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PV Sindhu vs He Bingjiao Live Score and Commentary Badminton Asia Championships Quarter-finals

By Sportskeeda Desk | Last ModifiedApr 28, 2017 18:13 IST

He Bingjiao beats PV Sindhu, 15-21, 21-14, 24-22


18:13 (IST)28 APR 2017

That wraps up our liveblog. Hope you enjoyed it. Do stay tuned to Sportskeeda for more badminton updates.


18:09 (IST)28 APR 2017

And with that, India's challenge at the 2017 Badminton Asia Championships is over!

18:07 (IST)28 APR 2017

That was quite some dramatic ending! Sindhu fought her heart out, even held a match point but it was not to be! Credit to Bingjiao for holding her nerves till the end!

18:04 (IST)28 APR 2017

Full score: He Bingjiao wins, 15-21, 21-14, 24-22

18:03 (IST)28 APR 2017

BINGJIAO DEFEATS SINDHU, 24-22 in the decider

18:03 (IST)28 APR 2017

Third match point for Bingjiao....23-22

18:01 (IST)28 APR 2017

Bingjiao saves match point now..22-22

18:00 (IST)28 APR 2017

Now the Indian has a match point of her own....22-21

17:59 (IST)28 APR 2017


17:58 (IST)28 APR 2017

2nd match point for Bingjiao...21-20

17:57 (IST)28 APR 2017

What a thriller this is turning out to be!!

17:57 (IST)28 APR 2017

Sindhu SAVES match point for 20-20

17:56 (IST)28 APR 2017

Match point for the Chinese at 20-19

17:55 (IST)28 APR 2017

And SHE COMES BACK!!! 19-19

17:54 (IST)28 APR 2017

Sindhu is behind by 1 point..18-19

17:53 (IST)28 APR 2017

Sindhu fighting for her dear life...17-19

17:52 (IST)28 APR 2017

19-16 for the Chinese

17:52 (IST)28 APR 2017

It's now or never for Sindhu...can she still come back?

17:52 (IST)28 APR 2017

Now Bingjiao makes her mark...up at 18-16

17:50 (IST)28 APR 2017

Nothing to separate the two...16-16

17:49 (IST)28 APR 2017

Now locked at 15-15...tight battle

17:48 (IST)28 APR 2017

And the Indian levels it at 14-14

17:47 (IST)28 APR 2017

Bingjiao breaking away from Sindhu now....14-12

17:45 (IST)28 APR 2017

The Indian is still trailing by a solitary point...11-12

17:43 (IST)28 APR 2017

The Indian has now stormed back to 10-11 after the break...can she continue this?

17:40 (IST)28 APR 2017

At half-time, the Chinese has built up an 11-7 lead

17:39 (IST)28 APR 2017

9-6 now

17:38 (IST)28 APR 2017

Bingjiao is placed at 9-5 now

17:36 (IST)28 APR 2017

Sindhu takes 2 points on the trot to make it 3-8

17:35 (IST)28 APR 2017

8-1 now....time running out for the Indian

17:34 (IST)28 APR 2017

Bingjiao has always been a trouble for Sindhu and she is proving to be so again....up now at 7-1

17:34 (IST)28 APR 2017

Is the Indian feeling tired? Or is it the bad matchup that is rearing its ugly head for Sindhu again?

17:32 (IST)28 APR 2017

Now the Chinese is way ahead at 5-1

17:31 (IST)28 APR 2017

The Chinese is now up 3-1

17:30 (IST)28 APR 2017


Bingjiao started the decider brightly with a 1-0 lead but the Indian comes back to make it 1-1

17:27 (IST)28 APR 2017

Bingjiao, fierce and determined as ever, staves off the Sindhu challenge to take the second game 21-14.

17:25 (IST)28 APR 2017

Sindhu has found some fire here.....she takes a couple of points to reduce the deficit to 14-18

17:24 (IST)28 APR 2017

Bingjiao is being very aggressive and Sindhu is struggling to find out a way to halt her run....the Chinese up now at 18-12

17:21 (IST)28 APR 2017

Bingjiao still has a healthy four-point lead at 14-10......Sindhu needs to do something here if she wants to wrap this up in this game itself

17:19 (IST)28 APR 2017

The World No. 7 has a 13-9 lead after the break

17:17 (IST)28 APR 2017

It's 11-7 now for the Chinese at the interval

17:16 (IST)28 APR 2017

That's some determined display from the young rising star!

17:16 (IST)28 APR 2017

Bingjiao races ahead to 10-6 now

17:14 (IST)28 APR 2017

Will she take this game or can Sindhu fight back?

17:14 (IST)28 APR 2017

The southpaw continues to dominate the proceedings.....up now 8-5

17:12 (IST)28 APR 2017

Bingjiao up 6-4

17:10 (IST)28 APR 2017

And she extends it to 5-2

17:10 (IST)28 APR 2017

The Chinese still comfortably ahead at 4-2

17:08 (IST)28 APR 2017


Bingjiao makes a fast start...up now 3-0

17:05 (IST)28 APR 2017

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