Real Madrid vs Barcelona Live Score and Commentary, La Liga 2017-18 (RMA vs BAR)

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Real Madrid 0-3 Barcelona (Suarez 54', Messi 64', Vidal 93') (Carvajal red 63')


19:22 (IST)23 DEC 2017


Well, well, well. After completely dominating the first half, Real Madrid imploded spectacularly in the second - and aided with a resurgence in confidence within the Barcelona ranks and a silly, uncontestable red card for Carvajal, they simply took the game away from Los Blancos.

14 points ahead now, is it time to declare the league well and truly over?

That's all from me, Anirudh Menon, 'twas a pleasure covering this game, thank you for your company!


19:21 (IST)23 DEC 2017

Messi screams past Marcelo and tees up Vidal who's shot wriggles under Navas and rolls into to the goal

19:20 (IST)23 DEC 2017


19:20 (IST)23 DEC 2017

93' They take the corner short... 

19:19 (IST)23 DEC 2017

92' Aleix Vidal is on for Sergi Roberto - and he wins a corner off a superb ball into the area from Messi. 

19:18 (IST)23 DEC 2017

91' Three minutes added on - Andre Gomes smashes a horrendous shot well into row Z. The highlight of the move, Ronaldo coming back to track and usher Messi out of the area 

19:17 (IST)23 DEC 2017

90' It's all scrappy now as Madrid's hurried passing sees another move die a quick death. 

19:16 (IST)23 DEC 2017

89' Kroos takes the freekick, but Ramos has bounded offside once again - and it really looks like Barca have their third consecutive Clasico at the Bernabeu

19:16 (IST)23 DEC 2017

88' Yellow for Sergio Busquets as he leaves his studs on Marcelo's calf with the ball long gone by

19:15 (IST)23 DEC 2017

87' Messi, oh Messi. The little magician, revelling in the space he now has with Kovacic off, wriggles into the box where Madrid are lucky to see him off for a corner. From it, the Argentine has a pop at goal, but it's straight at Navas. 

19:13 (IST)23 DEC 2017

86' Nothing comes of the corner, but Barca don't care and pass-pass-pass they go

19:13 (IST)23 DEC 2017

85' Barcelona move forward with leisurely ease - Messi tees up Andre Gomes (who has just arrived after being subbed on for the brilliant Paulinho) who's shot is deflected out for a corner

19:12 (IST)23 DEC 2017

83' OH RAMOS! A curler from Modric almoooost finds the flailing legs of Ramos but it's a couple of inches too far ahead of him. OH, he was offside... 

19:11 (IST)23 DEC 2017

82' Marcelo and Asensio combine once again down the left and the former wins a corner. They play the ball short and Kroos is played into space in the Barca box - his pass is cleared by Pique (cries for penalty) but it comes back at pace and it takes a tremendous save from from Ter Stegen to stop Ramos from four yards!

19:09 (IST)23 DEC 2017

80' The corner is rubbish

19:09 (IST)23 DEC 2017

79' OH BALE! He goes the Tottenham route and has a pop from twenty-five yards - it's spilled by Ter Stegen, but he gathers before Marcelo can latch onto it. Barca break with surprising directness... and Semedo is played into the box by Messi... where it takes a superb Navas save to keep it at 2-0 

19:07 (IST)23 DEC 2017

78' OH TER STEGEN! OH BALE! The corner is not cleared well by Barca and Modric does immensely well to play  the ball into the box; which is stabbed goalward by Bale - and it's saved superbly by the German goalie

19:06 (IST)23 DEC 2017

77' Asensio runs onto a rebound off Semedo's noggin'  brilliantly but his cross into the box is piss-poor. 

19:04 (IST)23 DEC 2017

76' OH! Kroos nicks ahead of another audacious Ter Stegan scoop but his touch lets him down and his compatriot gathers with relief. Andres Iniesta, meanwhile, is subbed off for the athleticism of Nelson Semedo

19:02 (IST)23 DEC 2017

75' OOOOH! Asensio runs onto Marcelo's lay off and crosses into the box - it hits Roberto's arms (which are behind his back) and the Bernabeu screams for a penalty. The ref is having none of it. 

19:01 (IST)23 DEC 2017

74' Messi picks out Roberto's surge down the right, but his dink into the box is well headed away by Varane. Madrid have the ball for a bit and they need some inspiration from somewhere. 

19:00 (IST)23 DEC 2017

73' FINALLY! BALE AND ASENSIO ON, Casemiro and Kovacic off. Madrid need the Welshman to pull something out of his hat

19:00 (IST)23 DEC 2017

72' Finally Madrid put some pressure on the ball, and Marcelo steals the ball off Rakitic but his ball into Ronaldo is a bit off, and the Portuguese can only hopefully dink it into the box from where Barcelona work their way out with absolute calmness

18:58 (IST)23 DEC 2017

71' This is death by a thousand passes

18:57 (IST)23 DEC 2017

70' OH! MY! Messi messi-s his way past what looked like a perfect Ramos challenge, but his shot is superbly saved by Navas! The Costa Rican is keeping Madrid in it. Sort of. 

18:57 (IST)23 DEC 2017

69' Jordi Alba screams into the area - and trips up on Nacho's leg - but the ref asks the left-back to get up. 

18:56 (IST)23 DEC 2017

68' Barca are making Real Madrid chase shadows... they are running the show here

18:55 (IST)23 DEC 2017

67' MULTIPLE SUBSTITUTIONS ALERT - Nacho on for Benzema. Bale and Asensio waiting for the ball to go out of play. Barca are just rolling it around themselves

18:54 (IST)23 DEC 2017

OH WHAT A SHAMBLES! Luis Suarez initially went one-on-one with Navas, but the Costa Rican saved superbly... the ball ran out to Messi, who sublimely fooled five Madrid defenders and teed up Suarez-  the Uruguayan hit the post with his shot, then it bounced out and Roberto headed it at goal - where Carvajal saved it - superbly - with his hand. Ridiculous from the Spaniard and he has no complaints when he is shown the card

18:51 (IST)23 DEC 2017


18:51 (IST)23 DEC 2017


18:51 (IST)23 DEC 2017

62' Barcelona are playing with so much more authority at the moment... Suarez steals the ball off Varane, Modric tries an absolutely ludicrous backheel that sees Paulinho curl a shot into Navas' gloves. 

18:48 (IST)23 DEC 2017

60' The Bernabeu gets riled up on Ramos' behalf... and Pique taking about 52 years to set up the freekick deep in his own half sprinkles that much more fuel into the fire. 

18:47 (IST)23 DEC 2017

59' Luka Modric trivelas a useless pass straight into Busquets before Ramos absolutely whacks Luis Suarez in the face - like how a jockey would whip his racehorse - and he's lucky the ref sees it only as a yellow. 

18:46 (IST)23 DEC 2017

57' UFF! Paulinho shrugs off Casemiro and powers forward before laying it off to Messi. The Argentine runs at a furiously backtracking Ramos before teeing up Suarez - this time the Uruguayan smashes a hopeless shot into the side netting

18:45 (IST)23 DEC 2017

56' Marcelo loops a ball out to the far post where Benzema is marked well by Vermaelen... Casemiro and Suarez tumble off the field and things heat up but the ref steps in well - and quickly - to cool things down. 

18:43 (IST)23 DEC 2017

That was all Busquets. The great Catalan simply walked past pressure from Kroos and Modric, laid it off to Rakitic.... who then ran straight through the middle, passed it to Sergi Roberto, who in turn teed up Luis Suarez and the Uruguayan smashed in past a hapless Navas. What a goal, what a sucker punch for Madrid

18:41 (IST)23 DEC 2017


18:41 (IST)23 DEC 2017

53' Alba is released down the left and the Spaniard races to the touchline before pulling it back to Suarez who's first time is too meek to trouble navas

18:40 (IST)23 DEC 2017

52' It's all a bit scrappy now as Barcelona do their possession thing and the men in white simply can't stand it. Kovacic smashes into Paulinho and wins the ball back, Kroos looks to release Ronaldo, but the pass is mishit and Pique steers Barca forward

18:39 (IST)23 DEC 2017

51' OOOOO! Another inexplicably rubbish pass from Busquets almost allows Ronaldo to tear into the Barca box but a sublime last-man challenge from Pique saves the Catalans. 

18:38 (IST)23 DEC 2017

50' OOO LA LA! Rakitic jinks forward and lays it off to Suarez, but the Uruguayan's ball into the middle of the box is hacked clear by Carvajal

18:37 (IST)23 DEC 2017

49' Barca are seeing a lot more of the ball, and they are passing it around in that unhurried style of theirs as they try to build up some semblance of passing rhythm

18:36 (IST)23 DEC 2017

48' Marcelo almost tees up Suarez with a ridiculously overhit pass back to Navaz, but the Costa Rican shows off chest control that would have made his coach proud, and calmly passes it clear

18:35 (IST)23 DEC 2017

47' Ronaldo lures Pique out to the flanks, steps-over thrice, cuts in and smashes a ball out of play off Vermaelen. Inexplicably, the ref points fr aa goal kick. If looks could kill, we'd be at the ref's funeral right now. 

18:34 (IST)23 DEC 2017

46' Paulinho lays the ball of superbly to Sergi Roberto, but on its return, he is immediately swarmed by Casemiro and Ramos and Madrid have the ball once again. 

18:32 (IST)23 DEC 2017


18:31 (IST)23 DEC 2017

The last time this particular fixture ended 0-0, Brazil were world champions, Cristiano Ronaldo was still a foal prancing around Lisbon, Lionel Messi was some three feet tall and I was worried about how heavy my schoolbag had suddenly gotten in high-school. 

Will we see our first goalless Clasico since 2002? I, for one, sincerely hope not!

18:19 (IST)23 DEC 2017


Oh my, there was barely any time to breathe there. Zizou's gameplan has worked to perfection - his packed midfield keeping Barca's quiet, Kovacic pocketing Messi, Ronaldo and Modric looking like they want to rip open Barcelona every time they tear forward - but Messi's passing and Paulinho's bursts into the box have shown that Barca haven't been completely overwhelmed. 

What a half of football, that

18:17 (IST)23 DEC 2017

46' Messi' freekick is poor and it bounces off Ronaldo's pretty li'l face. 
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