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Roland Garros 2018, Men's Singles, Pre-quarterfinals: Rafael Nadal vs Maximilian Marterer, Live Match Updates

By Sportskeeda Desk | Last ModifiedJun 04, 2018 13:48 GMT

Nadal def Marterer 6-3, 6-2, 7-6(4) to enter quarter-finals


13:48 (GMT)4 JUN 2018

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13:45 (GMT)4 JUN 2018

That was a very good fight in the third set from the German youngster. But Rafa was simply better on the key points, just as expected from a champion of his stature.

13:43 (GMT)4 JUN 2018

Final score: Nadal def Marterer 6-3, 6-2, 7-6(4) to enter quarter-finals

13:42 (GMT)4 JUN 2018

That was Nadal's 900th match win and he is through to the quarter-finals!

13:41 (GMT)4 JUN 2018

Marterer's backhand goes long and Rafa Nadal WINS!!!!!

13:41 (GMT)4 JUN 2018

He is still on serve

13:40 (GMT)4 JUN 2018

Now Rafa's forehand goes out!


13:40 (GMT)4 JUN 2018

The German's forehand return goes long.

3 match points for the top seed!

13:39 (GMT)4 JUN 2018

Marterer comes up with big forehands to make it 3-5

13:38 (GMT)4 JUN 2018

A wild forehand from the German sends Rafa up to 5-2

13:36 (GMT)4 JUN 2018

Nadal consolidates the mini break.


13:36 (GMT)4 JUN 2018

Finally, minibreak for Rafa!


Rafa has turned up the heat now

13:35 (GMT)4 JUN 2018


Still evenly poised.

13:33 (GMT)4 JUN 2018

We are into a tiebreak now.

And it's 1-1

13:26 (GMT)4 JUN 2018

And Marterer holds his serve.


Rafa will now serve to force a tiebreak.

13:25 (GMT)4 JUN 2018

The German produced a big crosscourt forehand winner.

Game point

13:24 (GMT)4 JUN 2018

It's 30-30 on the Marterer serve at present.

Slight opening for Rafa?

13:22 (GMT)4 JUN 2018

After a wild forehand return from Marterer, Rafa holds his serve to 15.

It's 5-5

13:18 (GMT)4 JUN 2018

Rafa took a couple of points on the German's serve but the youngster manages to find a way to hold his serve.
Up 5-4 now

13:14 (GMT)4 JUN 2018

Can the German now serve successfully or will Nadal get a break?

13:14 (GMT)4 JUN 2018

It's 4-4

13:13 (GMT)4 JUN 2018

Rafa got another time violation on a second serve. But it can't deter him.

40-0 up on his serve.

13:09 (GMT)4 JUN 2018

And the German makes the most of it!

He holds his serve and goes up to 4-3

13:08 (GMT)4 JUN 2018

Nadal had a break point on the Marterer serve but slicing the ball at a bad time robs him of the opportunity to break.


13:04 (GMT)4 JUN 2018

Rafa gets a time violation but it can't derail the 10-time champion.

It's 3-3

13:03 (GMT)4 JUN 2018

Rafa came up with a dropshot on game point at 40-15.

The German.answers it back with a running forehand down the line.

12:59 (GMT)4 JUN 2018

And the German couldn't consolidate that break. Nadal upped the intensity on the returns and the German.failed to find the precision required to stave off the Rafa challenge.

Rafa BREAKS and will serve at 2-3

12:54 (GMT)4 JUN 2018

And Rafa is BROKEN after yet another Rafa forehand fails!

Marterer 3-1

12:54 (GMT)4 JUN 2018

He saves one, but there's still one more break point

12:53 (GMT)4 JUN 2018

Rafa now faces a couple of break points after his forehands misfired.

12:53 (GMT)4 JUN 2018

Marterer held his serve but Rafa is having a bit of trouble on his own serve now.


12:47 (GMT)4 JUN 2018

Nadal holds his serve, despite some stunning returns from the German


12:42 (GMT)4 JUN 2018

Yes, he does!

Marterer will get at least a little bit of confidence from that hold.


12:41 (GMT)4 JUN 2018

Marterer has a game point now.

Can he hold?

12:40 (GMT)4 JUN 2018

And Rafa puts his forehand into the net on break point.
Deuce again

12:39 (GMT)4 JUN 2018

A lot of pressure on the Marterer serve.

Rafa's deep returns are making life difficult for the German.


12:32 (GMT)4 JUN 2018

Rafa is now up two sets to  love.

6-3, 6-2

12:32 (GMT)4 JUN 2018

No hiccup from the top seed!

He takes the second set 6-2.

12:29 (GMT)4 JUN 2018

Rafa will serve for the second set at 5-2.

12:27 (GMT)4 JUN 2018

But he still fails to save the game. Rafa converts the third break point to go up to 5-2.

12:26 (GMT)4 JUN 2018

The German saves a couple of break points.

12:25 (GMT)4 JUN 2018

Rafa's depth of shot has been hurting the German.

Rafa has three break points.

12:23 (GMT)4 JUN 2018

But he can't prevent Nadal from going up to 4-2

12:22 (GMT)4 JUN 2018

Marterer makes a dash to the net and wins the point with a backhand volley.

12:21 (GMT)4 JUN 2018

Buttery smooth service game from the Spaniard!


12:18 (GMT)4 JUN 2018

Rafa had another break point but a missed forehand didn't help him.

Marterer made good use of a second chance and held his serve.

He now trails 2-3

12:15 (GMT)4 JUN 2018

The German saves it in style.


12:14 (GMT)4 JUN 2018

And, now, he is putting extra pace and power on his opponent's serve.

Has a break point.

12:14 (GMT)4 JUN 2018

Nadal simply continues to make smooth progress through his service games.

Up 3-1
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