Rohan Bopanna Gabriela Dabrowski French Open Mixed Doubles Final Live Score Match Updates

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Bopanna and Dabrowski are the new French Open champions!


11:56 (GMT)8 JUN 2017

11:56 (GMT)8 JUN 2017

This is the first ever Grand Slam title for both Bopanna and Dabrowski!

11:21 (GMT)8 JUN 2017


11:20 (GMT)8 JUN 2017

11-10 BOP/DAB and match point again! 

11:20 (GMT)8 JUN 2017

MATCH POINT Bopanna. But a great shot from Groenefeld. 

11:17 (GMT)8 JUN 2017

9-8 in the TB now....and Groenefeld sends it JUUUUUUUST long! Even if you're a Bopanna supporter, you have to feel for her there. 


11:16 (GMT)8 JUN 2017

8-6 to Gro/Far and Dabrowski is BRILLIANT at the net right now! She sweeps in to make it 7-8 now.

11:14 (GMT)8 JUN 2017

Farah's eye is watering profusely. But he's going to carry on after a bit of a look (sorry!) from the medic and they level for 6-6 straightaway.

11:09 (GMT)8 JUN 2017

Mini-break! Bopanna does well to retrieve and they lead 6-5 now! 

11:08 (GMT)8 JUN 2017

Bopanna at full stretch - he lunges forward and whacks it and it's 5-5! 

11:08 (GMT)8 JUN 2017

This appears to be in very dangerous territory for Bopanna and Dabrowski with Groenefeld and Farah in a 5-4 lead .. 

11:07 (GMT)8 JUN 2017

5-3 Groenefeld Farah.

11:07 (GMT)8 JUN 2017

3-3 now...

11:06 (GMT)8 JUN 2017

Dabrowski skies it, Farah moves with the grace of Fred Astaire and returns with a smash! 3-2.

11:05 (GMT)8 JUN 2017

3-1 to Bopanna and Dabrowski.

11:05 (GMT)8 JUN 2017

Farah gets a bit of confidence here. ARRGHHH! He runs and shoots and scores! (We promise this is not the NBA....)

11:04 (GMT)8 JUN 2017


11:03 (GMT)8 JUN 2017

We absolutely thought that was going out - and Dabrowski brings it back in! Groenefeld can't return and it's 2-0 to BOP/DAB now.

11:02 (GMT)8 JUN 2017

Bopanna and Dabrowski up 1-0 in the TB.

11:02 (GMT)8 JUN 2017


11:01 (GMT)8 JUN 2017

What a comeback that was from the Indo-Canadian pair! They took a schooling in the first set, but the second set quickly saw BOTH players step up their game in a big way. 

11:01 (GMT)8 JUN 2017

Rohan Bopanna and Gabriela Dabrowski win the second set 6-2. 

11:00 (GMT)8 JUN 2017

FIRE return from Dabrowski and that's the SET!! 

6-2 to Rohan Bopanna and Gabriela Dabrowski!

11:00 (GMT)8 JUN 2017

They were about to break, were Bopanna and Dabrowski. But the Farah BH to the rescue again...

10:59 (GMT)8 JUN 2017


10:59 (GMT)8 JUN 2017

Bopanna and Dabrowski confident and Groenefeld nets a couple of routine shots. Farah's backhand is beautifully controlled, though, even if it's not as effective as he'd like right now.

10:57 (GMT)8 JUN 2017

Groenefeld and Farah serve to stay in the set! 

10:57 (GMT)8 JUN 2017

You couldn't pick out who brought the game up - it's both players who have amped up here on court. Bopanna is running around, hitting aces, fired up and you can see it in his eyes. Dabrowski's power was brilliant - and now so is her aim. She seals the game for the team with a wonderful forehand passing shot that just kisses the line....and it's GAME BOPANNA/DABROWSKI!

10:54 (GMT)8 JUN 2017

Bopanna is absolutely intent on chasing down every point and you can absolutely see it. He locks eyes with Farah and RUNS to every inch of the court. 

DOUBLE BREAK! Bopanna and Dabrowksi combine to turn this set on its head.

4-2 to Dabrowski and Bopanna! 

10:53 (GMT)8 JUN 2017

AND THEY HOLD!!! The wristwork is great to watch from both Bopanna and Dabrowski, and they lead 3-2!!! 

10:47 (GMT)8 JUN 2017

Dabrowski keeps the ball low and handles it beautifully. Bopanna with some fast - and able support here and the two break back to love! 

2-2 now and we're back on par! 

10:46 (GMT)8 JUN 2017

A bit of Bopanna/Dabrowski's accuracy seems to have dropped here. Both players generating power and being quick on their feet. Quality rallies. But both players send shots glaringly wide - and that's the early break to Far/Gro in set 2. 

They lead 2-1.

10:42 (GMT)8 JUN 2017

The rallies are getting better here! Some power off Dabrowski's shots and some great athleticism from Bopanna, who absolutely runs into the net to return. 

But it's still game Farah/Groenefeld.


10:39 (GMT)8 JUN 2017

They've bounced back in set 2, Game 1, but that's far from out of the woods. Bopanna called for a foot fault, and he's perplexed. Shakes his hands and his head. 

They hold 1-0 though. 

10:36 (GMT)8 JUN 2017

First set to Farah and Groenefeld, 6-2. 

10:35 (GMT)8 JUN 2017

5-2 and Dabrowski and Bopanna are just not as effective at the net as their rivals. They aren't playing a bad game at all. Just not enough for their rivals at the moment.

10:33 (GMT)8 JUN 2017

Farah and Groenefeld are FAST! Farah in particular is bringing out the smashes and how. And that's given them a DOUBLE break of serve over Bop/Dab. 

10:30 (GMT)8 JUN 2017

A couple of errors from Bopanna and Dabrowski mean Gro/Far have an increasing lead...

10:29 (GMT)8 JUN 2017

SMASH down the line. Robert Farah sends that one aggressively and there's no chance anyone was retrieving that.

10:29 (GMT)8 JUN 2017

Groenefeld has quite the deft touch. A 'dab' hand ;)

10:27 (GMT)8 JUN 2017

Dabrowski is looking in great nick here. Between her quick reflexes and Bopanna's bouncy cross-court forehands, they keep themselves in. They're helped along by a long knock down the line by Farah.

Just one break down... 

Bopanna/Dabrowski 2 - 3 Gro/Far

10:25 (GMT)8 JUN 2017

A great smash from Dabrowski there to stave off a bit of danger...but Bopanna sends the second serve long and nullifies. We're staring down the barrel of a double break here.. 

10:24 (GMT)8 JUN 2017

And they hold! Groenefeld and Farah have consolidated for a 3-1 lead. 

10:23 (GMT)8 JUN 2017

Already a great rally here. The players are moving around across the court and fast - this is quite the workout! Farah anticipates a shot off Dabrowski and with stunning accuracy bisects the two players. Great stuff! 

10:22 (GMT)8 JUN 2017

And there's your first break of the match! Gro/Far lead 2-1 there.

10:21 (GMT)8 JUN 2017

Another friendly reminder: This is no-Ad tennis, meaning 40-40 will necessitate a deciding point. 

10:18 (GMT)8 JUN 2017

And a service hold in return. They're looking quick, both teams, and no wild shots just yet. Coming to the net is a good call here and Groenefeld is working well with it. Bopanna reaches the net a bit late and can't return.


10:16 (GMT)8 JUN 2017

Groenefeld is quick on her feet and moving fast at the net! 

10:15 (GMT)8 JUN 2017

A couple of initial bumps but Dabrowski and Bopanna make it easy in the end. A service hold for the Indo-Canadian pair to lead 1-0. 

It's quite windy here, and that's affected quite a few matches...

10:13 (GMT)8 JUN 2017

Groenefeld returns HARD. Bopanna faults. 
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