Roger Federer vs Tomas Berdych live tennis score, Wimbledon 2017 Semi Finals

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Roger Federer beats Tomas Berdych 7-6, 7-6, 6-4 to make his 11th Wimbledon final.


17:53 (GMT)14 JUL 2017

It's Roger Federer's ELEVENTH Wimbledon final.

At 35 years old.

17:50 (GMT)14 JUL 2017

Friendly reminder - This is yet another straight sets for Roger Federer, who continues to the FINALS of Wimbledon without dropping a set.

17:49 (GMT)14 JUL 2017

Roger Federer beats Tomas Berdych 7-6, 7-6, 6-4 and is now one match away from his record EIGHTH Wimbledon title.

17:49 (GMT)14 JUL 2017


17:48 (GMT)14 JUL 2017

Second match point now.

17:48 (GMT)14 JUL 2017

He's raced to 40-0 now has Roger Federer... and he faults! 

17:48 (GMT)14 JUL 2017

Federer serves for the match.

17:47 (GMT)14 JUL 2017

But let's not forget two-sets-to-love and now looking right in the face of a semi-final defeat Tomas Berdych. I'm not writing anything off here as Federer serves for the match, and he holds 4-5.

17:44 (GMT)14 JUL 2017

Sure looks like it from where I'm sitting. It has to be superhuman to follow up a break with a love hold when you're sniffling and sneezing and facing (the familiar, agreed) pressure of staring down the barrel at a Wimbledon final.

Even if you're winning, and even if you're Federer.

But that's a love hold. 5-3 to Roger Federer in the third. 

17:42 (GMT)14 JUL 2017

FEDERER WITH THE BREAK!!! 4-3 now courtesy a couple of errors from Berdych. One shot into the net and then an unreturnable Federer backhand.

Surely this is it?

17:41 (GMT)14 JUL 2017

Can you imagine coming back from trailing 15-40? 

Federer can. And he succeeds. 

17:36 (GMT)14 JUL 2017

TWO ACES? Wow. At a time like this for anyone, that is brilliant. But Roger Federer isn't just anyone. 

Just like that. Two aces to take 40-15 to Game Federer in that deep booming voice.

3-3 now in the third set.

17:35 (GMT)14 JUL 2017

Federer threatens a bit with that break - almost playing it like match point, and indeed a break then might well have sealed it quick for the Swiss. But his feathers are ruffled and you can see it. 

Legendary cricketer Sachin Tendulkar is watching as scores go  3-2.

17:32 (GMT)14 JUL 2017

Federer is constantly sneezing into his tissues. Let's remind you it's 6:30 pm in London. About 20 degrees Celsius and while it's not rainy it's certainly got clouds somewhere around. 

17:31 (GMT)14 JUL 2017

Easy holds for both players and 2-1 becomes 2-2 quick. But while it's quick for each player, it is NOT quick for others watching.

17:30 (GMT)14 JUL 2017

Federer's a bit agitated at missing a couple of easy shots and you can hear it - he makes quite sure of that. 

17:22 (GMT)14 JUL 2017

Federer is one set away from the Wimbledon finals. But you can be sure Berdych isn't making it easy at all. 

17:21 (GMT)14 JUL 2017

17:20 (GMT)14 JUL 2017

If you love tennis and weren't a Berdych fan, you should be now. Some great play from the Czech to run, hit, return, and we thought that forehand was going into the stands.

It actually landed in. 

Colour me impressed, for one. 

17:17 (GMT)14 JUL 2017

A good body serve from Berdych and Federer bums a bh return. An attempted one, rather. Berdych holds to 15 with a great thwacking forehand.

1-0 to Berdych in the third set.

17:16 (GMT)14 JUL 2017

Berdych opens serve in the third set. It's a must-win set for him and he knows it.

17:13 (GMT)14 JUL 2017

6-4.. and now 7-4 and Federer wins the second set! 

This is looking a bit tough for Berdych then! 

Roger Federer is up 7-6, 7-6 on Tomas Berdych. He has never beaten Federer down two sets to love.

17:11 (GMT)14 JUL 2017

Wow. 3-1.



He's scoring points faster than I'm typing, almost, is Roger Federer. Far more in control in this tiebreak. Berdych trying to attack Federer's second serve but it's really not paying the dividends he'd like.

2-5 to Tomas Berdych in the second set tiebreak.

17:10 (GMT)14 JUL 2017

Has Federer resigned himself to a TB? Yes he has. Berdych holds and we're headed to a second-set TB! 

17:05 (GMT)14 JUL 2017

6-5 to Federer now as again, Berdych serves to stay in the match.

17:05 (GMT)14 JUL 2017

Scratch what I said about anyone feeling tired. No-one's tired here. They're putting up a fight and a half. 

17:02 (GMT)14 JUL 2017

More and more net play from Roger Federer and the Swiss unleashes a great backhand volley at the net. 

17:02 (GMT)14 JUL 2017

Federer seals that point - it's a great one, too - at the net with a textbook drop, but Berdych holds to take it 5-5 in this set too.

Neck and neck.

This somehow feels like it's going to another tiebreak..

17:01 (GMT)14 JUL 2017

What. A. Rally!! Federer sends Berdych all around - and Berdych returns the favour and then some. 

17:00 (GMT)14 JUL 2017

Tomas Berdych is now serving to stay in the second set. 

17:00 (GMT)14 JUL 2017

Federer holds! Berdych tries a gutsy backhand but it goes just a tiny bit long, meanwhile Federer returns with quite the brilliant down-the-line bh of his own. 

The crowd cheers.

Federer leads 5-4.

16:56 (GMT)14 JUL 2017

Phenomenal stuff from Tomas Berdych here. This is a pressure situation, make no bones about it. 

And the Czech pulls out a LOVE HOLD. 

That's some huge stuff. 

4-4 in the second.

16:52 (GMT)14 JUL 2017

Break point, shmake point. Federer holds in the end for a 4-3 lead in the second set.

16:52 (GMT)14 JUL 2017

Woah woah woah. Berdych takes Federer to break point and looks great there. Federer then sends what I can only describe as a perfectly angled, perfectly hit bouncing forehand to hold serve there. His mother applauds, as does longtime family friend and former coach Stefan Edberg.

16:50 (GMT)14 JUL 2017

A couple of good shots from Berdych and he takes the next two points to hold serve! 


16:49 (GMT)14 JUL 2017

Despite this, the Czech ace is keeping a firm hold (no pun intended), on his side of the match! Whoever your opponent is - even if it's Roger Federer - you can't back down.

16:49 (GMT)14 JUL 2017

It's not been easy for either player, but Berdych looks a little bit tired in a couple of his shots. 

16:46 (GMT)14 JUL 2017

5 aces each in this match. Just in case you wanted to know how even this match is, it's even. Very.

16:43 (GMT)14 JUL 2017

Lovely rally between the pair but again, Federer nets a backhand. Break points haven't been going too well for the Swiss and right now he's at 1/7 on BP.

Not the nicest statistic for him.

2-2 in the second.

16:40 (GMT)14 JUL 2017

But a down the line shot from Federer takes us to Deuce Number Three.

What's behind Deuce Number Three?

16:39 (GMT)14 JUL 2017

Berdych brings in a great bh at the net. And I mean at the net. It's almost a perfect cross court backhand, and it's Advantage Berdych.

16:38 (GMT)14 JUL 2017

Federer brings up break point again but Berdych sends in a sensational forehand at the net quickly. Deuce.


16:36 (GMT)14 JUL 2017

And after skying a 'what should've been routine' backhand, Federer holds his next service game. 

2-1 lead. 

Fans cheering. 

Federer visibly a bit agitated at this being quite the battle.

16:35 (GMT)14 JUL 2017

Berdych is unrelenting. Federer might have the upper hand here but the Czech intends to take the fight to the brink and he holds the next service game despite Federer almost  taking it to a break - yet again in this match! 


16:34 (GMT)14 JUL 2017

Surprisingly for Federer, he flubs a drop volley. That doesn't affect the game in the end - he holds for 1-0! 

16:24 (GMT)14 JUL 2017

53 minutes in and Federer, courtesy an unforced error at just the right time for himself - and the worst possible time for Berdych - WINS the first set! 

16:21 (GMT)14 JUL 2017

4-2 to Federer in the tiebreak becomes 4-3 as Federer sends what would've been a great passing shot just a touch too long.

16:19 (GMT)14 JUL 2017

Federer goes from baseline to net and it pays off. 3-1 now with some traditional Wimbledon-style play.

16:18 (GMT)14 JUL 2017

And that's really paying off. Berdych takes the first point of the tiebreak, but then immediately fluffs a routine return. 

2-1 to Federer in the TB

16:18 (GMT)14 JUL 2017

Berdych is attacking Federer's forehand and being unapologetic about it. 
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