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Rafael Nadal vs Novak Djokovic Madrid Open semifinal Live Score Match Updates

By Sportskeeda Desk | Last ModifiedMay 13, 2017 16:00 GMT

Rafael Nadal beats Novak Djokovic 6-2, 6-4.


16:00 (GMT)13 MAY 2017

The scores say one thing, but the stats speak a different story. Djokovic had four aces to Nadal's two here, and had 70% of his first serves in. Crucial errors and a few 'too-cute' shots have let him down today. 

We'd also like to take a look back at what's bothering Novak Djokovic - motivation, disinterest, what?

15:54 (GMT)13 MAY 2017

Rafael Nadal beats Novak Djokovic 6-2, 6-4! 

15:53 (GMT)13 MAY 2017

A backhand passing shot from Nadal and Djokovic utterly misses that volley! Despite a last-minute fight back - in what would be the FINAL GAME of the match, Djokovic has lost!

15:51 (GMT)13 MAY 2017

Djokovic has fought back and how! He's helped along by quite the unforced error from Rafael Nadal, and now he's about to break at what would otherwise have been match point for Nadal.

15:49 (GMT)13 MAY 2017

Djokovic tries a bit of a fun riffing a shot under his foot. The follow-up is great - and Djokovic runs off to deuce! Is there still some juice left in the tank?

15:47 (GMT)13 MAY 2017

Nadal's groundstrokes lay flat and low and Djokovic looks good to start with - but angles it just wrong, and Nadal's up 30-15 and inching closer and closer to match point. 

15:44 (GMT)13 MAY 2017

Rafael Nadal to serve for the match! 

15:42 (GMT)13 MAY 2017

A long shot from Nadal and Djokovic holds on - but trails 4-5 still and it's Rafael Nadal who'll serve for the match here in Madrid! 

15:42 (GMT)13 MAY 2017

Djokovic, yet again, is managing to stay in this! Is it just enough effort for the Serb? Some of his shots, picked apart, have been his shots of old. 

15:39 (GMT)13 MAY 2017

He's run off to 5-3 has Nadal and yet again it's Djokovic struggling to stay in the set. And also in the match this time around.

15:37 (GMT)13 MAY 2017

Nadal does a slider and skies that return. It's not cricket, Nole! Nadal's up 30-0 and his concentration looks absolutely unbreakable.

15:35 (GMT)13 MAY 2017

Djokovic holds on. He's kind of like a flickering light today, bright and incredibly so at a few moments and dim and dulled the next. It's impossible to tell.

4-3 lead to Nadal.

15:33 (GMT)13 MAY 2017

Djokovic's cross-court backhand was great there! Solid defensive work from the Serbian and Nadal lays it a little too flat, grounding it. 

15:32 (GMT)13 MAY 2017

Djokovic tries a fancy drop shot against Nadal - and it's not a bad shot at all! There's some beautiful gentle wrist motion in there, but Nadal runs into the net and nudges it right back there. No chance of a return. And Nadal's racing to yet another break point...

15:31 (GMT)13 MAY 2017

And Nadal breaks back! As soon as that Djokovic switch came on, it goes off again. Nadal leads 4-2.

15:24 (GMT)13 MAY 2017

Nadal runs across the baseline with that one and times it to utter perfection. Djokovic is on the verge of being broken back.

15:23 (GMT)13 MAY 2017

And that switch seems to have dimmed slightly for Djokovic again. He tries to get adventurous with a drop shot and some wristwork at the net and it's not paid off. At all. 

15:19 (GMT)13 MAY 2017

Suddenly a switch has flipped in Novak Djokovic. He battles back to send some brilliant returns placed with force and still, the deftest touch. He wins the break back! 2-2 in the second.

15:17 (GMT)13 MAY 2017

Finally a brilliant Djokovic-esque shot from Djokovic and he's at break point! A break . back here will be crucial for the Serb's morale.

15:13 (GMT)13 MAY 2017

Some sort of touch to the World No. 2's shots now with a bit more shoulder in them, but he's still trailing 2-1 in the second, and down a break of serve.

15:09 (GMT)13 MAY 2017

Nadal holds for a 2-0 lead in the second. Djokovic looks a tad more interested in this set than the first - but that's not saying much and Nadal is in the form of his life. We repeat. The form of his life.

15:06 (GMT)13 MAY 2017

VAMOS! Even if you're not necessarily a Rafa supporter, that shot was sublime and you can't help but cheer. A no-look backhand. Perfectly placed. 30-30 and Nadal's in the driver's seat and going at Formula One speed. 

15:04 (GMT)13 MAY 2017

Great start to Set 2 for Rafa Nadal! He breaks Djokovic AGAIN to lead 1-0. It's all gone south and we're calling this match SOON. 

14:59 (GMT)13 MAY 2017

Rafael Nadal's close friend, iconic footballer Cristiano Ronaldo is in the stands and watching his buddy play.

14:55 (GMT)13 MAY 2017

Nadal sends one in deftly at the net. It bounces, and on a good day I'm sure Djokovic would have returned that one. But today he just seems to not be as invested in this match as he has been in the past. 

Nadal takes the first set 6-2.

14:55 (GMT)13 MAY 2017

His passing shots are going out wide, way, way off the mark. One might expect this level of tennis from a lower-level player - hardly a world no 1, and hardly one of the caliber of Djokovic.

14:54 (GMT)13 MAY 2017

At 39 minutes, Rafael Nadal is at his second set point. Djokovic has avoided a breadstick, but this one looks unavoidable...

14:52 (GMT)13 MAY 2017

But he battles on. Novak Djokovic lives another game as it's Nadal, now, who looks to serve this out at a 5-2 lead.

14:48 (GMT)13 MAY 2017

Sent it long, and we're back at deuce.

14:48 (GMT)13 MAY 2017

Nadal races to set point but now it's game point Djokovic. Maybe there's still some gas left in the tank.. 

14:48 (GMT)13 MAY 2017

Djokovic tries something adventurous (?) with that backhand. It's loopy and wide and Djokovic looks downright disinterested in this match, if we may say so. 

14:45 (GMT)13 MAY 2017

He's still got 'Love Guru 'Pepe Imaz on his squad though, and that's a decision that has raised many, many eyebrows.

14:45 (GMT)13 MAY 2017

Djokovic isn't unfit physically - far from it! But the Serbian, who's recently fired his entire coaching staff - including Marian Vajda, his longtime coach, who worked alongside former No. 1 Boris Becker during the German's stint. 

14:44 (GMT)13 MAY 2017

Nadal leads Djokovic 5-1, with the Serbian serving to stay in the set.

14:44 (GMT)13 MAY 2017

Another ace from Nadal. Absolutely unreturnable. He has Djokovic scampering all over the court - and there's absolutely no end in sight to Nadal's utter annihilation.

14:37 (GMT)13 MAY 2017

Djokovic FINALLY holds a game! We're 22 minutes into the first set ... and at 4-1 down, it's not looking so good for the Serbian.

14:36 (GMT)13 MAY 2017

5 Backhand Unforced Errors for Novak Djokovic. He was leading 40-0 in this game but a couple of shots out wide and loopy have sent this one to deuce. Not looking great from the World No. 2. 

14:33 (GMT)13 MAY 2017

What an ace! Nadal whips that one out and holds to love. It's 4-0 Nadal...and no love from the court to Djokovic! 

14:32 (GMT)13 MAY 2017

Nadal has lost his last seventeen sets in a row to Novak Djokovic - but that looks like it's ending here! 

14:32 (GMT)13 MAY 2017

Things not going really great for Djokovic on serve here, with Nadal following that service hold up with a break to 15. It's early days but looking rather one-sided ... 

Rafael Nadal leads Novak Djokovic 3-0

14:31 (GMT)13 MAY 2017

Nadal then holds his own service game, but it's not as easy, with Djokovic committing an unforced error but managing to take it to deuce. A brilliant shot seals that however, for the Spaniard. 

14:30 (GMT)13 MAY 2017

And that was a break to love! 

14:30 (GMT)13 MAY 2017

Nadal strikes early! The cold-blooded assassin breaks Djokovic in the very first game of the match, taking a lightning 1-0 lead.
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