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Rohan Bopanna and Ivan Dodig vs Nicolas Mahut and Pierre-Hugues Herbert Live Score and Commentary Montreal Masters Final

By Sportskeeda Desk | Last ModifiedAug 13, 2017 18:42 GMT

Nicolas Mahut and Pierre-Hugues Herbert beat Rohan Bopanna and Ivan Dodig, 6-4, 3-6, 10-6.


18:42 (GMT)13 AUG 2017

And with that hope, we wrap up tonight. Thanks for joining us!

We look forward to your company again in the next few tournaments in the US Open Series.

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18:40 (GMT)13 AUG 2017

Bopanna might not have ended up with the title but it surely is a very promising performance ahead of the US Open, beginning on August 28.

The Indian, who won the 2017 French Open mixed doubles title, has reached the US Open men's doubles final in 2010. It is the only Slam in men's doubles where he has made it to the summit clash.

Pumped up by this effort at the Canada Masters, Bopanna will surely look to reach the US Open final again and maybe try and go one better this time!

18:35 (GMT)13 AUG 2017

Final score: Nicolas Mahut and Pierre-Hugues Herbert beat Rohan Bopanna and Ivan Dodig, 6-4, 3-6, 10-6 in 1 hour 22 minutes.

18:34 (GMT)13 AUG 2017

And Dodig sends a forehand flying out of the court on the Herbert serve

The French WIN the title!

18:33 (GMT)13 AUG 2017

The lead is now 9-6

18:33 (GMT)13 AUG 2017

The return goes long from the French...second match point saved....the French lead 9-5

18:32 (GMT)13 AUG 2017

Dodig's forehand saves one match point....they trail 4-9

18:31 (GMT)13 AUG 2017

And 9-3 for the French. Match points galore for them!

18:30 (GMT)13 AUG 2017

The lead increases to 8-3

18:29 (GMT)13 AUG 2017

And the French pair jumps to 7-2.

This has been a one-way traffic so far!

18:29 (GMT)13 AUG 2017

Herbert on the prowl again....he makes it 6-2 for his team

18:28 (GMT)13 AUG 2017

Team Bopanna trails 2-5.

18:27 (GMT)13 AUG 2017

Bopanna is missing the volleys now...1-5 for Team Bopanna

18:26 (GMT)13 AUG 2017

Bopanna and Dodig take their first point at 1-4

18:26 (GMT)13 AUG 2017

What a running forehand pass by Herbert.....4-0

18:25 (GMT)13 AUG 2017

And it is 3-0 for the French

18:25 (GMT)13 AUG 2017

Deciding tie-break

The Frenchmen take an early lead of 2-0

18:21 (GMT)13 AUG 2017

Dodig makes amends this time....strong serve and the set goes to Team Bopanna....6-3

It is one set apiece!

18:19 (GMT)13 AUG 2017



18:19 (GMT)13 AUG 2017

A superb exchange goes in favour of the French is break point for them

18:18 (GMT)13 AUG 2017

Up and down from the Frenchmen as they keep on attacking Team is 30-30 for the seventh seeds.

18:15 (GMT)13 AUG 2017

But the toughest job now is to consolidate...can they?

18:15 (GMT)13 AUG 2017


The seventh seeds lead 5-3

18:14 (GMT)13 AUG 2017

Double fault from Herbert....break point chance for Team Bopanna!

18:13 (GMT)13 AUG 2017

Slight opening for Team Bopanna again...the Frenchmen are 30-30 on serve

18:09 (GMT)13 AUG 2017

Bopanna refuses to falter....he continues to come up with the big serves time and again....absolutely thriving under pressure!

He leads their team to a 4-3 lead.

18:07 (GMT)13 AUG 2017

Some excellent interception at the net by Herbert...the team showing very well why they have won two Grand Slams!

All square once more...3-3

18:03 (GMT)13 AUG 2017

Bopanna and Dodig push aside that setback and hold for 3-2.

18:00 (GMT)13 AUG 2017

The Frenchmen too keep on targeting Dodig, who is clearly the weaker of the two today.....Dodig misses and throws his racquet in is 2-2.

18:00 (GMT)13 AUG 2017

Dodig slips and scrambles....fails to reach the ball and it is DEUCE!

17:59 (GMT)13 AUG 2017

What a backhand from the Indian to earn a break point!

17:58 (GMT)13 AUG 2017

Mini chance for Team Bopanna as they force 30-30 on the Herbert serve.

17:55 (GMT)13 AUG 2017

FOURTH ACE for Team Bopanna and they lead 2-1 in the second set.

17:53 (GMT)13 AUG 2017

There is no blip from Mahut and Herbert....1-1 it is

17:50 (GMT)13 AUG 2017

And Bopanna and Dodig avert danger to hold for 1-0.

17:49 (GMT)13 AUG 2017



Dodig is struggling but Rohan is playing some effortless tennis....40-30 for the seventh seeds!

17:46 (GMT)13 AUG 2017

Dodig has the experience of winning this fact, he IS THE DEFENDING CHAMPION. He won this title last year with Marcelo Melo.

Maybe those memories can inspire him to produce a scintillating performance in the second set and force a deciding tie-break?

17:44 (GMT)13 AUG 2017

Bopanna and Dodig were close....but it was just that one poor game that made all the difference.

Can they come back determined in the second set?

17:43 (GMT)13 AUG 2017

Strong serve from Herbert and a wonderful backhand volley by Mahut gift the opening set to the French pair, 6-4.

17:39 (GMT)13 AUG 2017

Now Bopanna serves well to bridge the gap to just one game....the seventh seeds trail 4-5.

Can they break back?

17:37 (GMT)13 AUG 2017

Just BRILLIANT, BRILLIANT serve from Mahut to consolidate the break. Bopanna and Dodig could not even force a rally.

5-3 for the French team

17:34 (GMT)13 AUG 2017

It is Dodig whose backhand volley lands on his side of the court and THEY ARE BROKEN!!

Mahut and Herbert are up 4-3 with a break.

17:33 (GMT)13 AUG 2017

And it is DEUCE!

17:33 (GMT)13 AUG 2017

The Frenchman are showing their net skills as they make a brilliant pass through the seventh seeds...Bopanna and Dodig are now 40-30 on their service game

17:31 (GMT)13 AUG 2017

What a backhand volley from Dodig!!!!!!! Just forced the Frenchman to send the ball wide!!! 40-15 

17:30 (GMT)13 AUG 2017

First sign of nerves from Dodig as he makes a double fault...will that affect the pair?

17:29 (GMT)13 AUG 2017

Clean service game from Mahut and Hugues-Herbert....their coordination looks pitch perfect....3-3

17:26 (GMT)13 AUG 2017

Bopanna looks good at the net....despite pressure from the French team, he comes up with an excellent volley...40-15

And the Indo-Croatian pair manages to hold again...3-2

17:24 (GMT)13 AUG 2017

No change in fortunes for either team...the Frenchmen too respond with a flawless service game...2-2

17:20 (GMT)13 AUG 2017

So far, so good...pretty comfortable service games for both teams...can Bopanna and Dodig secure the first break?
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