Roland Garros 2018, Men's Singles, Round 2: Rafael Nadal vs Guido Pella, Live Match Updates

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Nadal def Pella 6-2, 6-1, 6-1 in 2 hours 3 minutes to enter the third round.


16:01 (GMT)31 MAY 2018

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15:58 (GMT)31 MAY 2018

And with that, Rafa is now in the third round and is five wins away from an unprecedented 11th title at Roland Garros.

15:57 (GMT)31 MAY 2018

The score looks like a very one-sided match, but it wasn't as comfortable for Rafa as the scoreline suggests!

Nadal had a very poor start, facing three break points in the first game of the match, and struggled a lot in the first set.

But he got better and better as the match progressed, just as it is expected from a player of his stature!

15:55 (GMT)31 MAY 2018

Final score: Nadal def Pella 6-2, 6-1, 6-1 in 2 hours 3 minutes

15:54 (GMT)31 MAY 2018

This time he DOES!

As Pella fails to put the ball across the net, Rafa WINS the match!!!!

15:53 (GMT)31 MAY 2018

The determined Rafa gets yet another match point.

Can he convert?

15:52 (GMT)31 MAY 2018

Rafa had a match point on the Pella serve but the latter saved it in style!

15:50 (GMT)31 MAY 2018

Just one more game is needed to have a Round 3 berth!

15:50 (GMT)31 MAY 2018

Smooth as butter is Rafa's service game and he opens up a big 5-1 lead

15:43 (GMT)31 MAY 2018

And Pella's defence is finally penetrated by a stinging return from Rafa!

Nadal leads 4-1

15:42 (GMT)31 MAY 2018

Pella is putting up some strong defence here. Refusing to bow down to Nadal, but the top seed still manages to carve out a break point once again.

15:39 (GMT)31 MAY 2018

And Nadal has put the pressure right back at Pella.

He has a break point on the Pella serve

15:35 (GMT)31 MAY 2018

Nadal doesn't have any problem on serve and has a breezy hold to build a 3-1 lead

15:32 (GMT)31 MAY 2018

Rafa is pretty much on a roll now.

15:31 (GMT)31 MAY 2018

He does BREAK!!!!!

Rafa breaks Pella for the fifth time in this match!!!!

15:30 (GMT)31 MAY 2018

And Rafa scampers through the court to secure a break point on the Pella serve.

Can he break?

15:27 (GMT)31 MAY 2018

Pella made it 30-30 on the Nadal serve but the top seed finds out a way to hold his serve!


15:23 (GMT)31 MAY 2018

Pella starts off things in Set 3 with a service hold under two minutes.


Will that inspire him to make it tough for Rafa?

15:17 (GMT)31 MAY 2018

It's a cakewalk for the 10-time champion now.

He grabs the second set 6-1.

Just one set away from the third round!

15:15 (GMT)31 MAY 2018

Pella responds well after that setback, despite Rafa looking very, very threatening.

Pella holds for 1-5.

Rafa will serve for the second set now.

15:09 (GMT)31 MAY 2018

And Rafa HOLDs his serve for a huge 5-0 lead.

15:09 (GMT)31 MAY 2018

Pella's resistance looks to be over as Rafa has raised his level.

15:08 (GMT)31 MAY 2018

Rafa is simply getting better and better. 

And the sun too is shining brightly now in Paris, aiding Rafa's heavy spinning game.

15:07 (GMT)31 MAY 2018

It has been all Rafa so far in this second set.

He has broken Pella twice in this set and is now up 4-0

14:59 (GMT)31 MAY 2018

In the end, Pella crumbled!

Rafa BREAKS and leads 2-0

14:57 (GMT)31 MAY 2018

He was up 30-15 on the Pella serve but the Argentinian made it deuce.

14:56 (GMT)31 MAY 2018

And Nadal is really putting his fellow lefty to a stern test.

14:52 (GMT)31 MAY 2018

Let's see if this easy hold can inspire Rafa to have a breezy time in the second set.

14:52 (GMT)31 MAY 2018

It is a blazing start for Rafa in Set 2.

He holds to 15


14:47 (GMT)31 MAY 2018

But, in the end, it is Rafa, who stamps his authority!

First set goes to Rafa at 6-2

14:43 (GMT)31 MAY 2018

And, just like that, he erased a fourth set point.

14:42 (GMT)31 MAY 2018

This has been a fabulous show of resilience from Pella. He continues to erase multiple set points.

With a dropshot, he erased a third set point

14:37 (GMT)31 MAY 2018

And he erases yet another set point.

14:35 (GMT)31 MAY 2018

And immediately Pella erases it with an ace.

14:35 (GMT)31 MAY 2018

But Rafa responds with a great shot and has a set point.

14:34 (GMT)31 MAY 2018

Pella refuses to be bullied by Rafa.

Showing his doubles prowess, he evens the score!


14:34 (GMT)31 MAY 2018

What a shot!

Rafa finds the corner with his forehand!

He is now up 30-15 on the Pella serve

14:33 (GMT)31 MAY 2018

Nadal took the first point on the Pella serve.

14:31 (GMT)31 MAY 2018

Rafa holds and now leads 5-2

But this has been a struggle so far by Rafa's lofty standards

14:28 (GMT)31 MAY 2018

With a punishing forehand Rafa gets to 30-30.

But he gets a time violation warning here.

14:27 (GMT)31 MAY 2018

Again Rafa doesn't look at his dominant best. He is now 15-30 on serve

14:25 (GMT)31 MAY 2018


Rafa finally converts the break point!


14:24 (GMT)31 MAY 2018

In a battle if bruising rallies, it is Rafa who carves out a break point

14:24 (GMT)31 MAY 2018

It's a third deuce as Pella just can't hold his serve

14:23 (GMT)31 MAY 2018

He gets another game point here.

14:22 (GMT)31 MAY 2018

Pella did very well to win three points on the trot and stave off the Nadal challenge but failed to close out the game

14:19 (GMT)31 MAY 2018

The sudden injection of pace and intensity is troubling Pella

Faces break points at 15-40

14:19 (GMT)31 MAY 2018

Nadal is upping the tempo now!

With deadly speed he rushes forward and comes up with a off-forehand volley.
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