PV Sindhu vs Cheung Ngan Yi, Live Badminton score and updates, Korea Open Super Series 2017 First Round

By Sportskeeda Desk | Last ModifiedSep 13, 2017 10:47 IST

Sindhu wins 21-13, 21-8


10:47 (IST)13 SEP 2017

And with that, we wrap up this blog.

Hope you enjoyed it. Do join us tomorrow for the live coverage of PV Sindhu's second round match.

Till then, goodbye!

10:46 (IST)13 SEP 2017

Sindhu will play her next match against the 16th ranked Nitchaon Jindapol on Thursday.

10:41 (IST)13 SEP 2017

And that is SOME STATEMENT for the others vying for the title!

10:41 (IST)13 SEP 2017

That's a great way to start off the new tournament following her historic World Championships campaign.

10:40 (IST)13 SEP 2017


Final score: 21-13, 21-8

Utter domination after that tight first half of the first game!

10:39 (IST)13 SEP 2017

And she gets it, 21-8

10:39 (IST)13 SEP 2017



10:38 (IST)13 SEP 2017

She has quickly made it to 19-7

10:37 (IST)13 SEP 2017

TEN-POINT LEAD now for Sindhu


10:36 (IST)13 SEP 2017

15-6 now

10:36 (IST)13 SEP 2017

The lead is now 13-6 for the Indian

She is poised to reach the finish line without much hassle!

10:33 (IST)13 SEP 2017

And Sindhu has an 11-6 advantage at half-time.

10:32 (IST)13 SEP 2017

10-6 now for the Indian....looks very much in control

10:31 (IST)13 SEP 2017

8-4 for the Indian

Cheung has been unable to halt the Sindhu juggernaut after that tight first half of the first game

10:29 (IST)13 SEP 2017

Cheung is trying to chip away at her lead with a few points here and there but Sindhu is careful to keep her lead intact.

Up now at 7-3

10:28 (IST)13 SEP 2017

No panic, no stutter from the India No.1 there.

10:28 (IST)13 SEP 2017

The Indian has extended lead to 5-2 now

10:26 (IST)13 SEP 2017

Sindhu is continuing in the same vein

10:26 (IST)13 SEP 2017


3-1 for Sindhu

10:23 (IST)13 SEP 2017

And like the champion she is, Sindhu finishes the game without a wobble!

First game 21-13 for the Indian

10:21 (IST)13 SEP 2017

And 19-12

2 points away from the game

10:21 (IST)13 SEP 2017

18-12 presently

10:20 (IST)13 SEP 2017

The gap is widening further and further now. Sindhu now has a SIX-POINT advantage at 17-11

10:19 (IST)13 SEP 2017

15-11 it is for the World Championships silver medallist

10:18 (IST)13 SEP 2017

And 14-10

Four points on the trot! Some determination there!

10:17 (IST)13 SEP 2017

Sindhu has come back refreshed and rejuvenated, ready to take matters in her own hands.

She is up 13-10 now

10:15 (IST)13 SEP 2017

Sindhu takes a mini 11-10 lead at the mid-game interval.

10:15 (IST)13 SEP 2017

Not much to separate the two right now

10:14 (IST)13 SEP 2017

It continues to be a nail-biting affair..10-10

10:13 (IST)13 SEP 2017

It is a very tight match now....9-9

10:11 (IST)13 SEP 2017

Wow! Cheung storms back to 8-8

Match on!

10:11 (IST)13 SEP 2017

2-point gap now with Sindhu leading 8-6

10:10 (IST)13 SEP 2017

But the Hong Kong ace is now closing the gap....she trails 5-6 now

10:08 (IST)13 SEP 2017

6-3 lead for the Indian now

10:08 (IST)13 SEP 2017

3 more points for the Indian and she is up 5-2

10:06 (IST)13 SEP 2017

Sindhu goes up to 3-2 but Cheung pegs her back by taking 2 points.

The Indian leads 3-2.

The match is moving at a thunderous pace!

10:05 (IST)13 SEP 2017

Blazing start for PV Sindhu and she is up 2-0

10:05 (IST)13 SEP 2017

And we are under way!

10:04 (IST)13 SEP 2017

The players are now on court

09:58 (IST)13 SEP 2017

The match was supposed to start at 9.55am IST but it looks to have been delayed. Stay tuned to our liveblog to know more.

09:55 (IST)13 SEP 2017

Good morning and welcome to the Sportskeeda liveblog of the Korea Open 2017. PV Sindhu is the only Indian women's singles shuttler playing at this tournament.

It will be a great challenge for Sindhu to shake off the World Championships final setback and dive deep into the tournament right away. The focus for Sindhu will now be to finish her already memorable season on a high.

The World No. 4 is seeded fifth and faces the World No. 17 Cheung Ngan Yi in the first round. The Hong Kong ace did take her to the third game in their last meeting at the World Championships, so Sindhu needs to be on the alert right from the start.
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