Roger Federer Live Match - Australian Open - Federer vs Denis Istomin - Match Highlights

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Federer def Istomin 6-3, 6-4, 6-4 to enter Round 2.


12:22 (GMT)14 JAN 2019

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12:21 (GMT)14 JAN 2019

The six-time Australian Open champion is through to Round 2.Wasn't much of a hassle! That was the brightest start Federer could possibly have in his quest for his seventh title.

12:18 (GMT)14 JAN 2019

Final score: Federer def Istomin 6-3, 6-4, 6-4.

12:10 (GMT)14 JAN 2019

Federer serves out the match to 15.

12:09 (GMT)14 JAN 2019

The defending champion gets the job done!

12:08 (GMT)14 JAN 2019

Istomin finds his way out of trouble and Federer is now serving for the match at 5-4

12:04 (GMT)14 JAN 2019

Istomin saves a match point on his serve with an ace!

12:03 (GMT)14 JAN 2019

After yet another fine service game, Federer is now one game away from a win.

He is up 5-3

11:56 (GMT)14 JAN 2019

And he holds!

Istomin trails 3-4 now.

11:56 (GMT)14 JAN 2019

But Istomin responds with a crosscourt backhand!

30-15 on the Istomin serve!

11:55 (GMT)14 JAN 2019

Federer is making Istomin run to every corner of the court now. Absolutely tiring him out!

11:54 (GMT)14 JAN 2019

Federer is sprinting like a youngster! Looking fresh as ever!

It's 4-2 to Federer

11:51 (GMT)14 JAN 2019

Roger makes his persistent efforts count!

A stubborn Istomin finally collapsed on his third break point!

Federer BREAKS and now he is 3-2 up!

11:42 (GMT)14 JAN 2019

With his 12th ace, Federer holds his serve.

It's 2-2 now.

11:40 (GMT)14 JAN 2019

It's a hugely comfortable game from Istomin.

He held and now leads 2-1.

11:37 (GMT)14 JAN 2019

And Federer holds breezily after that!

It's 1-1 in the third set!

11:36 (GMT)14 JAN 2019

What a dropshot from Roger from the baseline!

At deuce, the man had show some magic and he does! 

11:33 (GMT)14 JAN 2019

It's an enormous service hold from Istomin's after fighting his way back from a break point down.

He is 1-0 up.

Can he do some damage on the return now?

11:25 (GMT)14 JAN 2019

Can Federer break Istomin early in the third set? 

11:24 (GMT)14 JAN 2019

Second set is in Federer's bag!

Federer is two sets to love up!!!!!


Just another set needed for Federer to canter into Round 2.

11:20 (GMT)14 JAN 2019

Breezy hold for Istomin.

He holds his serve to love to trail 4-5.

Federer will now serve for the second set.

11:19 (GMT)14 JAN 2019

The third seed held his serve and it's 5-3 for Federer now

11:12 (GMT)14 JAN 2019

That emboldens Istomin and he wriggles his way out of trouble!

Federer will now serve at 4-3

11:12 (GMT)14 JAN 2019

Federer pushes the return wide and Istomin's comes up with a fabulous inside-out forehand winner!

11:11 (GMT)14 JAN 2019

Danger time for Istomin!

Federer has a break point!

11:05 (GMT)14 JAN 2019

But, just like that, Federer recovers and holds his serve.

It's 4-2 to the defending champion.

11:04 (GMT)14 JAN 2019

But here's a bit of lapse in focus.

It's a double fault from his racquet and its deuce.

11:04 (GMT)14 JAN 2019

Roger is moving like a sprightly teenager even at the age of 37.

Does that man ever age?

11:02 (GMT)14 JAN 2019

It was yet another struggle for Istomin. He concedes another couple of points to Federer but holds his serve.

Federer will now serve at 3-2.

10:58 (GMT)14 JAN 2019

Istomin's managed to take a couple of points off the Federer serve.

But that was all he could do.

Federer holds, anyway.

Up 3-1

10:54 (GMT)14 JAN 2019


It's an early break of serve for Federer!

Under pressure, Istomin's groundstrokes leaked errors and Federer capitalized.

It's 2-1 to Roger.

10:48 (GMT)14 JAN 2019

Istomin's attempt to involve Federer into a long rally did not bear fruit as he sent a crosscourt forehand wide.

Federer holds his serve to 30.


10:46 (GMT)14 JAN 2019

Istomin began second set promisingly, holding to 30.

He is 1-0 and Federer will serve now.

10:41 (GMT)14 JAN 2019

With 7 Aces and 17 winners, Federer wraps up the first set 6-3.

It's been a walk in the park for the Swiss maestro so far.

10:35 (GMT)14 JAN 2019

Federer held to love with yet another ace!

The man is not doing anything wrong at the moment!

It's 5-2 to Federer.

10:32 (GMT)14 JAN 2019

Istomin managed to avoid further danger and held his serve.

It's 4-2 to Federer now.

10:30 (GMT)14 JAN 2019

Federer is 4-1 up and has the first point on the Istomin serve.

Is a break coming again?

10:29 (GMT)14 JAN 2019

The 20-time Grand Slam champion is simply in cruise control mode right now!He holds to 15.Can he break again?

10:27 (GMT)14 JAN 2019

 Federer's bruising forehand winners do the damage now!

It's a BREAK for Federer!

He goes 3-1 up!

10:22 (GMT)14 JAN 2019

Federer's backhands are absolutely on point as he forces his opponent into errors.

It's 2-1 to Federer.

No breaks of serve so far. 

10:19 (GMT)14 JAN 2019

Istomin showed amazing resilience to save a break point and hold his serve.

It's 1-1 now.

10:18 (GMT)14 JAN 2019

Good afternoon!

The defending champion is on court and has started his match smoothly.

With an effortless service game, Federer has opened up a 1-0 lead over Denis Istomin.
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