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Rohan Bopanna and Ivan Dodig vs Marcelo Melo and Lukasz Kubot, Live score and commentary, Cincinnati Masters Quarterfinal

By Sportskeeda Desk | Last ModifiedAug 18, 2017 21:08 GMT

Kubot/Melo 6-1, 6-7, 10-7 Bopanna/Dodig.


21:08 (GMT)18 AUG 2017

They have done it! the second seeds progress to the semi-finals! The final score reads 6-1, 6-7, 10-7.

21:07 (GMT)18 AUG 2017

Kubot and Melo just need one more point to win the match.

21:06 (GMT)18 AUG 2017

Bopanna and Dodic pull two points back. 7-8 now.

21:05 (GMT)18 AUG 2017

Kubot and Melo now have a 7-5 lead. They surely can't lose from here.

21:02 (GMT)18 AUG 2017

The two sets of players are giving away absolutely nothing. The score is now tied at 4-4.

20:59 (GMT)18 AUG 2017

Bopanna/Dodig surge to a 2-1 lead already. What a comeback!

20:58 (GMT)18 AUG 2017

It's time for the super tie-break which means the first to 10 points wins the match!

20:52 (GMT)18 AUG 2017

Bopanna and Dodig take the second set 7-6.

20:49 (GMT)18 AUG 2017

Kubot and Melo have now taken a 4-3 lead in the tie-breaker.

20:45 (GMT)18 AUG 2017

Bopanna/Dodig have taken a 2-1 lead in the tie-breaker. Can they win the second set and take the match into the decider?

20:43 (GMT)18 AUG 2017

Kubot and Melo make it 6-6 in the second set. This is turning out to be such an interesting match.

20:38 (GMT)18 AUG 2017

Now Bopanna holds his serve, No breaks have been managed in this set yet. Bopanna/Dodig lead this set 6-5.

20:36 (GMT)18 AUG 2017

Kubot and Melo manage to pull one one back. 5-5 now. This is getting as close as it gets.

20:32 (GMT)18 AUG 2017

Dodig manages to hold his serve after a tense game. The Indo-Croat pair take a 5-4 lead.

20:27 (GMT)18 AUG 2017

Kubot holds his serve. The set is now tied at 4-4.

20:22 (GMT)18 AUG 2017

Bopanna smashes in two back-to-back aces to take the game. 4-3 now.

20:20 (GMT)18 AUG 2017

The Indo-Croat pair has definitely pulled up their game from the first set but they need to break their opponents' serve to get back into the match whilst holding their own.

20:19 (GMT)18 AUG 2017

Melo manages to hold his serve. The set is now tied at 3-3.

20:16 (GMT)18 AUG 2017

Dodig serves with menace as the seventh-seeded pair take the game. 3-2, now.

20:14 (GMT)18 AUG 2017

Melo and Kubot hold their serve. The match is heating up now with every point being fiercely contested for. 2-2.

20:10 (GMT)18 AUG 2017

A double fault from Kubot sees Bopanna/Dodig take a 30-15 lead. Can they preserve and break?

20:07 (GMT)18 AUG 2017

The 37-year-old veteran holds his serve. Bopanna/Dodig take a 2-1 lead in the second set.

20:06 (GMT)18 AUG 2017

Bopanna sends in a fiery ace across. 40-15.

20:04 (GMT)18 AUG 2017

1-1. Both pairs hold their serves early in the second set.

20:04 (GMT)18 AUG 2017

Kubot and Melo take a 40-0 lead as Melo is serving with fire here.

20:02 (GMT)18 AUG 2017

They take the first game without dropping any points. Now, that's called making a statement.

20:01 (GMT)18 AUG 2017

Dodig will get the second set underway.

19:59 (GMT)18 AUG 2017

Kubot and Melo take the first set convincingly. 6-1 inside 28 minutes.

19:57 (GMT)18 AUG 2017

That's a cheeky shot from Kubot. However, he doesn't manage to seal the point. 15-15.

19:56 (GMT)18 AUG 2017

Kubot and Melo break Bopanna's serve. 2nd break of the first set. They are now serving for the first set.

19:54 (GMT)18 AUG 2017

Bopanna serves and pushes Kubot to the byline. The Indian then executes to near-perfect drop shots and takes the first point of the game.

19:52 (GMT)18 AUG 2017

Kubot and Melo strive to take the game back. They now have a 4-1 lead in the first set. 

19:49 (GMT)18 AUG 2017

Bopanna and Dodig have started this game positively. Two points straightaway. 0-30.

19:47 (GMT)18 AUG 2017

It's a break! Kubot and Melo take an unassailable 3-1 lead in the game as they manage to break Dodig's serve!

19:46 (GMT)18 AUG 2017

Kubot and Melo now have three break points early in the first set. Trouble for Bopanna and Dodig!

19:44 (GMT)18 AUG 2017

Dodig is serving now. Starts off with a fault.

19:43 (GMT)18 AUG 2017

The game goes to the second-seeded pair as they hold their serve for the second consecutive time. The set score reads 2-1 in favour of Kubot/Melo.

19:42 (GMT)18 AUG 2017

NO! Kubot and Melo manage to save the break point after a strong first serve. Back to 40-40.

19:42 (GMT)18 AUG 2017

Bopanna and Dodig have a break point here. Can they take it?

19:41 (GMT)18 AUG 2017

Kubot is serving now. A brisk play, an exchange of a flurry of quick shots sees Bopanna in trouble as he lobs up the ball. Kubot smashes home with disdain. 30-15.

19:39 (GMT)18 AUG 2017

Bopanna and Dodig hold their first serve as well. The set is now tied 1-1. Cautious starts from both sets of players.

19:37 (GMT)18 AUG 2017

Melo and Kubot manage to hold their first serve without any hiccups. Bopanna and Dodig got a couple of points before the second seeds took a 1-0 lead in the set.

19:33 (GMT)18 AUG 2017

The second-seeded pair of Melo and Kubot are serving first.

19:18 (GMT)18 AUG 2017

Alright, the match between Sloane Stephens and Ekaterina Makarova has ended on court 4 which means that Rohan Bopanna's quarte-final match should start in a few moments. Let's gear up for this one, eh!

17:37 (GMT)18 AUG 2017

Hello and welcome to Sportskeeda's live coverage of the men's doubles event of the Cincinnati Masters! In this game, we shall bring to you pairing of Rohan Bopanna and Ivan Dodig, who will go up against Marcelo Melo and Lukasz Kubot, who are the second seeds.

The Indo-Croat pairing of Bopanna and Dodig, who are the seventh seeds, will have an uphill task against the Brazilian-Polish pairing, the reigning Wimbledon champions. In the previous round, they defeated the duo of Juan Sebastian Cabal and Fabio Fognini 5-7 7-5 10-8 to enter the last eight.

It was a hard-fought match that saw them miss out on multiple break point opportunities. They will have to up their game if they are to come out victorious and reach the semis. They have been in good form so far though, having reached the final of the Montreal Masters last week. 

The action is scheduled to start at 11.45 PM! Follow this space for the latest updates from the encounter.
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