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Roger Federer & Rafael Nadal vs Sam Querrey & Jack Sock, Live tennis score and updates, Laver Cup Doubles Match

By Sportskeeda Desk | Last ModifiedSep 23, 2017 20:54 GMT

Team Europe beats Team World 6-4, 1-6, [10-5].


20:54 (GMT)23 SEP 2017

And with that, we wrap this blog up.

Hope you enjoyed our live coverage.

It's goodbye and goodnight from all of us at Sportskeeda.

20:50 (GMT)23 SEP 2017

What a historic moment that was! Two of the sporting world's biggest legends teamed up to provide moments of sheer delight to millions of fans around the globe!

Hope we get to see more of them together on the same side of the net! It was a certainly a privilege for all of us.

20:47 (GMT)23 SEP 2017

Final score: Team Europe beats Team World 6-4, 1-6, [10-5].

20:44 (GMT)23 SEP 2017

Federer called the occasion very 'special'. Nadal said they had too much energy and certainly that showed on the court.

Thanks to that boundless energy, they were able to turn the match around in the match tie-break in majestic fashion!

20:40 (GMT)23 SEP 2017

Team Europe now leads 9-3 in the overall standings!

20:37 (GMT)23 SEP 2017

Federer and Nadal acknowledging the crowd together!!!!

What a sight!

20:36 (GMT)23 SEP 2017


Fedal wins!

Europe wins!

20:36 (GMT)23 SEP 2017

Rafa misses a return...9-5

20:35 (GMT)23 SEP 2017

9-4 and match points galore

20:34 (GMT)23 SEP 2017

8-4 for Europe now

20:34 (GMT)23 SEP 2017

8-3 for Europe

20:36 (GMT)23 SEP 2017

Jack Sock finally squeezes the ball in.


20:36 (GMT)23 SEP 2017

What a volley from the Swiss maestro! What an angle!


20:35 (GMT)23 SEP 2017

7-1 to Europe.

Things are happening faaaast!

20:34 (GMT)23 SEP 2017

Fistpumping from Fedal!

20:34 (GMT)23 SEP 2017

Magic from Fedal!


20:33 (GMT)23 SEP 2017

Double fault from Sock.

Europe up 5-1

20:33 (GMT)23 SEP 2017

4-1 to Europe

Crowd applauds

20:32 (GMT)23 SEP 2017

Huge roar from Roger as Europe leads 3-1

20:32 (GMT)23 SEP 2017

World on the board.

Europe leads 2-1

20:32 (GMT)23 SEP 2017

Europe gets a mini break.


20:31 (GMT)23 SEP 2017

First point to Europe, 1-0

20:31 (GMT)23 SEP 2017

The match will be decided in a tie-break now

20:29 (GMT)23 SEP 2017

And Team World pockets the second set, 6-1

20:28 (GMT)23 SEP 2017


20:27 (GMT)23 SEP 2017

30-30 on the Sock serve

20:25 (GMT)23 SEP 2017

Querrey strikes at the net and Federer is broken!

What a turnaround!

World leads 5-1

20:23 (GMT)23 SEP 2017

Now Federer lacking sharpness on his serve.

Europe faces three break points

20:21 (GMT)23 SEP 2017

Can Europe still come back in this set? It's just a one-break difference!

20:21 (GMT)23 SEP 2017

Querrey holds as World consolidates for a 4-1 lead

20:18 (GMT)23 SEP 2017

Europe saves one but couldn't save the second as scintillating Sock shows up!

World up 3-1 with a break

20:17 (GMT)23 SEP 2017

Team Europe in a bit of trouble as Rafa faces two break points on serve

20:12 (GMT)23 SEP 2017

Team World holds for 2-1

Still on serve

20:09 (GMT)23 SEP 2017

And Roger holds with an accurate serve down the T.

It's 1-1

20:09 (GMT)23 SEP 2017


20:07 (GMT)23 SEP 2017


20:07 (GMT)23 SEP 2017

15-30 on the Roger serve!

20:06 (GMT)23 SEP 2017

What an exchange at the net!

Querrey hits the ball right at Federer and the Swiss unable to put it away!

20:06 (GMT)23 SEP 2017

Meanwhile, Shapovalov says from the sidelines that he is honoured to be with these guys.

20:05 (GMT)23 SEP 2017

Team World makes a positive start by holding for 1-0

20:04 (GMT)23 SEP 2017

Second set

Can Team World make any comeback in this set?

20:00 (GMT)23 SEP 2017

And the first set goes to Team Europe.

6-4 it is

20:00 (GMT)23 SEP 2017

Roger lines up a great forehand for 40-30

19:59 (GMT)23 SEP 2017

Roger serving for the set


19:56 (GMT)23 SEP 2017

In the meantime, Team World holds for 4-5

19:55 (GMT)23 SEP 2017

Berdych runs for scissors as requested by Nadal

19:53 (GMT)23 SEP 2017

As usual, Rafa played the big points well.

How many times have we seen that before?

19:53 (GMT)23 SEP 2017

And Rafa finally holds!!!!!

It's 5-3 for Team Europe!

19:52 (GMT)23 SEP 2017

What a volley from Federer!


19:51 (GMT)23 SEP 2017

Oh no! Rafa double faults!

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