Sai Praneeth def. Jonatan Christie, Thailand Open 2017 final - As it happened

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Final score: Praneeth 17-21 21-18 21-19 Christie


16:35 (IST)4 JUN 2017

Two titles in a row for Praneeth. Hopefully, more to come in the Indonesia SS now. Thanks for tuning in, that's from us here! Congratulations to Sai Praneeth.

16:34 (IST)4 JUN 2017

With a powerful body smash, Praneeth wins the match and the Thailand Open. He wheels away in celebration like Imran Tahir and hugs his coach! Great scenes!

16:33 (IST)4 JUN 2017


16:31 (IST)4 JUN 2017

Praneeth with a match point!

16:31 (IST)4 JUN 2017

SUDDEN DEATH NOW! 19-19 as Praneeth hits a forehand into the net.

16:30 (IST)4 JUN 2017

19-18 now with a Christie smash down the line!

16:30 (IST)4 JUN 2017

Two points away now, Praneeth!

16:29 (IST)4 JUN 2017

WHAT A POINT! After a long rally, Praneeth strikes the killer blow with a defensive drop shot. Christie dives for it but not enough.

16:28 (IST)4 JUN 2017

ALL SQUARE! 17-17 now. This can go either way!

16:26 (IST)4 JUN 2017

Too close to call, this match. 16-15 in the final game!

16:26 (IST)4 JUN 2017

16-14 to Praneeth now! Can he convert?

16:24 (IST)4 JUN 2017

Praneeth now has the lead thanks a few dreadful errors by the Indonesian!

16:23 (IST)4 JUN 2017

After keeping his lead, we have things levelled up at 12-12. 

16:20 (IST)4 JUN 2017

Christie leads 11-10 on the interval mark. IT DOESN'T GET CLOSER THAN THIS!

16:18 (IST)4 JUN 2017

All square in the deciding game! 9-9!

16:17 (IST)4 JUN 2017

Praneeth now takes five points in a row! He cuts Christie's lead to one.

16:13 (IST)4 JUN 2017

The Indonesia man has taken five points in a row now and leads 6-2!

16:11 (IST)4 JUN 2017

Praneeth loses the first point but takes the next two. 2-1!

16:09 (IST)4 JUN 2017

Praneeth converts on his third game point chance with a deceptive drop. The third game will now decide the winner!

16:08 (IST)4 JUN 2017

We're going into a third!

16:08 (IST)4 JUN 2017

Christie saves two points with a powerful smash on the second!

16:06 (IST)4 JUN 2017

Four game points for Praneeth. 

16:05 (IST)4 JUN 2017

18-16 now! Three more points to go!

16:04 (IST)4 JUN 2017

Praneeth has now taken the lead as we near the end of the second game. Can he hold on to it?

16:02 (IST)4 JUN 2017

It's 14-15 to Christie now, as Praneeth's forehand hits the net.

16:00 (IST)4 JUN 2017

INCREDIBLE POINT! Praneeth looked down and out during the point but his deep clear lands on the line.

15:59 (IST)4 JUN 2017

All square at 12-12, thanks to Christie's beautiful drop shot.

15:57 (IST)4 JUN 2017

The Indonesian leads 10-11 at the break and has the momentum.

15:56 (IST)4 JUN 2017

From 8-1 down, Christie has made it 9-9!

15:53 (IST)4 JUN 2017

The Indonesian is pulling back a few points. It's 9-6 now, in favour of Praneeth.

15:52 (IST)4 JUN 2017

Praneeth has a six-point lead at 9-3. 

15:49 (IST)4 JUN 2017

Praneeth takes a 5-0 lead in the second.

15:48 (IST)4 JUN 2017

Two delightful net shots give Praneeth an early 2-0 lead in the second game.

15:45 (IST)4 JUN 2017

The Indonesian takes the first game 21-17!

15:44 (IST)4 JUN 2017

Three game points for Christie.

15:43 (IST)4 JUN 2017

A powerful body smash by the Indonesian sends Praneeth sprawled all over the court floor. Two points away from the the first game!

15:42 (IST)4 JUN 2017

A beautifully angled shot gives Praneeth the point after a long rally! It's really tight in this game!

15:41 (IST)4 JUN 2017

Christie is just three points away from the win. Can Praneeth fight back?

15:39 (IST)4 JUN 2017

Christie fights back! It's 16-16 now. Who can take this from here?

15:37 (IST)4 JUN 2017

Praneeth takes the lead for the first time in this game. Can he convert it?

15:36 (IST)4 JUN 2017

All square at 14-14 now. 

15:36 (IST)4 JUN 2017

The gap is just at one point as Praneeth sends down a smash of his own!

15:33 (IST)4 JUN 2017

Christie sends down a thunderous smash! 12-10 he leads.

15:31 (IST)4 JUN 2017

Christie goes into the break at 9-11* up. A tight start to the final!

15:30 (IST)4 JUN 2017

Christie pulled a streak of four and defends will to make it 8-10 in his favour.

15:27 (IST)4 JUN 2017

The Indian has taken the lead now, making it 7-5.

15:25 (IST)4 JUN 2017

All square at 4-4 now.

15:23 (IST)4 JUN 2017

A powerful smash gives Praneeth his first point.

15:22 (IST)4 JUN 2017

The Indonesian has raced into a 3-0 lead very quickly.

15:19 (IST)4 JUN 2017

Praneeth to get us underway. He serves to start the opening point of the final!
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