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Roland Garros 2018, Men's Singles, Round 1: Yuki Bhambri vs Ruben Bemelmans, Live Match Updates

By Sportskeeda Desk | Last ModifiedMay 29, 2018 15:09 GMT

It's a 6-4, 6-4, 6-1 win for Ruben Bemelmans over Yuki Bhambri


15:09 (GMT)29 MAY 2018

The Indian interest will now shift to doubles. Four Indians are in the men's doubles draw, with one of them being Bhambri.

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15:08 (GMT)29 MAY 2018

The Indian singles challenge thus ends here.

After a blazing start, in which Yuki broke Bemelmans, the Indian never managed to build on it.

Unforced errors did him in.

And, in the third set, he completely lost his footing and looked clueless. That solitary game win came too late and could not help him do any sort of damage to Bemelmans's game.

15:05 (GMT)29 MAY 2018

It's a 6-4, 6-4, 6-1 win for Ruben Bemelmans over Yuki Bhambri

15:03 (GMT)29 MAY 2018

And Bemelmans comfortably serves out the match!

15:01 (GMT)29 MAY 2018

And Yuki HOLDS!!!!!


Can that give him back some confidence?

15:00 (GMT)29 MAY 2018

Yuki has a game point now

15:00 (GMT)29 MAY 2018

Yuki saved both the match points!


Can he win one game here?

14:59 (GMT)29 MAY 2018

Yuki 15-40

Faces 2 match points!

14:58 (GMT)29 MAY 2018

0-30 on serve now

In dire straits now

14:58 (GMT)29 MAY 2018

Yuki is serving to avoid a bagel and also to try and extend his stay at Roland Garros

14:56 (GMT)29 MAY 2018

Needs just one more game to enter Round 2.

14:56 (GMT)29 MAY 2018

And Bemelmans persists, saving multiple break points!

Up 5-0

14:55 (GMT)29 MAY 2018

Yuki is trying hard at the net but a determined Bemelmans is pushing back every ball, making life difficult for Bhambri!

14:53 (GMT)29 MAY 2018

Yuki had a break point but the Belgian saved it.

14:52 (GMT)29 MAY 2018

But here, Yuki has a mini chance as Bemelmans is showing some signs of struggle on his serve.

14:52 (GMT)29 MAY 2018

Bemelmans is hardly making any mistake and isn't having to do much.

Yuki is making things easy for him at the moment.

14:51 (GMT)29 MAY 2018

Yuki has completely lost his rhythm and belief.

He went down yet another break.

0-4 now

14:46 (GMT)29 MAY 2018

Bemelmans is just growing in confidence with every shot.

He held to love to inch ahead to 3-0.

He is already one foot into the second round unless Yuki can produce some magic!

14:44 (GMT)29 MAY 2018

With a double fault, the Indian concedes his service game.

Bemelmans 2-0

14:44 (GMT)29 MAY 2018

And now Bhambri is struggling on serve.

Already faces three break points.

14:43 (GMT)29 MAY 2018

Bemelmans started Set 3 on a very positive note.

He held easily for 1-0.

14:43 (GMT)29 MAY 2018

Bhambri has won just 33% of his first serves points so far.

14:38 (GMT)29 MAY 2018

Bemelmans up 6-4, 6-4.

Uphill task for Bhambri now!

14:37 (GMT)29 MAY 2018

Bemelmans gets the job done!

He converts and takes the second set 6-4.

14:37 (GMT)29 MAY 2018

And Bhambri is now staring at double set points.

14:36 (GMT)29 MAY 2018

Bhambri advanced to the net but got passed by his opponent.

He is trailing 15-30 on his own serve.

14:34 (GMT)29 MAY 2018

And Bemelmans makes it count!

Consolidates the break and leads 5-4

14:30 (GMT)29 MAY 2018

Bemelmans makes use of his opportunities well.



14:29 (GMT)29 MAY 2018

Even though he has improved his level in Set 2, unforced errors still rear their ugly head at times.

14:28 (GMT)29 MAY 2018

And Yuki is struggling on serve again.

He is 0-30 down

14:26 (GMT)29 MAY 2018

Despite all the pressure from Yuki, Bemelmans managed to hold his serve.

Yuki will serve at 4-3 now.

14:21 (GMT)29 MAY 2018

Bemelmans makes his sixth double fault and it is 30-30 on his serve.

14:19 (GMT)29 MAY 2018

Yuki FINALLY held his serve after that marathon game!!!!!

He is up 4-2

14:18 (GMT)29 MAY 2018

This is a test of nerves for both!!!!

14:17 (GMT)29 MAY 2018

But Bemelmans is stubborn! He keeps carving out break points again and again and Yuki keeps on saving them!

14:16 (GMT)29 MAY 2018

And Yuki saves it again.

Quite a struggle, this!

14:15 (GMT)29 MAY 2018

Now the tide has turned and the sun is out in Paris.

Bemelmans has a break point

14:13 (GMT)29 MAY 2018

This is turning out to be a long service game.

Bemelmans is pushing hard and just saved a game point.


14:10 (GMT)29 MAY 2018

The Indian is now serving to go up to 4-2.

Can he?

14:10 (GMT)29 MAY 2018

It is a break fest in this set with Bhambri breaking again!

He is up 3-2

14:05 (GMT)29 MAY 2018

It turned out to be a poor service game from the Indian after all that good work.

Bemelmans breaks back to level it at 2-2

14:02 (GMT)29 MAY 2018

Bemelmans held his serve now.

But Yuki is still up a break at 2-1

13:59 (GMT)29 MAY 2018

Bhambri made a better start and held his serve this time.

He is up 2-0

13:55 (GMT)29 MAY 2018

Just like the first set, Yuki started off the second set too with a break.


13:55 (GMT)29 MAY 2018

It's 30-30 on the Bemelmans serve now in the first game of Set 2.

13:53 (GMT)29 MAY 2018

The players are back on Court after a bathroom break.

Action will begin soon!

13:46 (GMT)29 MAY 2018

But Yuki can't repeat that good work anymore.

First set goes to Bemelmans at 6-4

13:45 (GMT)29 MAY 2018

And Yuki saves it with a forehand!

13:45 (GMT)29 MAY 2018

In his haste, Yuki makes simple errors again.

Set point to Bemelmans again
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