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Roland Garros 2018, Men's Singles, Quarterfinal: Novak Djokovic vs Marco Cecchinato, Live Match Updates

By Sportskeeda Desk | Last ModifiedJun 05, 2018 17:31 GMT

Cecchinato def Djokovic 6-3, 7-6(4), 1-6, 7-6(11) to enter the semi-finals


17:31 (GMT)5 JUN 2018

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17:28 (GMT)5 JUN 2018

What a win that was! What a performance that was! He will face Dominic Thiem, who beat Alexander Zverev.

17:26 (GMT)5 JUN 2018

Cecchinato just can't believe he has beaten someone like Djokovic! His whole camp is crying!

17:25 (GMT)5 JUN 2018

He is into a Grand Slam semi-final for the first time!

17:24 (GMT)5 JUN 2018

Cecchinato couldn't hold back his emotions!

17:24 (GMT)5 JUN 2018

What a backhand down the line from the Italian on his fourth match point.

17:21 (GMT)5 JUN 2018

Cecchinato WINS!!!!!!!

17:21 (GMT)5 JUN 2018

Off forehand from Djokovic goes wide!

17:20 (GMT)5 JUN 2018

Loose backhand from Cecchinato.


17:20 (GMT)5 JUN 2018

Djokovic faces third match point after the ball hit the tape and rolls over to his side

17:18 (GMT)5 JUN 2018

What a crosscourt forehand winner from Djokovic!


17:18 (GMT)5 JUN 2018

Second match point for Cecchinato with a forehand down the line

17:17 (GMT)5 JUN 2018

Djokovic had another set point but he SHANKS an easy forehand!

Djokovic can't believe it!


17:15 (GMT)5 JUN 2018

What a way to win the point!

Cecchinato comes up with a forehand swing volley to save the set point.


17:14 (GMT)5 JUN 2018

Second set point for Djokovic at 8-7

17:14 (GMT)5 JUN 2018

The stadium has come alive!!!!!

17:13 (GMT)5 JUN 2018

But he sends his forehand out.

17:13 (GMT)5 JUN 2018

Now Djokovic has a set point at 7-6

17:13 (GMT)5 JUN 2018

Cecchinato then had a match point to go up to 6-5, which was erased by the Serb.

17:12 (GMT)5 JUN 2018

Apologies for the delay. We are experiencing some technical issues.

Djokovic evened the score and then got a minibreak to go up to 4-3.

Cecchinato soon erased that advantage and made it 4-4

17:01 (GMT)5 JUN 2018

A blazing forehand down the line from the Italian to have a 3-0 lead

17:00 (GMT)5 JUN 2018

Early minibreak for Cecchinato 

He is up 2-0

16:59 (GMT)5 JUN 2018

Cecchinato holds his serve and forces a tiebreak.

This tiebreak can decide Djokovic's fate!

16:56 (GMT)5 JUN 2018

The match is now such a high quality encounter. Both have raised their levels.

Djokovic SURVIVES a break point to HOLD his game!

The angles that he produced after facing the break point clearly showed why he is such an accomplished player.

Djokovic 6-5

16:48 (GMT)5 JUN 2018

And he holds to 30.

It is 5-5

16:48 (GMT)5 JUN 2018

Buttery smooth service game so far from the Italian to go up to 40-0

16:46 (GMT)5 JUN 2018

This was not in the script!

But Cecchinato has to now hold after the break and that is a big challenge!

16:45 (GMT)5 JUN 2018

Well, well!

Djokovic suddenly slumped on his serve and Cecchinato BREAKS BACK!!!!


16:41 (GMT)5 JUN 2018

Djokovic will now serve for the set at 5-3

16:38 (GMT)5 JUN 2018

Djokovic follows it up with an easy-breezy service game.

It's 5-2 to the former champion

16:35 (GMT)5 JUN 2018

Some show of character there from the Italian to hold his service game after saving tons of break points!

Cecchinato trails 2-4

16:27 (GMT)5 JUN 2018

No stopping the Serb, who looks so good right now.


16:22 (GMT)5 JUN 2018

Cecchinato is finally on the board at 1-3

16:19 (GMT)5 JUN 2018

Djokovic is in cruise control now.


16:17 (GMT)5 JUN 2018

Djokovic BREAKS as Cecchinato is finding it increasingly difficult to counter a resurgent Serb.

Djokovic 2-0 

16:12 (GMT)5 JUN 2018

Djokovic made the most of his opportunity.

Held his serve to 15 to start off the fourth set at 1-0

16:11 (GMT)5 JUN 2018

Some drama at the start of the fourth set.

Cecchinato docked a point.

Cecchinato was involved in a discussion with the supervisor. He was earlier warned for coaching from the stands.

16:08 (GMT)5 JUN 2018

Will it have any impact in the fourth set?

16:08 (GMT)5 JUN 2018

In between the sets, Djokovic got a treatment on his legs.

16:05 (GMT)5 JUN 2018

The comeback has started!!!!!

16:05 (GMT)5 JUN 2018

Djokovic BREAKS to grab the third set 6-1

16:04 (GMT)5 JUN 2018

The difference in their experience levels is showing.

Djokovic growing in confidence with every shot.

16:03 (GMT)5 JUN 2018

Djokovic has gone up to 5-1 after a fairly easy service game.

16:00 (GMT)5 JUN 2018

Cecchinato was put to a stern test. He again saved a handful of break points only to see the Serb ripping his game apart ultimately

Djokovic looks to be in firm control now at 4-1

15:54 (GMT)5 JUN 2018

Cecchinato upped the intensity on the returns, but the Serb doesn't make a mistake this time.

Holds his serve for a 3-1 lead.

15:49 (GMT)5 JUN 2018

Cecchinato saved four three points but wasn't lucky on the fourth.

Djokovic breaks and goes up 2-1

15:46 (GMT)5 JUN 2018

And now Cecchinato is struggling on serve as well.

Staring at multiple break points at 15-40

15:45 (GMT)5 JUN 2018

Strangely, Djokovic fails to consolidate.

And Cecchinato breaks straight back!

It is 1-1

15:40 (GMT)5 JUN 2018

Djokovic starts off with a break in the first game of the third set!

The comeback is happening?


15:37 (GMT)5 JUN 2018

Cecchinato 6-3, 7-6(4).

What a scoreline! Nobody saw this coming!

Cecchinato saved three set points and grabbed the set.
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