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Roland Garros 2018, Men's Singles, Quarterfinal: Rafael Nadal vs Diego Schwartzman, Live Match Updates

By Sportskeeda Desk | Last ModifiedJun 07, 2018 11:54 GMT

Nadal enters the semi-finals with a 4-6, 6-3, 6-2, 6-2 win


11:54 (GMT)7 JUN 2018

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11:53 (GMT)7 JUN 2018

He will face the winner of the quarter-final between Marin Cilic and Juan Martin del Potro.

11:50 (GMT)7 JUN 2018

Credit to Schwartzman for making Rafa work this hard. He can certainly hold his head high.

As for Nadal, he struggled yesterday, but still found a way to manoeuvre things his way under pressure. That's what champions do and that is why he is such a great champion.

11:57 (GMT)7 JUN 2018

Nadal enters the semi-finals with a 4-6, 6-3, 6-2, 6-2 win

11:55 (GMT)7 JUN 2018

A forehand that drops on the baseline from Rafa.


11:54 (GMT)7 JUN 2018

It's match point No. 4 for Rafa

11:54 (GMT)7 JUN 2018

Big forehand down the line from Rafa!


11:53 (GMT)7 JUN 2018

Again Rafa's backhand goes wide!

Third break point for Diego

11:52 (GMT)7 JUN 2018

Forehand down the line from Rafa!

Break point saved

11:51 (GMT)7 JUN 2018

Crosscourt backhand return from Diego!

Again a break point for him

11:51 (GMT)7 JUN 2018

Forehand from Rafa saves it!

11:50 (GMT)7 JUN 2018

What a dropshot from the baseline from Diego!

Gets a break.point

11:49 (GMT)7 JUN 2018

A wild forehand from Rafa!


11:48 (GMT)7 JUN 2018

Backhand goes out from Rafa


11:47 (GMT)7 JUN 2018

And finally Rafa has TWO MATCH POINTS!!

11:47 (GMT)7 JUN 2018

Rafa pushed a forehand wide after going up to 30-0

11:43 (GMT)7 JUN 2018

Schwartzman holds and Rafa will now serve for the match at 5-2

11:42 (GMT)7 JUN 2018

This game continues to be a marathon.

Now Rafa miscues a second serve return and it is game point to Schwartzman

11:41 (GMT)7 JUN 2018

What a sizzling forehand from the Argentine and he urges the crowd to continue chanting for him!

11:39 (GMT)7 JUN 2018

What a backhand from Schwartzman and he gets a game point!

11:37 (GMT)7 JUN 2018

Rafa now has a match point on the Schwartzman serve

11:32 (GMT)7 JUN 2018

And Rafa makes use of his second game point.

Up now at 5-1.

Just one more game needed for him to enter the semi-finals

11:31 (GMT)7 JUN 2018

An unforced error from the top seed's racquet gifts Schwartzman a point

11:31 (GMT)7 JUN 2018

Rafa has two game points at 40-15

11:30 (GMT)7 JUN 2018

Rafa keeps dictating the play, as expected.

Showing brilliant movement by forcing his diminutive opponent to run from side to side.

11:26 (GMT)7 JUN 2018

The Argentine saved two break points but it was not enough to stop a marauding Rafa!

Nadal BREAKS again to stretch his lead to 4-1

11:23 (GMT)7 JUN 2018

Rafa is hitting deeper and deeper.

With a forehand down the line, he carves out three break points on the Schwartzman serve.

11:21 (GMT)7 JUN 2018

Rafa holds!!!!

He goes up to 3-1

11:20 (GMT)7 JUN 2018

Rafa saves it with a forehand drop

11:19 (GMT)7 JUN 2018

Big forehand return from Diego

He has a break point

11:18 (GMT)7 JUN 2018

Diego did all the hard work to put Nadal out of the court but messed it up with a failed overhead.

30-30 on the Nadal serve

11:14 (GMT)7 JUN 2018

The Argentine caves in very quickly. Clearly lost his focus and sharpness

Rafa BREAKS!!!!

He goes up to 2-1

11:13 (GMT)7 JUN 2018

Schwartzman looks frustrated. He faces three break points.

11:11 (GMT)7 JUN 2018

Schwartzman took a couple of points off the Nadal serve but couldn't do any sizeable damage.

Rafa holds his serve to level it at 1-1

11:05 (GMT)7 JUN 2018

Schwartzman opens the fourth set with a comfortable hold.


11:01 (GMT)7 JUN 2018

Rafa needs just one more set to reach the semi-finals.

11:00 (GMT)7 JUN 2018

Rafa finally converts the set point and wins the marathon service game, and with it, the set.

6-2 to Nadal

10:59 (GMT)7 JUN 2018

Rafa finally has a set point again after Schwartzman errs again

10:58 (GMT)7 JUN 2018

The Argentine had a break point but squandered it with a missed backhand 

Deuce again

10:55 (GMT)7 JUN 2018

It is a third deuce now as Schwartzman has upped the intensity on his returns, forcing Rafa into errors.

10:50 (GMT)7 JUN 2018

Rafa got a set point but a forehand shank from him pushes the ball wide.


10:48 (GMT)7 JUN 2018

Some brutal hitting from both and it is 30-30

10:48 (GMT)7 JUN 2018

Rafa is now serving for the third set at 5-2

10:47 (GMT)7 JUN 2018

Schwartzman manages to avoid dropping his serve for the third time and holds to trail 2-5

10:43 (GMT)7 JUN 2018

Rafa has been firmly in control of this set. With a double break up, he has gone up to 5-1

10:30 (GMT)7 JUN 2018

The depth from Rafa on his forehands is fantastic at the moment.

He holds to love and goes up to 3-1

10:26 (GMT)7 JUN 2018

That fires him up and he finds four consecutive points to HOLD!

That was a massive hold!

He trails 1-2

10:25 (GMT)7 JUN 2018

But here is a big roar from the Argentine after he finds a lob to outsmart Rafa after going down 0-30 on serve.

10:25 (GMT)7 JUN 2018

Schwartzman isn't looking the same player anymore. It is Rafa who is taking charge and advancing to the net more often, to keep his opponent on the backfoot
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