Roland Garros 2018, Men's Singles Final: Rafael Nadal vs Dominic Thiem, Live Match Updates

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Nadal def Thiem 6-4, 6-3, 6-2 to win 11th French Open and 17th Slam title!


16:09 (GMT)10 JUN 2018

That brings us to the end of our live coverage. It's been a real pleasure bringing you all the updates from the second Slam of the year.

Thanks for staying with us. Hope to see the same support during Wimbledon.

From all of us here at Sportskeeda, au revoir!

16:07 (GMT)10 JUN 2018

And that brings us to the end of an eventful 15 days of the French Open 2018.

And, the clay season officially ends!

Onwards to the green grass and some new challenges!

16:05 (GMT)10 JUN 2018

Thiem's time will surely come one day. He is definitely the best of the next generation on clay.

But for now, the old guard reigns again!

Congratulations, Rafa! You just continue to keep raising the bar!

16:03 (GMT)10 JUN 2018

He won his first title at Roland Garros in 2005, as an exuberant 19-year-old kid! 13 years later, he is still winning as a 32-year-old!

What an amazing longevity and an insatiable hunger to keep performing at the highest level!

Aren't we just blessed to have this man around, along with the likes of Federer and Djokovic?

16:00 (GMT)10 JUN 2018

With this latest triumph, Nadal also moves into the 100 million dollar club by sheer dint of prize money!

16:00 (GMT)10 JUN 2018

Final score: Nadal def Thiem 6-4, 6-3, 6-2

15:58 (GMT)10 JUN 2018

With this, Rafa becomes just the second player after Margaret Court to win a staggering 11 titles in just one Slam!!!!!!

15:57 (GMT)10 JUN 2018

It is Grand Slam No. 17 and French Open No. 11 for Nadal!!!!

15:56 (GMT)10 JUN 2018

Thiem's backhand falls long!

15:55 (GMT)10 JUN 2018

Fifth match point for Rafa!

15:55 (GMT)10 JUN 2018

Again backhand from Rafa falls wide into the tramlines!


15:54 (GMT)10 JUN 2018

After a brutal exchange of shots, it is a fourth match point for Rafa!

15:53 (GMT)10 JUN 2018

Wild, wild shot from Rafa!


15:52 (GMT)10 JUN 2018

Rafa tried a volley. It backfired as Thiem.hit it back for a winner.


15:51 (GMT)10 JUN 2018

Backhand from Rafa goes wide!


15:51 (GMT)10 JUN 2018

Three Championship points!

15:50 (GMT)10 JUN 2018


Two points away!

15:50 (GMT)10 JUN 2018

Wins the first point on serve!

15:49 (GMT)10 JUN 2018


Will serve for the match at 5-2

15:48 (GMT)10 JUN 2018

And Thiem is just playing to Rafa's tunes now.

Faces break points in the face of the Nadal onslaught

15:47 (GMT)10 JUN 2018

The trouble with his fingers has forced Rafa to keep the points as short and quick as possible.

Holds and leads 4-2

15:41 (GMT)10 JUN 2018

On serve, Rafa is trying to be as accurate as possible.

Gets a forehand winner.


15:41 (GMT)10 JUN 2018

If this continues to happen, Rafa will need to have a medical time-out.

15:39 (GMT)10 JUN 2018

Rafa getting massage on the left hand in the changeover

15:38 (GMT)10 JUN 2018

It made Thiem's service game much easier.

Thiem holds and now trails 2-3

15:38 (GMT)10 JUN 2018

Rafa is still struggling with his left hand

15:36 (GMT)10 JUN 2018

Thiem helps Rafa by sending the ball long.

Rafa up 3-1

15:35 (GMT)10 JUN 2018

Rafa makes a volley now!

15:35 (GMT)10 JUN 2018

Even shouted at his box!

15:34 (GMT)10 JUN 2018

He starts with a double fault

15:34 (GMT)10 JUN 2018

Rafa just can't grip the racquet!

15:33 (GMT)10 JUN 2018

Seems Rafa's fingers are cramping!

Pretty odd!

He told the Umpire, "Sorry, I cannot move!"

15:32 (GMT)10 JUN 2018

Rafa up 30-0 on serve, but has taken a break

15:29 (GMT)10 JUN 2018

Rafa leads 2-1 in this set.

2 sets and a break in the third!

Set for 11th?

15:28 (GMT)10 JUN 2018

Thiem CRACKS after all that hard work!

Concedes the vital break to Rafa as his shot goes WIDE!

15:26 (GMT)10 JUN 2018

Again Rafa denies Thiem the hold

15:26 (GMT)10 JUN 2018

Big serve from Thiem saves it!

Another very important game this is!

15:25 (GMT)10 JUN 2018

Brutal hitting from both ends in a forehand winner down the line from Rafa!

Break point!

15:24 (GMT)10 JUN 2018

Huge inside-out forehand, followed by a crosscourt winner from Thiem makes it game point for the Austrian

15:23 (GMT)10 JUN 2018

Three poor points from Thiem opened the door for Rafa!

Break point for the top seed

15:21 (GMT)10 JUN 2018

Spectacular topspin backhand from Thiem!

30-0 on serve

15:19 (GMT)10 JUN 2018

Nadal responds with a good hold, as well.


15:16 (GMT)10 JUN 2018

Massive hold for the Austrian!


15:14 (GMT)10 JUN 2018

He saves yet another break point with a brilliant play at the net.

Game point now for the Austrian

15:13 (GMT)10 JUN 2018

Thiem faced a lot of trouble, facing three break points, but got out of jail.


15:08 (GMT)10 JUN 2018

Thiem will start the proceedings in the third set!

15:08 (GMT)10 JUN 2018

The conditions are still mostly cloudy, but it looks to be a lit bit sunny right now.

Rafa trying to cool off during the break and the courts are being watered.

15:06 (GMT)10 JUN 2018

Just one set needed to achieve the coveted La Undecima!

15:05 (GMT)10 JUN 2018

The high loopy backhand return from Thiem is waaaay wide!

Second set goes to Rafa at 6-3

15:03 (GMT)10 JUN 2018

A wild backhand from Thiem gifts Rafa two set points!

Going smooth in this service game so far!
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