Roundglass Punjab vs Aizawl FC I-League 2021 Live Score & Commentary

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FT| Roundglass Punjab FC 1-0 Aizawl FC


18:00 (IST)9 JAN 2021

90+6' PEEP! PEEP! PEEP! There is the full-time whistle and the match ends 1-0 in favour of Roundglass Punjab FC, courtesy of a goal from Pritam Singh. Aizawl FC created some good chances in the second half, but the opposition goalkeeper Kiren Chemzong stood up to his mark and ensured the clean sheet wasn't compromised. Here is your host Abhishek Kundu signing off. But, don't go anywhere as we will be back with live action of Gokulam Kerala FC vs Chennai City FC. 

17:58 (IST)9 JAN 2021

90+5' SHOT! Rohmingthanga Bawlte takes a shot. The ball takes a deflection from Anwar Ali and ends safely between the hands of Roundglass Punjab FC goalkeeper Kiren Chemzong. 

17:55 (IST)9 JAN 2021

90+2' Lalrammawia makes a lunging challenge on Roundglass Punjab's Jiten Murmu and goes in the book for it. 

17:54 (IST)9 JAN 2021

90+1' Lalliansanga takes advantage of a napping Roundglass Punjab FC defense, but his shot from an acute angle misses the goal by a whisker. 

17:53 (IST)9 JAN 2021

Six Minutes added on. 

17:53 (IST)9 JAN 2021

90' Roundglass Punjab FC make a double change. 

OFF- Chencho, Joseba Beitia
ON- Anwar Ali, Telem Suranjit Singh

17:52 (IST)9 JAN 2021

89' Aizawl FC make another change. 

OFF- Princewell Emeka
ON- Lalliansanga 

17:51 (IST)9 JAN 2021

88' SHOT! Aizawl FC miss another opportunity to equalize. Lalmuanzova goes past his marker in the left flank and lays it on a plate for Rohmingthanga Bawlte. But, the latter's shot skies away. 

17:49 (IST)9 JAN 2021

87' Alfred Jaryan fails to control the ball in the penalty box and Roundglass Punjab FC players clear the danger. 

17:45 (IST)9 JAN 2021

81' How did Jiten Murmu miss that? It was an easy tap-in for him as all he had to do was poke the ball home. But, he fails to do that. There was a miscommunication between Aizawl FC goalkeeper and center-back as both of them leave the ball for each other. And, Jiten got his foot to the ball first. 

17:41 (IST)9 JAN 2021

76' Aizawl FC make a change.

OFF- Brandon Vanlalremdika
ON- Rohmingthanga Bawlte

17:38 (IST)9 JAN 2021

74' SHOT! A long ball from Aizawl FC center-back Laldinpuia ends in the feet of Lalremsanga Fanai. Roundglass Punjab FC players thought that would be an offside. But, the flag stayed down. Fanai targets the near post, but Kiran Chemzong comes up with an excellent save.

17:35 (IST)9 JAN 2021

71' SHOT! Joseba Beitia had numerous options to play a pass. But, the Roundglass Punjab FC midfielder's selfish antics prevail and he goes from distance. However, his attempt is inches wide. 

17:29 (IST)9 JAN 2021

65' SHOT! Brandon swings a corner-kick and Richard Kassaga heads it. But, Roundglass Punjab FC's keeper collects it comfortably. 

17:26 (IST)9 JAN 2021

62' SHOT! Aizawl FC's Alfred Jaryan takes a shot from inside the six-yard box, but Roundglass Punjab FC defenders get their bodies ahead as the ball goes out of play. That was the best chance for Aizawl FC to equalize. 

17:23 (IST)9 JAN 2021

59' Joseba Beitia gets a yellow card for a foul on Alfred Jaryan. The former Mohun Bagan player needs to be cautious. 

17:21 (IST)9 JAN 2021

58' Joseba Beitia swings a free-kick for Roundglass Punjab FC, but no one is out there to head it and the ball goes out of play. 

17:18 (IST)9 JAN 2021

56' SHOT! Jiten Murmu goes for glory from distance with his weaker left-foot. However, it lacks venom and Aizawl FC goalkeeper Zothanmawia collects it safely. 

17:17 (IST)9 JAN 2021

54' Roundglass Punjab FC makes a change.

IN: Abhishek Verma 
OUT: Bikramjit Singh 

17:16 (IST)9 JAN 2021

53' Brandon swings in another corner-kick, but Kiran Chemzong collects it comfortably. 

17:15 (IST)9 JAN 2021

52' Aizawl FC win a corner as Joseph Vanlalhruaia's shot trickles out of play. 

17:10 (IST)9 JAN 2021

46' Aizawl FC have made one change. F Lalremsanga has come on

17:08 (IST)9 JAN 2021

46' PEEP! We are underway for the second half. 

16:51 (IST)9 JAN 2021

45+3' PEEP! PEEP! There is the half-time whistle from the referee and the first half finishes with the scoreline reading Roundglass Punjab 1-0 Aizawl FC. Don't go anywhere as we will be back with the second half action. 

16:49 (IST)9 JAN 2021

45+1' SHOT! Chencho tries to find glory with his direct free-kick, but it is inches wide. Aizawl FC goalkeeper had covered the near post nonetheless. 

16:48 (IST)9 JAN 2021

45' Three Minutes added on. 

16:46 (IST)9 JAN 2021

43' Laldinpuia covers Chencho's run as the ball runs out of play. The Roundglass Punjab FC players were trying to find the Bhutanese international with a through pass. 

16:45 (IST)9 JAN 2021

42' Lalmuankima swings a dangerous-looking free-kick, but Roundglass keeper Kiran Chemzong punches it away. The Nepalese international is good while coming out of his line. 

16:43 (IST)9 JAN 2021

40' Roundglass Punjab's Saurabh Bhanwal goes in the book for a nasty foul. The youngster needs to be careful from now. 

16:42 (IST)9 JAN 2021

38' Another Aizawl FC chance peters away as Roundglass Punjab FC's goalkeeper Kiren Chemzong collects the ball. 

16:40 (IST)9 JAN 2021

33' Aizawl FC is trying to play from behind, but haven't tasted success so far. Roundglass Punjab FC are hitting them on the counter and already have a goal to show for their effort. 

16:39 (IST)9 JAN 2021

29' Jiten Murmu flicks a header towards Chencho Gyeltshen, but his heavy touch is collected comfortably by Aizawl FC's goalkeeper. 

16:29 (IST)9 JAN 2021

27' The ball is swung towards Princewell Emeka in the far post, but his final shot isn't connected properly and Roundglass Punjab FC survives another danger. 

16:29 (IST)9 JAN 2021

26' Aizawl FC win a free-kick from an interesting position as Souvik Das shoves Brandon Vanlalremdika from behind. 

16:27 (IST)9 JAN 2021

23' Aizawl FC's Lalmuanzova makes a dazzling run in the left flank but fails to keep the ball in play before swinging a cross. 

16:25 (IST)9 JAN 2021

22' Aizawl FC's Lalmuankima takes a shot from inside the box. But, his right-footed effort is blocked. 

16:24 (IST)9 JAN 2021

21' Aizawl FC's Princewell Emeka is outnumbered time and time again here by Roundglass Punjab FC players. Whenever he gets the ball, three Punjab FC players close him down. Aizawl FC need to play as a team. 

16:21 (IST)9 JAN 2021

18' GOOOOOOOOOOOAAAAAAAAAAAAAL! Roundglass Punjab FC takes the lead through Pritam Ninghtoujam Singh

He dispossesses Aizawl FC's Lalrammawia and shoots the ball into the top corner from outside the box. That was a venomous strike and Aizawl FC's goalkeeper could do nothing about it. 

16:19 (IST)9 JAN 2021

16' Joseba Beitia takes a shot from outside the box. Aizawl FC's Joseph Vanlalhruia closes him down and ensures the Spaniard's final shot is off-target. 

16:17 (IST)9 JAN 2021

13' SHOT! Chencho Gyeltshen weaves past a host of bodies in the left flank before taking a shot. But, Aizawl FC goalkeeper Zothanmawia collects it comfortably. 

16:16 (IST)9 JAN 2021

12' CLOSE! Aizawl FC's Lalmuanzova dribbles past Akash Sangwan in the right flank. He lays it off for Princewell Emeka, who backheels the ball for another Aizawl FC player. But, it is intercepted. Aizawl FC could have almost taken the lead there. 

16:13 (IST)9 JAN 2021

9' Roundglass Punjab FC break on the counter, but Jiten Murmu is brought down. Players are clamoring for advantage, but the referee signals for a free-kick. Joseba Beitia and Chencho are furious with the decision.  

16:12 (IST)9 JAN 2021

8' Aizawl FC are targeting Roundglass' left flank. They win another corner-kick but Kiran punches away a headed effort from Richard Kassaga. 

16:10 (IST)9 JAN 2021

6' Aizawl FC win another corner. However, Brandon's swinging delivery falls straight in the hands of Roundglass Punjab FC goalkeeper Kiran Chemzong

16:06 (IST)9 JAN 2021

3' Aizawl FC swings a corner-kick through Brandon Vanlalremdika, but Joseba Beitia clears it in the near post. 

16:03 (IST)9 JAN 2021

1' PEEP! We are underway here at the Kalyani Stadium. 

16:03 (IST)9 JAN 2021

Roundglass Punjab FC players are donning orange and red stripes, whereas Aizawl FC is wearing all whites. 

15:54 (IST)9 JAN 2021

Ladies and gentlemen welcome to Sportskeeda's live commentary of Match #2 of 2020-21 season of I-League between Roundglass Punjab and Aizawl FC. The match will kick-off at 4:00 PM IST at the Kalyani Stadium.

Roundglass Punjab will be led by Curtis Fleming. He previously played for the Republic of Ireland U-23 and senior team. Aizawl FC will be led by India's very own Stanley Rozario.  

Roundglass Punjab Starting XI: Kiran Chemzong (GK), Ashray Bardwaj, Akash Sangwan, Saurabh Bhanwala, Ningthoujam Pritam Singh, Rupert Nongrum, Joseba Beitia, Souvik Das, Bikramjit Singh, Jiten Murmu, Chencho Gyeltshen

Anwar Ali, Bikash Yumnam, Sanju Pradhan, Telem Suranjit Singh, Hormipam Ruivah, Jaspreet Singh, Ashangbam Aphaoba Singh, Abhishek Verma, Abhinas Ruidas, Lironthung Lotha

Aizawl FC Starting XI: Zothanmawia (GK), Vanlalzuidika Chhakchhuak, Richard Kassaga, PC Laldinpuia, Brandon Vanlalremdika, Alfred Jaryan, Joseph Vanlalhruaia, Princewell Emeka, Lalmuanzova, Lalrammawia, H Lalmuankima

Subs: Lalliansanga, Lalmawizuala, Bawlte Rohmingthanga, Ramhlunchhunga, Mc Malsawmzuala, R Malsawmtluanga, Lalremsanga Fanai, Lalmuansanga, Lalenmgawia, Laltha
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