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Roland Garros 2018, Women's Singles Final: Simona Halep vs Sloane Stephens, Live Match Updates

By Sportskeeda Desk | Last ModifiedJun 09, 2018 15:16 GMT

The match is set to get underway shortly!


15:16 (GMT)9 JUN 2018

What a proud moment this is for the Romanian!!!

15:16 (GMT)9 JUN 2018

Score: 6-3, 6-4,6-1!!

15:15 (GMT)9 JUN 2018

The World No. 1 PREVAILS!

15:15 (GMT)9 JUN 2018


15:14 (GMT)9 JUN 2018


15:14 (GMT)9 JUN 2018

What a match has this been!

15:14 (GMT)9 JUN 2018

It's championship point for Halep!!!!

15:13 (GMT)9 JUN 2018

It's 30 ALL!

15:12 (GMT)9 JUN 2018

Halep is going to serve for the Championship!

15:12 (GMT)9 JUN 2018

Sloane manages to register a game and lags behind Halep who leads a 5-1

15:10 (GMT)9 JUN 2018

It's ADVANTAGE to Stephens!

15:09 (GMT)9 JUN 2018

 But Halep manages to secure a deuce!!!

15:09 (GMT)9 JUN 2018

Stephens holds  her serve in a feeble attempt.

15:08 (GMT)9 JUN 2018

She is 2 points away from Championship Point!

15:08 (GMT)9 JUN 2018

It's 30-0 in Halep's favour!!!

15:05 (GMT)9 JUN 2018

Halep dominates her skilfully and rushes to lay her hands on the first ever Grand Slam of her career.

15:05 (GMT)9 JUN 2018

Sloane has completely lost the rhythm now

15:05 (GMT)9 JUN 2018

Halep is in solid form and gets on to a  5-0 lead!

15:02 (GMT)9 JUN 2018

What a dramatic comeback for the World No. 1!

15:02 (GMT)9 JUN 2018

The European storms off to a 4- 0 lead in the 3rd set!

15:01 (GMT)9 JUN 2018

Halep has the ADVANTAGE!

15:00 (GMT)9 JUN 2018

It's deuce again!

14:59 (GMT)9 JUN 2018

Both women are really fighting it out for every point!

14:58 (GMT)9 JUN 2018

It's 30 all with Stephens serving

14:56 (GMT)9 JUN 2018

It's Stephens serving to stay in the match!

14:54 (GMT)9 JUN 2018

Halep gets a comfortable 3-0 in the 3rd set!

14:53 (GMT)9 JUN 2018

Halep is serving and leads 40-30

14:50 (GMT)9 JUN 2018

She leads 2-0 in the 3rd set

14:50 (GMT)9 JUN 2018

Halep snatches away the Sloane serve!

14:48 (GMT)9 JUN 2018

She charges  the Sloane serve and leads 30-15

14:47 (GMT)9 JUN 2018

Halep dominates in the 3rd set

14:46 (GMT)9 JUN 2018

Both players need to maintain their calm and play

14:46 (GMT)9 JUN 2018

This is the crucial set

14:44 (GMT)9 JUN 2018

Halep is serving in the3rd set!

14:37 (GMT)9 JUN 2018

We are into the 3rd and deciding game.

14:37 (GMT)9 JUN 2018

She takes the 2nd set dramatically!

14:36 (GMT)9 JUN 2018

And Halep breaks Stephens again!!!

14:36 (GMT)9 JUN 2018

It's break point for Halep! 

14:34 (GMT)9 JUN 2018

Stephens is serving! It's 15 all.

14:31 (GMT)9 JUN 2018

Halep holds service and it's 5-4 in the 2nd set

14:30 (GMT)9 JUN 2018

It's 30 all in the 9th game!

14:28 (GMT)9 JUN 2018

Both players are lunging it out and giving every shot their all

14:27 (GMT)9 JUN 2018

Halep to serve now.

14:27 (GMT)9 JUN 2018

It's 4 all in the second set!

14:27 (GMT)9 JUN 2018

The rallies are so intense!

14:25 (GMT)9 JUN 2018

Stephens stays in control and it's 40-15

14:24 (GMT)9 JUN 2018

Stephens MUST hold her serve now if she wants to turn the set around

14:22 (GMT)9 JUN 2018

Halep's service is taken away again and Stephens quickly makes up for her loss of service in the previous game

14:22 (GMT)9 JUN 2018

And a brilliant down the line winner from Stephens gives her an easy break point

14:21 (GMT)9 JUN 2018

Stephens charges in on Halep's serve
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