Rafael Nadal vs Dominic Thiem Barcelona Open Final Live Score Match Updates

By Sportskeeda Desk | Last ModifiedApr 30, 2017 15:53 GMT

Rafael Nadal takes on Dominic Thiem for the Barcelona Open title.


15:53 (GMT)30 APR 2017

That started off as a great fight from Dominic Thiem, who started off looking like he might even win this, even after losing the first set. But the second set saw him fatigued and perhaps mentally checking out of the match. 

Some great groundstrokes and shoulder-heavy serves from Thiem here, and he could well be a future Roland Garros winner. But not with Nadal in beast mode.

That's that, then. Rafael Nadal adds yet another title to his ever growing kitty. 2017 - the year of Fedal.

15:49 (GMT)30 APR 2017

Serving for the championship at 5-1, Rafael Nadal WINS the Barcelona Open 6-4, 6-1! 

15:45 (GMT)30 APR 2017

Nadal runs away to 4-1 and now holds THREE Break points. Three. 

15:44 (GMT)30 APR 2017

Dominic Thiem has his back to the wall, and how. Nadal is thoroughly outplaying the youngster in this set, and we'll put a bit of it down to fatigue, perhaps. Not what we're used to from the young Austrian, at least not in this match! 

15:40 (GMT)30 APR 2017

Nadal has drawn first blood! The Spaniard FINALLY gets the early break he was jonesing for in set 1, and is up 3-1 on Thiem. It's not that Thiem is erring, but that Nadal is acing it. 3-1 to the Spaniard!

15:29 (GMT)30 APR 2017

Immediately Nadal runs to break Thiem, and after a long, long, long game there, it's not to be. This is some of the best defensive tennis we've seen in a while, and whether he wins or loses today, Dominic Thiem is already a winner here. After a feisty, spirited battle he holds serve! 

Rafael Nadal * 1 - 1 Dominic Thiem

15:24 (GMT)30 APR 2017

Nadal firmly sinks his feet in to open serve here in set 2. Eyes on the ball, focused as only Rafa Nadal can be, he's sticking to the baseline. There's been no movement towards the net just yet, both at the baseline.  Nadal leads 1-0! 

15:11 (GMT)30 APR 2017

That's not to say Thiem has been anything less than stellar. Some great serves and strong defence sees the young Austrian put a lot of wrist into his serves - and a lot of shoulder there, too! Injuries haven't affected the player much this match, which has seen him jump around and place shots well near the tramlines. Still, the result didn't go his way in set one.

Rafael Nadal 6 -4 Dominic Thiem

15:10 (GMT)30 APR 2017

And he's done it! After trying, and trying, and trying to break Thiem, Rafael Nadal succeeds to win the first set 6-4! 

15:04 (GMT)30 APR 2017

Rafael Nadal 5 - 4 *Dominic Thiem and some immense defending from the younger player. Nadal's only a couple points away from the first set, but if this match has been anything to go by so far, the Austrian isn't giving up that easy! 

14:59 (GMT)30 APR 2017

His wide-but-not-really-wide serves are a treat to watch, and that lull in form the young Austrian saw may just be that. He continues to play like this, and he's golden. What a job.

14:58 (GMT)30 APR 2017

Gutsy gameplay and then some from Dominic Thiem! Three break points and he's STILL held serve. 

14:42 (GMT)30 APR 2017

Rafael Nadal 3 - 2 *Dominic Thiem

14:41 (GMT)30 APR 2017

Dominic Thiem is showing us more and more why he could well be a future Roland Garros winner! The Austrian claws back from 0-30 down to defend that service game, and he's done it well. He's got some great body behind his serves, and is fighting back Rafa with gumption and how! 

14:36 (GMT)30 APR 2017

Sorry for the temporary delay....and we're back! Thiem's having a bit of trouble on his first serves, but nevertheless almost broke Nadal. 

Scores are level at 2 games all, on serve here in Barcelona on Pista Rafael Nadal! 

14:32 (GMT)30 APR 2017

Rafael Nadal opens serve to start. It's taken him a quick 6 minutes against an in-form Dominic Thiem and he leads 1-0.
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