Roger Federer vs Rafael Nadal Australian Open Final Live Score Match Updates

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Roger Federer beats Rafael Nadal 6 - 4, 3 - 6, 6 - 1, 3- 6, 6 - 3


12:40 (GMT)29 JAN 2017

Thanks for staying with us tonight, everyone! We hope you enjoyed the coverage. Now for some much-needed rest for these two - and for our wearied nerves! 

A brilliant sporting weekend indeed! 

12:38 (GMT)29 JAN 2017

"I hope to see you next year," Federer says, "but if not, it's been a wonderful run here. Thank you." 

12:37 (GMT)29 JAN 2017

Federer takes a moment to thank Nadal's fitness team. "Keep playing, Rafa, please, tennis needs you."

12:35 (GMT)29 JAN 2017

Federer takes the stage. And thanks Rafa first off. "It's you, so I would have been happy to lose, or share it with Rafa tonight, really."

12:34 (GMT)29 JAN 2017

Nadal, ever kind, says "Maybe Roger deserved it a little bit more."

12:20 (GMT)29 JAN 2017

Three hours, 38 minutes. That's how long it took for a brilliant Federer attack to counter Nadal's equally brilliant defense. And I've teared up completely here. Have you?

12:18 (GMT)29 JAN 2017

Roger Federer beats Rafael Nadal  6 - 4, 3 - 6, 6 - 1,  3- 6,  6 - 3 

12:15 (GMT)29 JAN 2017


12:15 (GMT)29 JAN 2017

An ace! And a second championship point.

12:14 (GMT)29 JAN 2017

And a long shot. Deuce.

12:14 (GMT)29 JAN 2017

Another ad Federer. Another challenge. Fate in the hands of hawkeye. Second serve.

12:12 (GMT)29 JAN 2017

Nadal sends it long. And it's ad Federer. And championship point.

12:12 (GMT)29 JAN 2017

Vicious bounce on the ball and Federer, down a break point, brings it to deuce.

12:11 (GMT)29 JAN 2017

Ace No. 19. 199km/h. Unearthed down a break point.

12:11 (GMT)29 JAN 2017

A loopy return from Federer and Nadal picks up to end with a smash. Break point Rafa.

12:10 (GMT)29 JAN 2017

But he pulls out his 18th ace of the match. 15-30.

12:10 (GMT)29 JAN 2017

Another great rally. We're not tiring of saying it, and they're not tiring of playing it. Just a bit too much on that backhand from Federer, though, and he trails 0-30...

12:09 (GMT)29 JAN 2017

AND FINALLY, he takes it! Nadal returns into the net again, this time it's crucial. And Federer takes the 5-3 break. And will now serve for the match. Championship. Yes.

12:07 (GMT)29 JAN 2017

Rafa sends it into the net post. Ad Federer. Break Point #5.

12:06 (GMT)29 JAN 2017

WHAAAAT. WHAT WAS THAT RALLY? The entire stadium has erupted. A stunning down-the-line shot, but that's not nearly enough to describe it. 4th break point.

12:05 (GMT)29 JAN 2017

Again, he sends it sky high. Deuce from three break points. 

12:04 (GMT)29 JAN 2017

And third break point for Roger Federer now....

12:03 (GMT)29 JAN 2017

Rafa serves. Federer slices a return, but he shanks it. It's in the air. Second break point .

12:03 (GMT)29 JAN 2017

Three break points.

12:03 (GMT)29 JAN 2017

Break point for Roger Federer here. Break point. 

12:02 (GMT)29 JAN 2017


12:02 (GMT)29 JAN 2017

We're watching some great stratetic play from Roger Federer, here. He advances, like a tiger on the prowl, and there's little Nadal can do but get his racquet on. It goes wide again. 0-30 to Nadal here.

12:01 (GMT)29 JAN 2017

A net approach from Nadal who tries to get creative with that point. It's gone way long, and Nadal trails 0-15.

12:00 (GMT)29 JAN 2017

I don't know about all of you, but I'm nervous just watching this. 

11:59 (GMT)29 JAN 2017

Roger Federer leads 4-3 in the fifth set. 

11:59 (GMT)29 JAN 2017

Federer holds. To love. With an ace to end. Champion? Understatement.

11:58 (GMT)29 JAN 2017

Federer's net approach is working and how! Nadal spins it out wide and we're at 40-0 Federer.

11:57 (GMT)29 JAN 2017

As the late great David Bowie once said, "I don't know where I'm going from here, but I promise it won't be boring."

True, and how. Especially today.

11:57 (GMT)29 JAN 2017

We're at 3-3 in the final set. FINAL SET. No idea which way this'll go. 

11:57 (GMT)29 JAN 2017

Nadal sends it out - AND FEDERER BREAKS!!!!!!!

11:56 (GMT)29 JAN 2017

Sublime from Roger Federer. What a pressure backhand! 

11:55 (GMT)29 JAN 2017

Nadal saves one break point. But ad Nadal brought back to deuce.

11:54 (GMT)29 JAN 2017

But Nadal keeps himself in it. Forehand at the service line. Deuce. 

11:54 (GMT)29 JAN 2017

Nadal's shot out. And it's break point again.

11:53 (GMT)29 JAN 2017

Nadal gets himself into the net and serves down the line. No way Federer was getting to that one, and Nadal has brought himself up to 30-30.

11:52 (GMT)29 JAN 2017

Nadal's serve looked long, but it's just in. Federer's backhand goes in with full force, but it goes up and outta here. 15-30 Nadal.

11:51 (GMT)29 JAN 2017

Nadal's forehand didn't have enough meat on it, and he now trails 0-30. 

11:50 (GMT)29 JAN 2017

A great backhand return from Roger Federer and he takes the point! Nadal at 0-15 here. Risky and tense tennis here.

11:48 (GMT)29 JAN 2017

Nadal sends one wide, wide, wide, and we're now 3-2 Nadal. Another break could well swing this match right in again.

11:47 (GMT)29 JAN 2017

40-15. Federer sends a cross-court forehand ever so smoothly at the net. 

11:47 (GMT)29 JAN 2017

And Federer pulls it back to 30-15, but that last net approach may not have been the best idea...

11:46 (GMT)29 JAN 2017

Nadal tries one of his signature returns and sends it outside of play. 15-0.

11:45 (GMT)29 JAN 2017

And after yet another tense rally (way too many for our nerves here), Nadal holds. He leads 3-1.

11:44 (GMT)29 JAN 2017

Federer sends that one DTL but a little too long. From deuce and now we're back to ad Nadal. Tense stuff.

11:43 (GMT)29 JAN 2017

Magnificent. That return was so good, everyone's standing up. It kisses the line. Ad Federer and we're at break point!! 
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