Saina Nehwal vs Line Hojmark Kjaersfeldt, Live Badminton Score and Updates, French Open Super Series 2017 First Round

By Sportskeeda Desk | Last ModifiedOct 25, 2017 20:58 IST

Nehwal def Kjaersfeldt 21-14, 11-21, 21-10 to enter the second round.


20:58 (IST)25 OCT 2017

Later in the day, Denmark Open champion Srikanth Kidambi and PV Sindhu will be in action.

Follow Srikanth's match LIVE HERE and Sindhu's match LIVE HERE:

20:57 (IST)25 OCT 2017

She will try to inspire herself from that third game performance for her next match could be against her Denmark Open conqueror, Akane Yamaguchi.

20:55 (IST)25 OCT 2017

That was a good workout for Saina. Kudos to the Dane for playing aggressively and bagging a game with that play. In the decider, it was all Saina, who stamped her authority early on and never relinquished control.

20:52 (IST)25 OCT 2017

Final score: Nehwal def Kjaersfeldt 21-14, 11-21, 21-10

20:51 (IST)25 OCT 2017

Saina takes it, 21-10

20:51 (IST)25 OCT 2017

Line saves one...10-20

20:50 (IST)25 OCT 2017



20:50 (IST)25 OCT 2017

18-9 for the Indian

20:49 (IST)25 OCT 2017

The shuttlers are playing are more defensively now....longer is a test of stamina.

Currently, Saina is ahead at 17-9

20:48 (IST)25 OCT 2017

Saina is still comfortably placed at 16-8

20:47 (IST)25 OCT 2017

Line bags a couple of points to reduce the deficit to 7-15

20:46 (IST)25 OCT 2017

15-5 it is for the Indian...a TEN-POINT ADVANTAGE now

Surely, she wouldn't take her foot off the pedal now.

20:45 (IST)25 OCT 2017

Saina looks UNSTOPPABLE now.....has inched ahead to 15-4.

20:43 (IST)25 OCT 2017

At the mid-game interval, Saina has a lead of 11-4.

20:42 (IST)25 OCT 2017

Saina is now cruising at 9-4....she needs to be careful not to let the Dane come back.

20:40 (IST)25 OCT 2017

8-2 is the lead now....Saina has extended the gap to six points now

20:39 (IST)25 OCT 2017

This time, Saina is more cautious and has soared to 6-2

20:38 (IST)25 OCT 2017

Saina has once more jumped to a 4-2 lead....can she hold on to it this time?

20:37 (IST)25 OCT 2017

Saina is now 2-1 ahead

20:37 (IST)25 OCT 2017



20:34 (IST)25 OCT 2017

Line takes the second game, 21-11

20:33 (IST)25 OCT 2017



20:33 (IST)25 OCT 2017

But that could not throw off the Dane....she adds two more points to lead 19-10

20:33 (IST)25 OCT 2017

Finally Saina stops her march and adds one point to make it 10-17

20:32 (IST)25 OCT 2017


Unbelievable turnaround!

20:32 (IST)25 OCT 2017


Saina has no answers at all!

20:31 (IST)25 OCT 2017

And the Dane has extended her lead to 14-9

20:31 (IST)25 OCT 2017

Post-interval, she still maintains her three-point lead....12-9

Lot of hard work for Saina to do if she wants to win in straight games.

20:29 (IST)25 OCT 2017

Wow! The Dane has gone up to 11-8 at the mid-game interval.

20:28 (IST)25 OCT 2017

It is a close encounter now though Line still has a slender lead of one point at 9-8

20:27 (IST)25 OCT 2017

Now Line has surged to 8-6

20:26 (IST)25 OCT 2017

Just like the first game, Line has come back to even the game. 6-6 it is

20:25 (IST)25 OCT 2017

6-4 is the lead for the Indian now

20:24 (IST)25 OCT 2017

She has a 5-3 advantage now

20:23 (IST)25 OCT 2017

The Indian has broken away to a 4-2 lead

20:22 (IST)25 OCT 2017

All level in the initial stages of the second game


20:21 (IST)25 OCT 2017


It is 1-1

20:18 (IST)25 OCT 2017

Saina bags the first game, 21-14

20:17 (IST)25 OCT 2017

Saina now has SIX GAME POINTS at 20-14

20:16 (IST)25 OCT 2017

The former runner-up is now cruising at 18-13....sniffing the finish line in this game

20:15 (IST)25 OCT 2017

The pace of the match has slowed down now...Saina still has a FOUR-point advantage at 16-12

20:14 (IST)25 OCT 2017

It's 15-11 for the Indian.

20:13 (IST)25 OCT 2017

Saina has taken three points in a row to jump to a 14-11 lead

20:12 (IST)25 OCT 2017

Post-interval, it is 11-11

20:10 (IST)25 OCT 2017

Saina has a slender lead of 11-10 at halftime

20:10 (IST)25 OCT 2017

It continues to  be tight....10-10

20:08 (IST)25 OCT 2017

But Saina has restored order now...back to 9-9

20:08 (IST)25 OCT 2017

That's really a great effort from Line considering she was finding it difficult in the initial stages of the match.

20:08 (IST)25 OCT 2017

And the Dane has built a TWO-POINT lead over Saina...9-7

20:06 (IST)25 OCT 2017

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