV 2017

Errors continue from Sindhu

She trails 8-13

16:32 (IST)24 NOV 2017

Yamaguchi's defence is stealing the show now.

Up 11-8 at the midgame interval.

16:31 (IST)24 NOV 2017

Akane kept on attacking Sindhu's backhand and now gets the reward too.

She goes up to 10-8

16:30 (IST)24 NOV 2017

Highly competitive game now

16:30 (IST)24 NOV 2017


16:30 (IST)24 NOV 2017

Akane tried for a down the line winner but miscalculated the direction

Now evenly poised 7-7

16:29 (IST)24 NOV 2017


16:28 (IST)24 NOV 2017

Now Sindhu's defence has a hole!


16:28 (IST)24 NOV 2017

As Akane's defence fails, Sindhu surges to 5-4

16:27 (IST)24 NOV 2017

We are back to 4-4

16:27 (IST)24 NOV 2017

Now Sindhu spraying errors.

Trails 3-4

16:26 (IST)24 NOV 2017

We are back on level terms 


16:26 (IST)24 NOV 2017

Akane sends the shuttle right on the backline


16:26 (IST)24 NOV 2017

Sindhu up 3-0

16:25 (IST)24 NOV 2017

2-0 lead for the Indian with a great smash

16:24 (IST)24 NOV 2017

Second game

Sindhu starts with a bang!


16:22 (IST)24 NOV 2017

And she needs only one to convert and bag the first game!

21-12 it is for Sindhu!

16:21 (IST)24 NOV 2017

Game points for Sindhu!


16:21 (IST)24 NOV 2017

Akane continues to pepper unforced errors.

She sends Sindhu up to 18-12

16:19 (IST)24 NOV 2017

Sindhu up 16-10

16:19 (IST)24 NOV 2017

Akane finds open court.

She is playing much better but hasn't yet been able to cut out all errors from her game.

16:18 (IST)24 NOV 2017

14-9 lead for Sindhu

16:17 (IST)24 NOV 2017

What a dropshot from Sindhu!

She leads 13-8

16:16 (IST)24 NOV 2017

Great defence from Akane but she errs.

Sindhu up 12-7

16:14 (IST)24 NOV 2017

At the interval, Sindhu up 11-6

16:14 (IST)24 NOV 2017

Burst of power from Sindhu and it finds the net!

She leads 10-6

16:13 (IST)24 NOV 2017

And Hawkeye confirms it caught the sideline.

Sindhu up 10-5

16:13 (IST)24 NOV 2017

Challenge from Sindhu as Akane's shot is deemed in

16:12 (IST)24 NOV 2017

Another error from the Japanese.

She trails 4-9

16:12 (IST)24 NOV 2017

Big smash and Sindhu up 8-3

16:11 (IST)24 NOV 2017

Akane lacking in a bit of sharpness. Struggling with her dropshots.

Trails 3-7

16:11 (IST)24 NOV 2017

So far completely one-sided.

Sindhu up 6-1
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