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Roland Garros 2018, Men's Singles, Pre-quarterfinals: Novak Djokovic vs Fernando Verdasco, Live Match Updates

By Sportskeeda Desk | Last ModifiedJun 03, 2018 17:25 GMT

Djokovic def Verdasco 6-3, 6-4, 6-2 to enter the quarter-finals.


17:25 (GMT)3 JUN 2018

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17:24 (GMT)3 JUN 2018

Final score: Djokovic def Verdasco 6-3, 6-4, 6-2 to enter the quarter-finals.

17:22 (GMT)3 JUN 2018

The 2016 champion isn't at his best yet after coming back to the Tour from an elbow surgery.

But there's no denying the fact that he is simply getting better and better with each round.

17:20 (GMT)3 JUN 2018

This is Djokovic's 12th quarter-final at Roland Garros!!!!!

17:18 (GMT)3 JUN 2018

Verdasco falls in the Round of 16 in Paris for the seventh time!

17:17 (GMT)3 JUN 2018

Djokovic WINS!!!!!

17:17 (GMT)3 JUN 2018

Verdasco's forehand goes wide!!!!

17:16 (GMT)3 JUN 2018

He advanced to the net to take the game away from the Spaniard!

Match point for Djokovic

17:16 (GMT)3 JUN 2018

Again Djokovic puts his backhand wide!


17:14 (GMT)3 JUN 2018

Djokovic hits his backhand wide on serve!


17:13 (GMT)3 JUN 2018

The crowd is having a ball, with relentless Mexican waves!

17:12 (GMT)3 JUN 2018

Verdasco rips a forehand winner and and, with a good first serve, he holds!

Djokovic to serve at 5-2

17:11 (GMT)3 JUN 2018

A rare forehand into the net from Novak!


17:10 (GMT)3 JUN 2018

15-15 on the Verdasco serve.

The Spaniard looks crestfallen now

17:09 (GMT)3 JUN 2018

And the former champion ends his service game with a flourish, holding to 30.

5-1 to Djokovic

17:05 (GMT)3 JUN 2018

And he duly converts! 

It's pretty much all over for the Spaniard!

Djokovic up 4-1

17:04 (GMT)3 JUN 2018

And, just I type, Djokovic gets a break point

17:04 (GMT)3 JUN 2018

Djokovic might just get one on the Verdasco serve.

It's 30-30.

Verdasco is really struggling!

17:02 (GMT)3 JUN 2018

Just three more games needed to get a quarter-final berth.

17:02 (GMT)3 JUN 2018

Djokovic has now gone up to 3-1

16:56 (GMT)3 JUN 2018

Verdasco steers his way through a comfortable service game.

It's 2-1 to the Serb

16:53 (GMT)3 JUN 2018

Djokovic just lifts his game under pressure, as usual.

It's 2-0 to the Serb

16:52 (GMT)3 JUN 2018

2 break points and both of them vanished as soon as they came.


16:51 (GMT)3 JUN 2018

And Verdasco bounces back and has a break point on the Djokovic serve.

16:48 (GMT)3 JUN 2018

The 12-time Major champion.just picked up from where he had left the second set.

He starts off the third set with a BREAK!


16:40 (GMT)3 JUN 2018

Djokovic now one set away from the quarter-finals!

16:39 (GMT)3 JUN 2018

Djokovic resumed action with a masterclass of a performance!

With an.easy service game, the Serb closes out the second set 6-4

16:36 (GMT)3 JUN 2018

Verdasco is getting treatment on his left foot.

16:33 (GMT)3 JUN 2018

A resilient Verdasco denies Djokovic the set.

But the Serb will come back after the changeover to serve out the set at 5-4

16:29 (GMT)3 JUN 2018

And Verdasco's forehand breaks down!


16:28 (GMT)3 JUN 2018

Now the famed Djokovic backhand crumbles!

Game point to Verdasco

16:28 (GMT)3 JUN 2018

Djokovic just had a set point but the southpaw saves it!


16:27 (GMT)3 JUN 2018

He has good chances in the Verdasco service game itself.

The Spaniard is still struggling on his own serve and it is 30-30

16:25 (GMT)3 JUN 2018

Just one game away from taking a two-sets-to-love lead

16:24 (GMT)3 JUN 2018

Djokovic has an easy service game and he now leads 5-3

16:21 (GMT)3 JUN 2018

Verdasco comes up with a horror of a service game. Too many unforced errors did him in.

Djokovic breaks again!


16:17 (GMT)3 JUN 2018

Djokovic tried to volley but failed.


We are back on serve!


16:16 (GMT)3 JUN 2018

And Verdasco gets the better of a Djokovic dropshot!

Djokovic 0-40

16:15 (GMT)3 JUN 2018

Slight ray of hope for Verdasco.

Big forehand from Verdasco and a miscued volley from Djokovic makes it 0-30 on the Serb's serve

16:12 (GMT)3 JUN 2018

Verdasco responds with a hold and now trails 2-3

16:10 (GMT)3 JUN 2018

Djokovic makes it 3-1 in his favour.

16:09 (GMT)3 JUN 2018

Djokovic was put under pressure by Verdasco, who made it 30-30.

But, as always, the Serb just raised his level when it matters the most.

16:04 (GMT)3 JUN 2018

That itself shows the difference!

But Verdasco still manages to hold his serve here.

Djokovic up 2-1 with a break.

16:02 (GMT)3 JUN 2018

Verdasco has already made 10 unforced errors off his forehand. Djokovic has made just 1.

16:00 (GMT)3 JUN 2018

Another Verdasco backhand into the net!

Djokovic is totally in control!


15:59 (GMT)3 JUN 2018

It's 30-15 to Djokovic on his serve.

Looking pretty comfortable now.

15:56 (GMT)3 JUN 2018

It's 1-0 to the former World No. 1

15:55 (GMT)3 JUN 2018

Djokovic BREAKS!!!!!!

Verdasco looks angry!
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