As it happened: Ram Pal Chahar in Men's High Jump T47, World Para Athletics Championships 2017

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The event is underway!


01:42 (IST)17 JUL 2017

This brings the live coverage to an end. Good night!

01:42 (IST)17 JUL 2017

No, he doesn't pull it off! Nevertheless, he still wins the gold medal. Ram Pal finished sixth.

01:27 (IST)17 JUL 2017

He clears 2.10m, now he is going for 2.15m. Oh my god! Will we see a world record being broken tonight?

01:24 (IST)17 JUL 2017

He does hold the world record at 2.12m. Can he break that tonight?

01:23 (IST)17 JUL 2017

And, he succeeds! In his second attempt, he clears 2.05m. Townsend-Roberts is now attempting 2.10m! He has secured the gold medal, by the way.

01:20 (IST)17 JUL 2017

He is now attempting 2.05m!

01:17 (IST)17 JUL 2017

And now, Townsend-Roberts comes out of nowhere and clears the 1.96m in his first try. My word!

01:13 (IST)17 JUL 2017

Aaron Chatman has failed in his attempt to clear 1.96m. After failing in his first two tries to clear 1.96m, Hongjie is going for 1.98m!

01:06 (IST)17 JUL 2017

The fight for the gold medal continues between Chatman and Hongjie. They have both cleared 1.94m and are attempting 1.96m at the moment.

00:56 (IST)17 JUL 2017

Chanaboon fails to clear the 1.92m mark. He has to remain content with the bronze medal.

00:54 (IST)17 JUL 2017

Aaron Chatman clears 1.92m as well. However, he does it in his second attempt.

00:51 (IST)17 JUL 2017

Chen Hongjie clears 1.92m in his first try! Wow!

00:49 (IST)17 JUL 2017

Aaron Chatman and Chanaboon have cleared the 1.90m mark while Chen Hongjie is going for 1.92m straight away.

00:46 (IST)17 JUL 2017

Dipoko-Ewane fails to clear the 1.87m mark. The top three is decided ladies and gents.

00:44 (IST)17 JUL 2017

Chen Hongjie, Chanaboon and Aaron Chatman have all cleared 1.87m in their first attempts.

00:39 (IST)17 JUL 2017

Perez Martinez, as well, cannot clear the mark and is out of the competition. China's Chen Hongjie will now attempt a height a height of 1.87m.

00:37 (IST)17 JUL 2017

And there goes India's hopes for a medal from this event. Ram Pal fails to clear the 1.84m mark in his three attempts. Still, it's laudable that he went as far as this.

00:36 (IST)17 JUL 2017

So far, three have managed to clear the 1.84m mark. Perez Martinez fails in his second attempt. Ram Pal will take his final attempt now.

00:35 (IST)17 JUL 2017

Meanwhile, Aaron Chatman clears 1.84m in his second attempt.

00:35 (IST)17 JUL 2017

The Indian fails to clear the mark in his second attempt! He has just one try left. He has to do it!

00:33 (IST)17 JUL 2017

Thailand's Chanaboon successfully clears 1.84m in his first try! Ram Pal will take his second attempt now.

00:32 (IST)17 JUL 2017

Perez Martinez, as well, fails to clear 1.84m in his first try.

00:30 (IST)17 JUL 2017

Aaron  Chatman, though, fails to clear 1.84m in his first try. The next high jumper attempting this height is Perez Martinez.

00:29 (IST)17 JUL 2017

Dipoko-Ewane clears the 1.84m mark in his first attempt with ease. He shoots to the first position. 

00:28 (IST)17 JUL 2017

And Ram Pal fails in his first attempt. It is not easy, is it? He still has two attempts.

00:26 (IST)17 JUL 2017

Ram Pal is now attempting 1.84m. Can he do it and stay in the medal hunt?

00:26 (IST)17 JUL 2017

And Cojoc Florin fails to clear the 1.80m mark. He is out of the competition.

00:24 (IST)17 JUL 2017

Perez Martinez does clear the 1.80m mark in his second try but Cojoc Florin fails yet again, He has one more attempt left.

00:23 (IST)17 JUL 2017

Cojoc Florin, as well, fails to clear the 1.80m mark in his first try. He is now going in for his second.

00:21 (IST)17 JUL 2017

Perez Martinez is attempting the 1.80m mark now. And he fails to clear it in his first attempt!

00:20 (IST)17 JUL 2017

Dipoko-Ewane and Aaron Chatman have also cleared 1.80m in their respective first attempts. The competition is going neck to neck.

00:19 (IST)17 JUL 2017

Chen Hongjie has cleared 1.80m in his first attempt. Ram Pal is giving tough competition. He too clears 1.80m in his first try.

00:13 (IST)17 JUL 2017

Ram Pal clears the mark and at the moment he is tied at the first spot with Dipoko-Ewane.

00:10 (IST)17 JUL 2017

Meanwhile, Ram Pal Chahar is attempting the 1.75m mark. He has three attempts to clear the height. Can he do it?

00:03 (IST)17 JUL 2017

Cojoc Florin of Romania is currently on his second attempt at clearing 1.70m. He has failed in the first. He does actually clear the mark on his third, though.

00:01 (IST)17 JUL 2017

China's Chen Hongjie has hit 1.65m while Turkey's Ilgaz Abdullah failed to clear 1.55m after three unsuccessful attempts.

23:59 (IST)16 JUL 2017

Alexandre Dipoko-Ewane of France has, until now, cleared a height of 1.70m.

23:57 (IST)16 JUL 2017

Chanaboon Angkarn of Thailand has cleared a height of 1.75m up until now, while Spain's Perez Martinez Daniel has cleared 1.60m.

23:46 (IST)16 JUL 2017

Hello and welcome to the live coverage of the men's high jump T47 of the World Para-Athletics Championships. The event starts in a few minutes and we cannot wait to see Ram Pal Chahar in action here in London.

18:04 (IST)16 JUL 2017

Having recorded his personal best jump in the Rio Paralympics last year, Ram Pal Chahar will be eyeing bigger things when he takes to the field in the men’s high jump T47 category at the ongoing World Para Athletics Championships 2017.

The men’s high jump T47 category final is scheduled for 11.53 pm Indian Standard Time, and Ram Pal will square off to eight other finalists later today.

Ram Pal’s season best jump has been 1.81 metres while his personal best stands at 1.93 metres. The Indian high jumper will need to better his personal best to stand any chance of a medal win later today since the final line-up comprises four players with a personal best record better than Ram Pal’s.
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