PV Sindhu vs He Bingjiao, Live Badminton score and updates, Korea Open Super Series 2017 Semifinal

By Sportskeeda Desk | Last ModifiedSep 16, 2017 12:29 IST

Sindhu wins 21-10, 17-21, 21-16 to reach her maiden Korea Open Superseries final.


12:29 (IST)16 SEP 2017

That wraps up our Korea Open blog for today. Hope you enjoyed it.

Do join us for the live coverage of the final on Sunday.

Till then, good bye.

12:25 (IST)16 SEP 2017


Nozomi Okuhara has defeated her compatriot - the second seeded Akane Yamaguchi, 21-17, 21-18 in the other semi-final.

Wow! What a match we have on Sunday! 

12:23 (IST)16 SEP 2017

This is the first time Sindhu has reached the Korea Open final.

12:21 (IST)16 SEP 2017

Sindhu wins 21-10, 17-21, 21-16

12:20 (IST)16 SEP 2017

Wow! What a lucky net cord for the win!

12:20 (IST)16 SEP 2017

Bingjiao goes WIDE!


12:19 (IST)16 SEP 2017

19-16 now

12:19 (IST)16 SEP 2017

Perfect combination of power and control.....19-15

12:18 (IST)16 SEP 2017

18-15 now

12:18 (IST)16 SEP 2017

Straight at Bingjiao's body.....18-14

12:17 (IST)16 SEP 2017

Again Bingjiao goes long! Sindhu up 17-14

12:16 (IST)16 SEP 2017

What a great spinning shot at the net from the Chinese! She now trails 14-16

12:15 (IST)16 SEP 2017

Can she steadily keep on building on her points and take the match away from Bingjiao?

12:15 (IST)16 SEP 2017

16-12 for Sindhu now

12:14 (IST)16 SEP 2017

Bingjiao finds her shot blocked by the net....trails 12-14

12:13 (IST)16 SEP 2017

And the difference is of only one point now!!!! Sindhu barely leads 13-12

12:12 (IST)16 SEP 2017

13-11 as Bingjiao wins a challenge with her shot landing on the baseline

12:11 (IST)16 SEP 2017

12-10...the difference is still of two points

12:09 (IST)16 SEP 2017

At the half-time, Sindhu leads 11-9

12:08 (IST)16 SEP 2017

Sindhu forces Bingjiao to send the shuttle wide and it is a scream from the Indian! 10-9

12:07 (IST)16 SEP 2017

Great control at the net...and the Chinese makes it 9-9

12:06 (IST)16 SEP 2017

Bingjiao is showing her repertoire of shots.......8-9

12:05 (IST)16 SEP 2017

Another error from the Chinese and Sindhu is up 9-6

12:04 (IST)16 SEP 2017

Bingjiao's shot is blocked by the net and Pusarla is up 8-6

12:03 (IST)16 SEP 2017

The southpaw now moving Sindhu to every part of the court...she trails 6-7

12:02 (IST)16 SEP 2017

7-4 now for Sindhu as the Chinese sends the shuttle out

12:01 (IST)16 SEP 2017

That was a 41-shot rally!!!!!!

12:01 (IST)16 SEP 2017

What defence from both but the rally ends in Sindhu error.....the fifth seed leads 5-4

11:59 (IST)16 SEP 2017

Again Sindhu putting pressure on the backhand corner of the Chinese...goes up 5-3

11:58 (IST)16 SEP 2017


11:57 (IST)16 SEP 2017

3-2 at the moment for the Indian

11:57 (IST)16 SEP 2017


Can Sindhu make amends?

She starts with a 2-1 lead

11:53 (IST)16 SEP 2017


She was nowhere in that game but she still managed to make a match out of this!!

11:53 (IST)16 SEP 2017

And Bingjiao takes the second game 21-17

11:52 (IST)16 SEP 2017

Disguise comes to Sindhu's rescue....17-20

11:52 (IST)16 SEP 2017

Four game points for Bingjiao...20-16

11:51 (IST)16 SEP 2017

Sindhu continues to miss...16-19

11:50 (IST)16 SEP 2017

And Bingjiao is up 18-16

11:50 (IST)16 SEP 2017

But her lack of sharpness is paying the price....after setting up the rally beautifully, she is struggling to finish..Sindhu trails 16-17

11:49 (IST)16 SEP 2017

Sindhu pushes forward and once more she comes out on top...16-16

11:48 (IST)16 SEP 2017

For the first time in this game, Bingjiao has a tiny 16-15 lead


11:48 (IST)16 SEP 2017

And Bingjiao's efforts have paid is 15-15 now

11:46 (IST)16 SEP 2017

Once more body smash is helping Sindhu...she is up 15-12

11:45 (IST)16 SEP 2017

14-12 now for the Indian

11:45 (IST)16 SEP 2017

Burst of speed from Sindhu but she misses the sideline....that gave the Chinese to come back to 12-13

11:44 (IST)16 SEP 2017

13-10 it is for Sindhu as the Indian trying her best to take back the momentum

11:43 (IST)16 SEP 2017

10-12 now..just 2 points difference

Wow! this looks far from over all of a sudden!

11:43 (IST)16 SEP 2017

Bingjiao is making some move here...9-12

11:42 (IST)16 SEP 2017

Bingjiao is trying her best to close the gap....7-11

11:40 (IST)16 SEP 2017

It's a big 11-6 lead at the interval for the Indian fifth seed
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