Roger Federer vs Marin Cilic live tennis score Wimbledon 2017 finals

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Marin Cilic 3-6, 1-6, 4-6 *Roger Federer [* indicates next server]


15:07 (GMT)16 JUL 2017

That's all from me today, folks. I hope you enjoyed following this match with me - and enjoyed watching the match as much as I did! 

Off to your respective celebrations then, if you're a Federer fan, and if you're a Cilic fan, celebrate him too. He's been outplayed by the male GOAT, but had a whopper of a tournament regardless.

Federer's mother, of course, is just like any other mom. Taking a photo of her son winning a prize! 

Have a good evening/night/day, folks! 

15:04 (GMT)16 JUL 2017

"Thank you Marin, thank you team, thank you Switzerland," Roger Federer signs off. 

Thank you, Roger Federer.

15:03 (GMT)16 JUL 2017

"It's been really special here," Federer says, "Centre Court has always been packed."

And the most telling of all - "I hope this isn't my last match. I hope to come back next year and defend my title."

15:01 (GMT)16 JUL 2017

Federer is gracious almost immediately. "You played incredibly, Marin," he says, and he says "be proud of yourself - and you will play some better ones down the road. Congratulations."

Cilic acknowledges with a small smile.

15:00 (GMT)16 JUL 2017

Federer is now on court.

15:00 (GMT)16 JUL 2017

Marin Cilic is out on court now. "I gave my best, and that's all I could do," he says. "I had an amazing journey here, and I played the best tennis of my life. My team have given me so much strength.."

He stops for a moment, tearing up on court now. It's been quite a rough time - and it's intimidating for ANYONE - unless you're Rafael Nadal, perhaps, to play Federer in the finals at Wimbledon. A valiant effort from him in the end despite injury.

14:56 (GMT)16 JUL 2017

Players are coming onto court now for their speeches.

14:55 (GMT)16 JUL 2017

Federer has now broken his own, and Pete Sampras' record of 7 Wimbledon titles. 

Now the king alone.

14:54 (GMT)16 JUL 2017

And Federer wins his 8th Wimbledon title and his 19th Grand Slam with an ace down the T. 

Incidentally, that was his 8th ace of tonight's match.

14:52 (GMT)16 JUL 2017


14:52 (GMT)16 JUL 2017

First championship point goes off courtesy a rare wide forehand from Federer...

14:51 (GMT)16 JUL 2017

Cilic sends two consecutive forehand errors in and brings up championship point. Crowds veering between dead silent and whooping cheers.

14:50 (GMT)16 JUL 2017

Every single point being cheered here. 

14:50 (GMT)16 JUL 2017

Federer serves for the match. 

14:50 (GMT)16 JUL 2017

Cilic holds! Almost clinically too. Pity that at this point I think it's really just too late to do anything huge. Even if he wants to.

14:47 (GMT)16 JUL 2017

Federer takes a huge big jump into the air and sends a whopper of a forehand in. Cilic nets as he has so many times today.

Game Federer.


One game away from Wimbledon No. 8.

14:45 (GMT)16 JUL 2017

Couple of wide backhands from Cilic, and then he nets a routine forehand. A couple of break points and it's break Federer.

Federer is 4-3 in the third and only a couple of games away from his 8th Wimbledon title. 

Reckon it's unstoppable now.

14:43 (GMT)16 JUL 2017


14:42 (GMT)16 JUL 2017

But Federer's service games are quick and breezy and he holds for 3-3! 

14:40 (GMT)16 JUL 2017

Cilic is getting a couple of aces in. He sends one in on that occasion to go 3-2 up! It's still on serve, though...

14:39 (GMT)16 JUL 2017

2-2 now quickly. 

We're going on serve now in this set and Cilic has some of his mojo back already...

14:36 (GMT)16 JUL 2017

Quite the lucky net cord for Cilic there and he races to 40-15 on his serve.

14:35 (GMT)16 JUL 2017

14:33 (GMT)16 JUL 2017

The errors are coming as fast and thick as some of Cilic's forehands, unfortunately for the tall Croat. He's staying warmed up around the baseline. 

2-1 Cilic on serve.

14:24 (GMT)16 JUL 2017

Cilic is really battling to keep himself in Set 3.. A couple of great slices from the Croat here and he gets them past the Swiss ace. A strong backhand down the line has taken him to 30-30 in the third...

14:19 (GMT)16 JUL 2017

Now with quite the taped up foot, Marin Cilic battles back to hold his first service game. His foot looked quite bruised and there's some heavy taping on there..

14:18 (GMT)16 JUL 2017

Cilic opens serve in the third. Will this be the final set? It's certainly looking like it from where I'm sitting.

14:14 (GMT)16 JUL 2017

Federer hit 6 winners against just 2 unforced errors....absolute clean hitting.

Meanwhile, Cilic finally takes a medical time-out now. Some time to go before the third set begins.

14:15 (GMT)16 JUL 2017

Cilic's foot is now being taped up. He's looking like he's in quite some pain.

14:12 (GMT)16 JUL 2017

It's just one set needed for No. 19 for Roger now!

14:12 (GMT)16 JUL 2017

Roger Federer leads Marin Cilic 6-3, 6-1.

14:12 (GMT)16 JUL 2017

An ace down the T, clean as you like. 

Game, and set, Federer.


14:10 (GMT)16 JUL 2017

And a forehand long. We're thinking this is all done already for Marin Cilic..


14:09 (GMT)16 JUL 2017

Cilic is being put through the wringer by Federer here and he's trying some gutsy shots. Some badly aimed cross-court backhands like that one, and it's 2nd BP to Federer! 

14:05 (GMT)16 JUL 2017

Cilic reminds us quite of Sabine Lisicki in the Wimbledon 2013 final, when she went down to Marion Bartoli.

14:04 (GMT)16 JUL 2017

Cilic cried through his service game, too. We're not sure if the issue is physical or psychological, but something is clearly bothering the tall ace. 

Federer holds his serve game with a great ace along the way too.

14:02 (GMT)16 JUL 2017

According to sources, this is some previously known issue for Cilic. Nevertheless, the Croat comes back to play - and gets a couple of good points here. 

Until Federer comes into the net. 

Regardless, Cilic has managed a hold of serve. 


13:59 (GMT)16 JUL 2017

Really lovely scenes from the crowd here, though, as a crying Cilic is encouraged back onto the court and the crowd gives him a standing ovation.

He's back to play.

13:58 (GMT)16 JUL 2017

Wait wait wait.. Marin Cilic is not looking happy. He's crying in his seat now with a trainer and supervisor next to him.

13:57 (GMT)16 JUL 2017

Unforced error count mounting and fast for Marin Cilic! He's now at 14 to Federer's 5 and sending standard backhands quite long.

Federer up 3-0! 

13:54 (GMT)16 JUL 2017

This is not a good time to be Marin Cilic. He's serving 49% of his first serves in! It's also now break point Federer with some backhand errors from Cilic.

First break of set 2 and it's Game Roger Federer - 2-0 in the second set !

13:50 (GMT)16 JUL 2017

Federer serves up a super-fast forehand winner and Cilic just gives up on returning that one. 

Game Federer 1-0 and we're on serve in set 2! 

13:48 (GMT)16 JUL 2017

36 minutes. Thirty six. And it's ad Federer courtesy a Cilic unforced error, and Set Federer as Cilic double-faults! 

Game and first set Roger Federer, 6-3! 

13:46 (GMT)16 JUL 2017

Cilic comes down the line to nudge that over, but he sends it out wide and it's ad Federer. 2nd set point for the Swiss!! 

13:45 (GMT)16 JUL 2017

A lunge and a swing and the backhand that used to be Federer's weakness has now brought him break - and set point! 

13:43 (GMT)16 JUL 2017

Federer is looking in menacing form. The Swiss ace absolutely bolts around the court and holds that game to love. It's the second love hold of the match for him and he leads 5-3.

Cilic serves to stay in the first set! 

13:40 (GMT)16 JUL 2017

Federer looks threatening but in the end it's game Cilic. 

4-3 to Federer, who is still up a break of serve.

13:39 (GMT)16 JUL 2017

Cilic has raced to 40-0 and there's some worry about the court...but a couple of great drop shots off Roger Federer take that to deuce.

13:35 (GMT)16 JUL 2017

Finally some net play here! Federer comes into the net and puts his body behind that serve. Down the tramlines. And he's raced to 40-0.

A regulation error off the Cilic backhand.

Game Federer - with a LOVE HOLD!! 

4-2 to Roger Federer in the first set - he leads up a break of serve! 

13:32 (GMT)16 JUL 2017

We're now 2-3 to Federer, who is up a break of serve! 
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