Saina Nehwal vs PV Sindhu, Live Badminton Score and Updates, Senior National Badminton Championships 2017 Final

By Sportskeeda Desk | Last ModifiedNov 08, 2017 19:51 IST

Nehwal def Sindhu, 21-17, 27-25


19:51 (IST)8 NOV 2017

With this hope, we wrap up our live coverage of the 2017 Nationals. Let us hope we get to see such high quality matches next year as well.

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19:48 (IST)8 NOV 2017

And the quality of all the finals showed why our top shuttlers should always play the Nationals. So many schoolkids turned up to watch and cheer our stars. It can only inspire more and more kids to take up the racquet.

19:45 (IST)8 NOV 2017

This is Saina's third title at the Senior Nationals. Saina's movement stood out today that made all the difference. The former World No. 1 also admitted later that she was very happy with it and it totally helped her to pick Sindhu's tough shots.

This should indeed bode well ahead of the two big Superseries events coming up as Saina aims to book her berth in the Dubai World Superseries Finals.

19:39 (IST)8 NOV 2017

WHAT A MATCH! It had to end with THE RALLY OF THE MATCH!!!!!!

It was befitting of all the hype and the attention it got. 

19:37 (IST)8 NOV 2017

Final score: Nehwal def Sindhu, 21-17, 27-25

19:39 (IST)8 NOV 2017

The rally of the match!!!!

They gave their all and Saina takes it!!!!


19:38 (IST)8 NOV 2017

6th match point for Saina


19:37 (IST)8 NOV 2017

And it is saved.


19:37 (IST)8 NOV 2017

Service error from Sindhu.

5th match point to Saina

19:36 (IST)8 NOV 2017

What a rally!!!!!

Saina's error makes it 24-24

19:34 (IST)8 NOV 2017

4th match point to Saina.


19:34 (IST)8 NOV 2017

But Saina hits the net now!


19:33 (IST)8 NOV 2017

Sindhu hits the net!

3rd match point to Saina.


19:31 (IST)8 NOV 2017

What a sharp smash directed to Saina's forehand!


19:31 (IST)8 NOV 2017

What a smash by Saina!


19:30 (IST)8 NOV 2017

And the game point is saved.


19:30 (IST)8 NOV 2017

This time Sindhu finds open court and utilizes it.


19:29 (IST)8 NOV 2017

Sindhu saves it!


19:29 (IST)8 NOV 2017

Shuttle goes out from Sindhu.

Match point to Saina.

19:28 (IST)8 NOV 2017

Saina sends the shuttle wide.


19:28 (IST)8 NOV 2017

Nehwal inches ahead to 19-18

19:27 (IST)8 NOV 2017

And the lead has vanished!


19:27 (IST)8 NOV 2017

And Sindhu cannot be complacent 

Saina has made it 17-18 through exceptional placements.

19:26 (IST)8 NOV 2017

It's just a two-point lead right now.

Sindhu up 18-16

19:25 (IST)8 NOV 2017

Sindhu gets a couple of points to go up to 17-13

19:24 (IST)8 NOV 2017

Again Saina shows who is the boss!

Has come back to 13-15

19:23 (IST)8 NOV 2017

One rare error from Sindhu for 15-12

19:22 (IST)8 NOV 2017

Sindhu has now wrested control. Soars to 14-10

19:21 (IST)8 NOV 2017

Saina's movement has been brilliant all over the court so far.

19:21 (IST)8 NOV 2017

Another precise placement
Saina is 10-12 now

19:20 (IST)8 NOV 2017

Saina pulls back one point through wonderful deception.

Now trails 9-12

19:18 (IST)8 NOV 2017

Sindhu up 11-8 at the break.

19:18 (IST)8 NOV 2017

What a backhand from Sindhu!


19:17 (IST)8 NOV 2017

Saina in total control!!!!!

She is now 8-9

19:16 (IST)8 NOV 2017

Sindhu lets it drop on the backline.

Surges to 8-6

19:15 (IST)8 NOV 2017

Saina is moving Sindhu all over the court and tiring her out.


19:14 (IST)8 NOV 2017

Saina has closed in to 5-6

19:13 (IST)8 NOV 2017

What placement from Saina! A flick of her wrist and the shuttle lands on the backline!!

Trails 4-6

19:12 (IST)8 NOV 2017

Saina now trying to come back.

Trails 3-6

19:12 (IST)8 NOV 2017

What a stunning rally! Saina had to twist and turn to return. Sindhu puts it right on the sideline.

4-2 to Sindhu

19:10 (IST)8 NOV 2017

And we are even as Saina makes it 2-2

19:10 (IST)8 NOV 2017

2-1 to Sindhu

19:09 (IST)8 NOV 2017

It is 1-1

19:09 (IST)8 NOV 2017

Second game

What an aggressive attitude from Sindhu


19:06 (IST)8 NOV 2017

And Sindhu misses a down the line smash.

Saina bags the opener, 21-17

19:05 (IST)8 NOV 2017

Chair Umpire overruling the line judge and awarding a point to Saina.

Game point for Saina. 20-17

19:04 (IST)8 NOV 2017

Sindhu loses control of the shuttle totally.

Saina inches ahead to 19-17

19:03 (IST)8 NOV 2017

And Sindhu dumps the shuttle at the net.

Saina leads 18-16

19:03 (IST)8 NOV 2017

Big smash by Sindhu.

One point lead for Saina at 17-16

19:02 (IST)8 NOV 2017

What a sharp, angled deceptive smash from Sindhu.

She is behind 15-17
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