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Rafael Nadal vs Roger Federer, Live Tennis Score and Updates, Shanghai Masters 2017 Final

By Sportskeeda Desk | Last ModifiedOct 15, 2017 10:02 GMT

Federer beats Nadal 6-4, 6-3.


10:02 (GMT)15 OCT 2017

That was exquisite brilliance from the 19-time Grand Slam champion! 

And with that, our liveblog comes to an end. Hope you enjoyed it. Thanks for staying with us.

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10:00 (GMT)15 OCT 2017

This is the first time that Federer has beaten Nadal fives times in a row.

09:57 (GMT)15 OCT 2017

And with this loss, Rafa's 16-match winning streak comes to an end!

09:56 (GMT)15 OCT 2017

So, for the fourth time this season, Federer beats Nadal. Their head-to-head rivalry is now 23-15 in favour of Rafa.

09:54 (GMT)15 OCT 2017

Final score: Federer beats Nadal 6-4, 6-3.

09:54 (GMT)15 OCT 2017

What a demolition by Federer! He wins his second Shanghai Masters title and the 94th of his glorious career!

09:53 (GMT)15 OCT 2017

Rafa pushes his forehand into the net. And Roger wins!

09:53 (GMT)15 OCT 2017

Rafa saves one.

09:52 (GMT)15 OCT 2017

3 Match Points for Federer.

09:52 (GMT)15 OCT 2017

Rafa dumps overhead into the net! 0-40

09:51 (GMT)15 OCT 2017

No stopping the World No. 2. Federer continues to dominate while Rafa doesn't look his usual self, peppering error after error.

The Swiss is ahead 5-3.

09:46 (GMT)15 OCT 2017

What a volley from Rafa! He holds on for 3-4.

09:43 (GMT)15 OCT 2017

Unstoppable Federer continues his march. He leads 4-2

Can Rafa do any damage?

09:39 (GMT)15 OCT 2017

And Federer BREAKS! Rafa's backhand sails wide.

Roger leads 3-2.

09:38 (GMT)15 OCT 2017

Federer on the prowl! His foray into the net helps take the ball early and sneak in another break point.

09:37 (GMT)15 OCT 2017

Here comes Rafa's BIG serve! Deuce

09:37 (GMT)15 OCT 2017

And it's a break point for the Swiss!

09:37 (GMT)15 OCT 2017

As Rafa's shots keeping dropping shorter, Federer takes advantage of it by hammering home a backhand winner. Deuce.

09:35 (GMT)15 OCT 2017

Federer got to 30-15 on the Rafa serve. A forehand in time from the southpaw makes it 30-30

09:33 (GMT)15 OCT 2017

Rafa got to 30-30 on the Roger serve but a break point continues to elude him.

It's 2-2

09:28 (GMT)15 OCT 2017

Far better display from Rafa. He holds to love for 2-1.

Could that motivate him to keep putting the pressure on Roger?

09:25 (GMT)15 OCT 2017

Rafa's shot ideas are good but execution is poor. He misses a backhand and it is 1-1 in the second set.

09:23 (GMT)15 OCT 2017

Second set

It's a better start from the French and US Open champion, coupled with a few unforced errors from the 19-time Grand Slam winner.

Rafa holds for 1-0

09:19 (GMT)15 OCT 2017

Can Rafa still take this to a decider?

09:18 (GMT)15 OCT 2017

Roger did not even face a single break point in that set. What a performance! So much determination!

09:17 (GMT)15 OCT 2017

It's all business for Federer. In 35 minutes, he wraps up the opening set, 6-4.

09:14 (GMT)15 OCT 2017

Nadal holds to love. Can he produce some magic and break back?

Roger currently holds 5-4.

09:11 (GMT)15 OCT 2017

Yet another comfortable hold for the Swiss. He continues to be relentless. He leads 5-3.

09:06 (GMT)15 OCT 2017

And he holds. Federer leads 4-3 with a break.

09:06 (GMT)15 OCT 2017

An angular backhand from Rafa saves him. 40-30

09:05 (GMT)15 OCT 2017

Rafa moving Federer from corner to corner but is ending up spraying errors from his own racquet.

30-30 on Rafa's serve

09:03 (GMT)15 OCT 2017

He is definitely a lot more confident than Rafa. But never count the Spaniard out. We know his fighting skills very well.

09:02 (GMT)15 OCT 2017

Federer is sailing smoothly through his service games. After a love hold, the Swiss leads 4-2.

09:01 (GMT)15 OCT 2017

Interestingly, it is Rafa who has 3 aces so far. In contrast, Federer has just one ace.

09:00 (GMT)15 OCT 2017

Rafa holds his service game and he now trails 2-3

08:59 (GMT)15 OCT 2017

The returns are where Federer is ruling at the moment and that has made all the difference. He has won 9 out of 19 return points so far while Rafa has just won 3 out of 11

08:57 (GMT)15 OCT 2017

In his urgency, Rafa is also committing a few unforced errors and that is not helping his cause at all.

08:56 (GMT)15 OCT 2017

The Swiss can do no wrong at the moment! Federer is simply playing sublime tennis.

He leads 3-1

08:52 (GMT)15 OCT 2017

Rafa holds to 30 and is on the board at 1-2. But it is Federer, who has the upper hand with his attacking display and great serves.

08:48 (GMT)15 OCT 2017

And Federer consolidates the break to 15.


Blistering start for the maestro.

08:46 (GMT)15 OCT 2017

It's a 3rd break point for Federer and he converts!

What a start for the former champion! He leads 1-0

08:44 (GMT)15 OCT 2017

Rafa saves both! Deuce!

08:43 (GMT)15 OCT 2017

And Rafa faces two break points already!

08:42 (GMT)15 OCT 2017

And we are under way! The first point on Rafa's serve goes to Roger.

08:39 (GMT)15 OCT 2017

Rafa will serve first

08:38 (GMT)15 OCT 2017

What a match it promises to be!

08:36 (GMT)15 OCT 2017

It's about to start!

06:21 (GMT)15 OCT 2017

The match is scheduled to start at 4.30pm IST ie 2pm IST.
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