Rafael Nadal vs Stan Wawrinka French Open Final Live Score Match Updates

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Rafael Nadal wins the French Open 6-2, 6-3, 6-1.


15:26 (GMT)11 JUN 2017

Rafael Nadal wins the French Open 6-2, 6-3, 6-1.

It is his 10th French Open title. 

15:25 (GMT)11 JUN 2017



15:24 (GMT)11 JUN 2017

Toni Nadal cracks a smile. Inside, there's probably elation.


15:22 (GMT)11 JUN 2017

Nadal sends some sort of mammoth serve in to Stan Wawrinka, and Wawrinka's errant backhand goes into the air. 

Goodnight, sweet prince. The King is in town.

5-1 Rafael Nadal and Wawrinka serves to stay in the championship...

15:21 (GMT)11 JUN 2017

One game away from La Decima. 

15:20 (GMT)11 JUN 2017

Former King of Spain Juan Carlos is watching the match. King of Spain watching King of Clay.

15:19 (GMT)11 JUN 2017

Stan Wawrinka, right now.

15:17 (GMT)11 JUN 2017

Backhand goes ... backward? Unfortunate and it's meant Nadal leads 4-1 in what appears now to be the final set. Surely this is over.

15:17 (GMT)11 JUN 2017

Advantage Nadal.

15:16 (GMT)11 JUN 2017

Wawrinka is down but he isn't out just yet. He caps off a stunning rally and then there's yet another one to follow. He was hoping to finish that off with a smash but he finds the net cord. 

From ad Wawrinka, we're back to egalite. Deuce.

15:15 (GMT)11 JUN 2017

Egalite. Deuce. Wawrinka almost held fairly well but Nadal wants to finish this off quick. 

15:14 (GMT)11 JUN 2017

Wawrinka can take solace in some Linkin Park right now:  "I tried so hard, and got so far...but in the end, it doesn't even matter..."

15:13 (GMT)11 JUN 2017

Wawrinka trying everything and then some but it is just not coming together. What do you even do when you're facing Relentless Rafa at this point? 

15:11 (GMT)11 JUN 2017

Game point and he flubs the backhand right into the net. He's trying everything but it is not working out. At all. 

15:11 (GMT)11 JUN 2017

30-30 in game 5 of set 3. And Wawrinka pulls out an ace.

15:10 (GMT)11 JUN 2017

Backhand slice. Scooped forehand. A huge one in fact. 

Should Wawrinka laugh or cry at this point? We really don't know.

15:10 (GMT)11 JUN 2017

Wawrinka trying some stuff and the sidewinding game is on. Rafa with a one-handed backhand and a run-up that's almost effortless. Smooth as butter. Or is butter as smooth as Rafa Nadal's hitting right now?

15:09 (GMT)11 JUN 2017

15:07 (GMT)11 JUN 2017

Jeu Nadal. Relentless. 

3-1 Nadal.

15:07 (GMT)11 JUN 2017

Almost at break point. Wawrinka's FH getting a bit better now but not enough. Wawrinka flubs a return and NAdal's in the driver's seat.

15:04 (GMT)11 JUN 2017

By the by.. forehand winners at nearly 100 mph? 99 to be exact, but clay forehand winners at nearly 100mph. 

That's Rafael Nadal for you.

15:03 (GMT)11 JUN 2017

6-1 6-1 6-1 6-3 6-0 6-3 6-1 6-4 6-1 6-1 6-4 6-3 6-0 6-1 6-0 6-1 6-2 6-2 6-2 2-0 6-3 6-4 6-0 6-2 6-3

Read that quickly.

That's Nadal's last 25 sets at the French Open. Not a tiebreaker in sight.

15:02 (GMT)11 JUN 2017

Nadal's record from two sets up to love is 165-1.

Does that seal it? Probably.

15:01 (GMT)11 JUN 2017

He holds to 30 with some fiery forehands. He doesn't look like he'll win it now, but he intends to fight through till the end.

15:00 (GMT)11 JUN 2017

Wawrinka's a fighter. Can't deny it can ya.

15:00 (GMT)11 JUN 2017

Powerful backhand but on that occasion, with no direction. It would've been a great one if it worked out. It did not. 

Goes right into the sidelines. 

14:59 (GMT)11 JUN 2017

Applause for the Wawrinka forehand. Nadal's the crowd darling but they can appreciate a good shot. A great cross-court forehand from Wawrinka takes him up 30-15.

14:58 (GMT)11 JUN 2017

'Jeu' to Nadal.

No 'joy' to Wawrinka.

Nadal holds to love as he runs into the net. If any of you were waiting on Wawrinka to win, a four-set match, I'm sorry. 

14:55 (GMT)11 JUN 2017

Wawrinka's broken straightaway in the third set. As much as watchers would love one extra set, I don't think it's on the cards here. Nadal is RIPPING apart Wawrinka's game and there are no apologies.

Wawrinka may be fresh off a comfort break but there is nothing comfortable about what's happening to him here.

14:45 (GMT)11 JUN 2017

Rafael Nadal wins the second set 6-3 and leads two sets to love.

14:45 (GMT)11 JUN 2017

Wawrinka's upset. Set Nadal 6-3.

14:45 (GMT)11 JUN 2017

That was a great rally, even if it didn't go Wawrinka's way. 3 points early on and I thought Nadal had it. Wawrinka making some impossible returns. 

Set point Nadal. Racquet smash time for Wawrinka. It's CRUMPLED. 

14:42 (GMT)11 JUN 2017

Nadal is sending Wawrinka from side to side like a foosball figurine at the moment. And to the Swiss' credit, he's chasing down those shots too. He nets that BH though.

14:41 (GMT)11 JUN 2017

Gosh, Wawrinka's really got some fighting spirit. Anyone else might have given up quite some time ago. 

He HOLDS with a fast serve and it's now at 3-5.

Nadal serves for the set.

14:39 (GMT)11 JUN 2017

Nadal races away to 30-0.


14:39 (GMT)11 JUN 2017

SO close...and yet not enough. Stan Wawrinka's hitting appears to be getting harder and even more aggressive in this game - but it's not exactly helping him right now. Nadal is now spelled F L A W L E S S. Or is that the other way around?

14:36 (GMT)11 JUN 2017

Guhhhhh... we're as open-mouthed as you are right now. Rafa runs all over the court, slides down the line, and scoops it over the net. How do you even do that?

Races away to game point - and finishes off with an ace to hold to love. 


14:34 (GMT)11 JUN 2017

14:33 (GMT)11 JUN 2017

Only Nadal. That was a wild, wild return. And we don't think anyone not named Rafa Nadal could've done it.

Nevertheless, Wawrinka holds and staves off a double break. 

He trails 2-4.

14:32 (GMT)11 JUN 2017

NADAL you beauty. He takes the shot from ... OUTSIDE??? 

Yes he does.

14:32 (GMT)11 JUN 2017

That was ...not in by Hawkeye, but they don't use hawkeye here so that's moot. It's adjudged in. Gutsy serve!

14:30 (GMT)11 JUN 2017

He's trying a couple of different things now is Stan Wawrinka, and a couple are working. He's forcing Nadal to try some different things and he takes it to the brink, does the Swiss, but loses from there. He really needs to hold now.

14:28 (GMT)11 JUN 2017

He really is pushing himself into the game is Wawrinka, and he looked so close there, too! But a couple of errors off his backhand give Nadal the service hold... and a 4-1 lead.

This is really looking dire for Wawrinka here.

14:25 (GMT)11 JUN 2017

Oh no, he was doing so great too! Stan slices - into the net! 30-30

14:24 (GMT)11 JUN 2017

15-30 and Wawrinka is a couple of points away from a break back... 

14:24 (GMT)11 JUN 2017

Yup, he intends to be back in this even if he isn't fully there yet. A stunning forehand winner from Stan Wawrinka and it's a gutsy shot but it pays off. 

14:22 (GMT)11 JUN 2017

How do you spell resilience? W-A-W-R-I-N-K-A. He isn't out of the woods by a long long shot but he's in this for sure. 

He holds! 


14:20 (GMT)11 JUN 2017

Nadal deep in and Stan volleys well. Even if he doesn't look like he's winning today, he wants to fight for it. 

Some great serves from him and he's racing to a love hold. 

14:18 (GMT)11 JUN 2017

W:UE - 6:20 for Stan, 12:9 for Rafa. Now you know...

14:18 (GMT)11 JUN 2017

TWENTY. 20 unforced errors from Stan Wawrinka and 9 for Rafa here.
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