Roger Federer vs Grigor Dimitrov Wimbledon 2017 live score match updates

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Roger Federer beats Grigor Dimitrov 6-4, 6-2, 6-4 for a spot in the quarter-finals!


18:40 (GMT)10 JUL 2017

9 games all in the decider. It's a long long ride and Djokovic is yet to come onto court.

18:11 (GMT)10 JUL 2017


We're so nervous even our nerves are nervous. Whichever player you're supporting! 

18:10 (GMT)10 JUL 2017

Either way, Nadal's up 30-15 in the final game. Both players only two points away from finishing this match...

18:09 (GMT)10 JUL 2017

Rafael Nadal gets in some UNNNHHHHs there and sends a backhand into the net. 

18:07 (GMT)10 JUL 2017

Phenomenal stuff from Gilles Muller to hold to love here for a 6-5 lead! Again, Nadal serves to stay in this match.

18:06 (GMT)10 JUL 2017

18:05 (GMT)10 JUL 2017

And he hooooolds! Rafael Nadal levels at 5-5 and now Muller has to work a bit more if he wants the win. 

18:02 (GMT)10 JUL 2017

Nadal double faults at match point. 

Then hits an ace.

Then takes it to deuce.

Only Nadal.

17:57 (GMT)10 JUL 2017

But wait a minute.

Things are level in Rafa Nadal's match at two sets apiece but Muller takes a great service hold at 5-4 and now Nadal serves to stay in Wimbledon! 

17:52 (GMT)10 JUL 2017

Roger Federer beats Grigor Dimitrov 6-4, 6-2, 6-4!

17:51 (GMT)10 JUL 2017

Federer's quickly brought up match point already as Dimitrov doesn't bother much with a good return. 

Dimitrov returns long..

and that's 


17:50 (GMT)10 JUL 2017

That first shot tells me what I need to know - that Grigor Dimitrov has given up.

17:49 (GMT)10 JUL 2017

Roger Federer breaks back immediately as Dimitrov tries some things - among them a nice big forehand that's just too big enough and goes long.

5-4 to Roger Federer, and he serves for the match.

17:48 (GMT)10 JUL 2017

That lasted long....not! 

17:47 (GMT)10 JUL 2017

And with that phenomenal cross-court backhand, Dimitrov breaks! He takes it to 4-4 in the final set..or is it the final set just yet? He'll want to hope not.

17:44 (GMT)10 JUL 2017

And a second break point also saved. Dimitrov nets that backhand as he tries to keep it low. 

It's a bit too low. 


17:43 (GMT)10 JUL 2017

Dimitrov brings up BREAK POINT here on Federer's second serve. A great shot from Federer but an impressive sliding return from Dimitrov. Less Baby Federer with that one, more Baby Djokovic. First break point saved by Roger Federer.

17:42 (GMT)10 JUL 2017

PSA. PSA. Gilles Muller leads 3-2 on serve in the fifth set against Rafael Nadal and we're certainly biting our nails here - not sure there are any left! 

17:40 (GMT)10 JUL 2017

A couple of great shots now from Grigor Dimitrov, who times a few backhands to perfection with a shot that looks like it's half Milos Raonic, half Roger Federer. But it's too little too late now, and Federer wants to finish this off quickly. 

Federer leads 4-3 in the third set, up a break of serve.

17:39 (GMT)10 JUL 2017

Service is back to normal. Service is back to normal. 

Figuratively and literally as Roger Federer holds for a 4-2 lead! 

17:34 (GMT)10 JUL 2017

And he breaks! 3-2 lead to Roger Federer here and he expresses his derision for Dimitrov's 'Baby Federer' moniker, and clearly so.

17:31 (GMT)10 JUL 2017

Unfortunately that's a BP wasted.

17:30 (GMT)10 JUL 2017

Beautiful from Roger Federer here to run into the net with a great backhand shot! He levels with Dimitrov - and pulls out some great hitting. Not a sign of tiredness from either player right now and absolute scientific precision from the Swiss! 

Now at 2-2, Federer has break point! 

17:24 (GMT)10 JUL 2017

17:24 (GMT)10 JUL 2017

Meanwhile, Rafael Nadal rallies back from two sets down to love - to level at two each! We're going into Set Number 5.....

17:18 (GMT)10 JUL 2017

Third set underway now...and we're at one game apiece from these two, pardon the pun, aces !

17:15 (GMT)10 JUL 2017

A phenomenal forehand return from Dimitrov just there.. but it only prolongs what ends up being the inevitable. The Bulgarian sends a forehand into the net.

Game and set Federer, 6-2!

17:14 (GMT)10 JUL 2017

Beautiful volleying from Roger Federer just there. He makes it seem almost poetic, really. Sort of ballet-like with the perfectly poised toes.

17:12 (GMT)10 JUL 2017

Federer serves for Set 2, now.

17:12 (GMT)10 JUL 2017

And Federer builds with yet another break of serve at 5-2!! 

So much for Baby Federer.

17:10 (GMT)10 JUL 2017

Federer goes to 3-2, and now races to 4-2 with some routine gameplay ... for Roger Federer. 

But what's routine for Federer is superhuman for most of us. 

17:08 (GMT)10 JUL 2017

Whoops! Dimitrov is fading out suddenly, and Federer is the last player to let a chance like that go. 

He has the break in set 2!!! 

17:00 (GMT)10 JUL 2017

And Federer equalizes! Dimitrov is looking a lot better already though, and he's got a lot better with each passing game. He equalizes!

16:55 (GMT)10 JUL 2017

A couple of rookie returns missed from Federer to give Dimitrov his first service game of set 2! 


16:49 (GMT)10 JUL 2017

What a way to finish off a set. Roger Federer stretches out a bit wide, and Dimitrov falters yet again with a couple of long shots. 

He finishes with an ace. 

First set to Roger Federer, 6-4!

16:45 (GMT)10 JUL 2017

What a rally! That was some eighteen shots. 18. Phenomenal from both players and in the end, Federer has a bit of travelling around the baseline but Dimitrov sends it just a smidge too far. 

And he does it again!

First blood to Federer, who breaks for a 5-4 lead!

16:44 (GMT)10 JUL 2017

And Federer makes the same mistake Dimitrov did. He comes into the net for a running forehand and has a bit too much force on it. That's long and ad Dimitrov yet again.

16:43 (GMT)10 JUL 2017

Advantage Federer

....and deuce.

16:42 (GMT)10 JUL 2017

Bum forehand from Dimitrov to give Federer break point, but he pulls out an ACE to go to deuce. What a time to hit one.

16:41 (GMT)10 JUL 2017

We're still well on serve here, so the shoe hasn't dropped yet. 

But wait... break point Federer! 

16:40 (GMT)10 JUL 2017

Federer's determined, and you can see it in his eyes. He crouches for a beautiful low volley and a couple of shots later, Dimitrov runs into the net  - and sends it long! 

16:36 (GMT)10 JUL 2017

Almost a cricketing shot from Grigor Dimitrov. We're not sure what he was trying there, really. 

16:35 (GMT)10 JUL 2017

Great down the line forehand from Grigor Dimitrov! Not too much running around here and neither player has been as much at the net as we're used to seeing perhaps from these two, but the Bulgarian keeps ahead.

4-3 on serve

16:33 (GMT)10 JUL 2017

We're chugging along nicely. No big explosive play just yet although there have been some great shots! 

16:29 (GMT)10 JUL 2017

Surprising stuff but that's the second time this has happened today. Federer misses a forehand off Dimitrov, who follows up with a down-the-line forehand to finish that service game.


16:28 (GMT)10 JUL 2017

Down the line backhand. That Federer shot seemed like elegance personified. 

16:27 (GMT)10 JUL 2017

Dimitrov gets lucky with a net cord there but doesn't luck out trying to emulate his backhand. It's gone into the air somewhere, and that's game Federer.


16:25 (GMT)10 JUL 2017

Federer's backhand really is one of the best on tour right now. Brilliant stuff from the Swiss, and Dimitrov goes into neverland trying to retrieve that shot. In the end, despite a valiant fight back, it's Game Dimitrov.

2-1 on serve here at SW19! 

16:20 (GMT)10 JUL 2017

Every shot Federer makes has the intent of wanting to win. A beautiful shot down the sidelines from the Swiss ace and we're in business. 

Dimitrov sends a couple good ones of his own.

In the end, 

1-1 with an easier hold for Federer! 

16:18 (GMT)10 JUL 2017

A bit of back and forth from Federer and Dimitrov is on the verge of a double fault.

He doesn't in the end, and Federer returns with a low volley that goes into the net.

Dimitrov holds. 1-0
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