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Real Madrid vs Fuenlabrada Live Score and Commentary, Copa del Rey 2017-18 RMA v FUE

By Sportskeeda Desk | Last ModifiedNov 29, 2017 03:48 IST

Real Madrid 2-2 Fuenlabrada (Agg 4-2)


03:48 (IST)29 NOV 2017

FT: Real Madrid 2-2 Fuenlabrada (Agg 4-2)

03:48 (IST)29 NOV 2017

90' Even if Fuenlabrada do not progress, this is nonetheless a historic result for the club. The Bernabeu meanwhile, isn't taking this too kindly, with plenty of jeers and whistles.

03:47 (IST)29 NOV 2017

89' WHAT A COUNTER-ATTACK! Portilla wins the ball in midfield and lays it off to Cristobal who returns it to him in the box with a clever pass. Navas saves Portilla's first shot but is unable to do anything with the second. Fuenlabrada draw level on the night, deservedly.

Real Madrid 2-2 Fuenlabrada (Agg 4-2)

03:45 (IST)29 NOV 2017


03:44 (IST)29 NOV 2017

88' CHANCE! Dioni is sent clear on the right wing, and the striker cuts inside on his left foot and powers a low drive narrowly wide of the near post.

03:40 (IST)29 NOV 2017

84' Hakimi attempts to set Borja Mayoral up for his hat-trick with a cross to the far post, but I guess only Gareth Bale can do that...

03:39 (IST)29 NOV 2017

83' Cata Diaz goes into the book for a poor challenge on Dani Ceballos from behind.

03:37 (IST)29 NOV 2017

81' Jaime Seoane comes on to replace Mateo Kovacic

03:35 (IST)29 NOV 2017

79' Yaw Annor's final act of the night is to concede a free-kick, and he is replaced by Juan Quero

03:34 (IST)29 NOV 2017

77' Madrid have pretty much killed the game off, passing the ball around with ease in midfield.

03:31 (IST)29 NOV 2017

75' Oscar comes off to be replaced by Quezada

03:29 (IST)29 NOV 2017

73' Fuenlabrada's heads have visibly dropped, as the 2-1 scoreline has effectively ended all their hopes. It's a bit harsh on the away side, as Bale puts the ball in the net from an offside position, with the ref ruling it out.

03:27 (IST)29 NOV 2017

70' GAME OVER NOW! Bale runs on to a deflected through ball and controls with an ingenious backheel, but his shot is saved by Friexanet. The rebound falls to Mayoral, and he calmly slots it home.

Real Madrid 2-1 Fuenlabrada

03:25 (IST)29 NOV 2017


03:24 (IST)29 NOV 2017

68' Alvaro Portilla comes on to replace Alvaro Bravo

03:24 (IST)29 NOV 2017

67' Almost! Cristobal chips a cross to Dioni at the far post and his headed flick on falls to Hugo Fraile in space in the box, but the ball passes through his legs.

03:21 (IST)29 NOV 2017

64' Alvaro Bravo is down with an injury - looks like his ankle bent awkwardly as the turf gave way. The pain for Fuenlabrada is palpable.

03:19 (IST)29 NOV 2017

62' INSTANT IMPACT FROM GARETH BALE!!! He sends in an amazing cross with the outside of his left foot to the far post, where Borja Mayoral is present to head the ball down and into the net.

Real Madrid 1-1 Fuenlabrada

03:18 (IST)29 NOV 2017


03:18 (IST)29 NOV 2017

62' Franchu comes off to be replaced by Gareth Bale

03:17 (IST)29 NOV 2017

61' Matheus comes off to be replaced by Dioni

03:17 (IST)29 NOV 2017

61' OOOH MY GOD!! OFF THE CROSSBAR!! Fuenlabrada almost score their second with Cata Diaz heading the free-kick from the left onto the bar, with Navas having no chance.

03:16 (IST)29 NOV 2017

60' Matheus and Oscar go into the book for a couple of poor fouls in succession.

03:14 (IST)29 NOV 2017

57' WHAT A SAVE! Matheus nearly scores with a flicked on header at the near post, only for an alert Navas to palm the ball away.

03:13 (IST)29 NOV 2017

56' Theo concedes a foolish foul by pushing Yaw Annor on the touchline, allowing Fuenlabrada to get a free-kick in a promising position.

03:11 (IST)29 NOV 2017

55' Hakimi sends in a delicious cross from the right wing - something that Ronaldo or Bale would gobble up, but instead Mayoral is unable to even trouble Cata Diaz in the box.

03:10 (IST)29 NOV 2017

53' Almost! Franchu, who has been Madrid's best player so far, exchanges a 1-2 with Mayoral in the box, but the return pass in intercepted by Juanma.

03:07 (IST)29 NOV 2017

50' SHOT! Tejero powers in a dipping shot from the middle, but Friexanet gets down well to make the save.

03:06 (IST)29 NOV 2017

49' WOAH! Juanma wins the ball in midfield and spots Navas off his line. He hammers an ambitious shot that would have caught out the Madrid keeper had it been on target.

03:05 (IST)29 NOV 2017

49' The whistles have turned to cheers as Gareth Bale begins to warm up on the touchline.

03:04 (IST)29 NOV 2017

48' Oh dear. Whistles ring out in the Bernabeu as Theo allows a regulation pass to slide under his foot and go out of touch.

03:03 (IST)29 NOV 2017

46' An early penalty shout for Real Madrid as Ceballos goes down under pressure from Cata Diaz, but the referee correctly waves away penalty appeals.

03:01 (IST)29 NOV 2017

46' AND THE SECOND HALF IS UNDERWAY! Fuenlabrada kick us off, playing from left to right.

03:00 (IST)29 NOV 2017

The second half is about to start as the teams have made their way to the pitch. Kickoff in the second half is coming up next!

02:52 (IST)29 NOV 2017

The hairdryer treatment is in order for the Real Madrid players out on the pitch tonight, but I'm not sure if Zinedine Zidane owns one. Either way, Madrid simply have to buck up, or we could have another Alcorconazo on our hands.

What is it with the Copa del Rey and Madrid, eh?

02:46 (IST)29 NOV 2017

HT: Real Madrid 0-1 Fuenlabrada (Agg 2-1)

02:46 (IST)29 NOV 2017

44' WHAT A CHANCE! Dani Ceballos is found in plenty of space on the edge of the box on the right side, and with all the time in the world, he sends a powerful effort well over the bar!

02:44 (IST)29 NOV 2017

42' SAVE FRIEXANET! Franchu dribbles his way through to the middle, checks back on his right foot and tries to curl the ball to the far post, only for Friexanet to make a diving save.

02:42 (IST)29 NOV 2017

41' SHOT! Ceballos hammers a shot from the right that rebounds to Borja on the edge of the box, but his effort goes well over.

02:40 (IST)29 NOV 2017

38' Madrid waste yet another corner, with the ball falling right to Cata Diaz, who clears the ball. As the away side counter, Hakimi makes a crucial interception to deny Yaw Annor from running through.

02:37 (IST)29 NOV 2017

36' Madrid win a succession of corners down the right wing, but Oscar and Hakimi conspire to lose the ball. Matheus tries to send Yaw Annor clean through on the counter-attack, only for Nacho to make a vital interception.

02:36 (IST)29 NOV 2017

34' Impressive pressing from the away side as force Navas and Tejero into panicked passes. Zidane looks increasingly worried - but Gareth Bale remains his trump card on the bench.

02:35 (IST)29 NOV 2017

33' CLOSE! Kovacic lofts a through ball from the middle to Franchu making a clever run down the right into the box, but the Croatian's pass is overhit.

02:33 (IST)29 NOV 2017

30' Half an hour gone, and the score is a barely believable 1-0 in favour of Fuenlabrada - the scorer Luis Milla, whose father once was a Barcelona favourite.

Football and its scripts, eh?

02:32 (IST)29 NOV 2017

29' WHAT A WASTE! Franchu and Hakimi combine down the right, but Franchu's return pass isn't anticipated by his teammate and the ball goes out for a goal-kick.

02:29 (IST)29 NOV 2017

27' WAS THAT HANDBALL? Franchu dribbles his way through the middle and watches his shot cannon off Juanma's hand, but the ref only awards a corner, which comes to nothing.

02:28 (IST)29 NOV 2017

25' The corner is cleared out to Luis Milla and he hammers a swerving shot down the centre of goal, but the ball ricochets off Navas' palm and tumbles into the net.

Real Madrid 0-1 Fuenlabrada.

02:27 (IST)29 NOV 2017


02:26 (IST)29 NOV 2017

24' The away side have a free-kick on the left wing, and a far post delivery is cleared out by Hakimi for a corner.

02:25 (IST)29 NOV 2017

23' After a spell of Madrid possession that ends up nowhere, Fuenlabrada win the ball back and counter attack immediately, with Yaw Annor showing some great footwork down the right wing.
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