PV Sindhu vs Minatsu Mitani, Live Badminton score and updates, Korea Open Super Series 2017 Quarterfinal

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PV Sindhu 21-19 16-21 21-10 M. Mitani


14:59 (IST)15 SEP 2017

That wraps up the live coverage for today. We will be back tomorrow with Sindhu's semi-final match. Do join us then. Until then, good bye. Have a good day ahead.

14:59 (IST)15 SEP 2017

21-10. Game. A magnificent smash to close out the quarter-final match. Sindhu had to dig deep but she came through finally.  She is into the semis now.

14:58 (IST)15 SEP 2017

20-10. Match point now.

14:56 (IST)15 SEP 2017

17-9. Brilliant from Sindhu, she is crushing her opponent at the moment.

14:55 (IST)15 SEP 2017

15-9. Six points to win the match for Sindhu.

14:54 (IST)15 SEP 2017

14-8. Mitani looks frustrated.

14:53 (IST)15 SEP 2017

13-7. Another good rally. 

14:52 (IST)15 SEP 2017

13-6. Sindhu has complete control now. She knows what she is doing and she knows what she has to do.

14:50 (IST)15 SEP 2017

11-5. Mitani pulls two points back.

14:50 (IST)15 SEP 2017

11-3. It is Sindhu's game to lose now.

14:48 (IST)15 SEP 2017

10-3. What a rally! Both refused to give up, diving, stretching and finally, Mitani sends her smash wide.

14:46 (IST)15 SEP 2017

9-2. Mitani did all the hard work, sets herself up and makes an error at the end.

14:46 (IST)15 SEP 2017

8-2. Brilliant from Sindhu. Checks her shot at the last moment and drops it neatly.

14:44 (IST)15 SEP 2017

6-2. A healthy four-point lead for Sindhu now.

14:44 (IST)15 SEP 2017

4-2. Sindhu is gradually taking a grasp on this game.

14:42 (IST)15 SEP 2017

1-1. Mitani is playing like she has a point to prove. 

14:41 (IST)15 SEP 2017

Third game about to start now. Love all!

14:38 (IST)15 SEP 2017

16-21. It was called out but Mitani challenges and gets the point. One game all, now. 

14:37 (IST)15 SEP 2017

16-20. Four game points for Mitani.

14:37 (IST)15 SEP 2017

16-19. Brilliantly worked. Mitani sends Sindhu long on her backhand, then forward on her forehand and then, finishes it off with disdain.

14:36 (IST)15 SEP 2017

16-18. Sindhu manages to get two points back. 

14:36 (IST)15 SEP 2017

14-18. A healthy four-point lead now for Mitani. Can she draw level?

14:34 (IST)15 SEP 2017

13-16. Clever work from Mitani. A three-point lead now.

14:33 (IST)15 SEP 2017

13-14. Mitani is now back into the lead.

14:32 (IST)15 SEP 2017

13-13. Brilliant drop shot from Mitani.

14:32 (IST)15 SEP 2017

13-12. This match looks headed right down to the wire.

14:31 (IST)15 SEP 2017

12-11. Terrific from both players, attacking and defending until Sindhu's smash lands just wide.

14:30 (IST)15 SEP 2017

12-10. Sindhu mistimes her jump and smashes it straight into the net.

14:30 (IST)15 SEP 2017

12-9. Sindhu takes two consecutive points now.

14:28 (IST)15 SEP 2017

10-9. Oh, brilliant! How on earth did she manage that? Mitani blocks to full-powered smashes from Sindhu and manages to get her in the corner. She then unleashes the most powerful of smashes and takes the point.

14:27 (IST)15 SEP 2017

10-8. And now she is in the lead. Terrific rally, though.

14:26 (IST)15 SEP 2017

8-8. It looked like Sindhu was struggling a while ago and now she is back level.

14:25 (IST)15 SEP 2017

6-8. Very, very good from Sindhu. This what she can do. Plots the drop shot and executes it to perfection.

14:24 (IST)15 SEP 2017

5-8. Sindhu's drop shot was called wide but she challenges. Turns out, the call was wrong and it was in by the slightest of margins.

14:23 (IST)15 SEP 2017

4-7. This time, Sindhu makes the error in judgement.

14:22 (IST)15 SEP 2017

4-5. Sindhu and Mitani going at loggerheads here.

14:22 (IST)15 SEP 2017

2-4. Another error in judgement by Mitani. She has made quite a few of those today.

14:21 (IST)15 SEP 2017

1-4. Sindhu's change of plan is not really working out.

14:20 (IST)15 SEP 2017

1-2. Good smash by Sindhu, too fast for Mitani to deal with.

14:20 (IST)15 SEP 2017

0-2. Well planned and well executed by Mitani. Had Sindhu in her cobwebs.

14:19 (IST)15 SEP 2017

0-1. Sindhu's smash lands wide.

14:19 (IST)15 SEP 2017

The second game is about to begin. Sindhu will serve first. 

14:17 (IST)15 SEP 2017

21-19. Sindhu has the first game. Mitani will be biting her hands. The last two points could have been hers if she did not make those mistakes. Anyway, this match looks far from over. 

14:16 (IST)15 SEP 2017

20-19. Costly mistake by Mitani. She is so frustrated. Judged it completely wrong.

14:15 (IST)15 SEP 2017

19-19. Now, it's Mitani who is defending and toiling Sindhu. And, of course, there was that final drop shot that earns the point.

14:14 (IST)15 SEP 2017

19-18. Mitani is not one to give up, is she? Another brilliant drop shot from her.

14:13 (IST)15 SEP 2017

19-16.  Sindhu is surging ahead in the final stages of the game. Incredible defense and sharpness.

14:12 (IST)15 SEP 2017

17-16.  This match is getting tighter with every point.

14:11 (IST)15 SEP 2017

15-16. Terrific attacking display from Mitani as she gets in two superb smashes and takes the point.

14:11 (IST)15 SEP 2017

15-15. As gritty as it gets.
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