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Samiya Imad Farooqui vs Widjaja Stephani, Live Badminton score and updates, Asian Junior Championships 2017 U-15 Final

By Sportskeeda Desk | Last ModifiedOct 08, 2017 16:09 IST

Samiya Imad Farooqui wins 15-21, 21-17, 21-19.


16:09 (IST)8 OCT 2017

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16:06 (IST)8 OCT 2017

Farooqui had won the doubles bronze in the same category last year alongside Gayatri Gopichand. This time she grabs the singles gold!

What a gutsy display! What nerves of steel! She surely has a very bright future.

16:03 (IST)8 OCT 2017

Final score: Samiya Imad Farooqui wins 15-21, 21-17, 21-19.

15:58 (IST)8 OCT 2017


21-19 in decider

15:57 (IST)8 OCT 2017

Widjaja saves one....19-20

15:57 (IST)8 OCT 2017



15:56 (IST)8 OCT 2017


15:55 (IST)8 OCT 2017

It's back to being on level terms....17-17

15:55 (IST)8 OCT 2017

She has now taken the lead too, 17-16

15:54 (IST)8 OCT 2017

And Farooqui HAS COME BACK!!!!!!!


15:53 (IST)8 OCT 2017

Widjaja leads 16-13.....time is running out for Farooqui now.

15:51 (IST)8 OCT 2017

Farooqui still trails by three points...11-14

15:49 (IST)8 OCT 2017

13-9 now for Widjaja

15:47 (IST)8 OCT 2017

Widjaja is up 11-7 heading into the mid-game interval.

15:45 (IST)8 OCT 2017

But Widjaja takes a couple of points on the trot to move ahead to 9-6.

15:44 (IST)8 OCT 2017

Farooqui clawing her way back into this....6-7

15:41 (IST)8 OCT 2017

The Indonesian is up 5-3.

15:41 (IST)8 OCT 2017


Widjaja makes a bright start and leads 4-2

15:37 (IST)8 OCT 2017

What steely nerves and determination shown by the 14-year-old Indian girl!!

15:36 (IST)8 OCT 2017


15:35 (IST)8 OCT 2017


15:34 (IST)8 OCT 2017

19-16 now for Farooqui...can she close this out?

15:33 (IST)8 OCT 2017

17-16 now for the Indian...can she maintain the slight lead?

15:32 (IST)8 OCT 2017

And she goes up to 16-14

15:32 (IST)8 OCT 2017

Farooqui still manages to grab the lead again....15-14

15:30 (IST)8 OCT 2017

And she has levelled....13-13

15:30 (IST)8 OCT 2017

Widjaja is making an attempt to come back here....she trails by just one point now....12-13

15:28 (IST)8 OCT 2017

It's 12-9 for the Indian now

15:25 (IST)8 OCT 2017

It's 10-8 for Farooqui now

15:24 (IST)8 OCT 2017

Farooqui has inched ahead to 9-5 now

15:22 (IST)8 OCT 2017

The pace of the match has slowed down and the Indian still leads 6-2.

15:20 (IST)8 OCT 2017

She still maintains the lead at 4-2.

15:19 (IST)8 OCT 2017


Farooqui now in charge of the second game....2-0

15:16 (IST)8 OCT 2017

Widjaja halts her momentum and bags the opener, 21-15.

15:16 (IST)8 OCT 2017

Farooqui seems to have found her rhythm now but is it too late? She trails 15-19.

15:14 (IST)8 OCT 2017

Three points on the trot for Farooqui, who reduces the deficit to five points at 12-17

15:12 (IST)8 OCT 2017

The gap is increasing more and more...Widjaja currently leads 16-9

15:11 (IST)8 OCT 2017

The Indian took four points but Widjaja still inches ahead to 13-8.

15:08 (IST)8 OCT 2017

Farooqui is finding it difficult to weather the storm....she trails 3-11 at the interval.

15:06 (IST)8 OCT 2017

The match has started and the Indonesian is off to a tremendously good start. She leads 7-3.

14:22 (IST)8 OCT 2017

Good afternoon and welcome to the Sportskeeda liveblog of the Asian Junior Championships U-15 women's singles final. Samiya Imad Farooqui, a trainee at the Pullela Gopichand Academy is the only Indian to have reached any final at this combined U-15 and U-17 Asian Junior Championships tournament being held in Yangon, Myanmar.

Bringing home medals from this event is nothing new for the 14-year-old Farooqui. She and Gopichand's daughter, Gayatri had teamed up last year to bag the U-15 women's doubles bronze.

This time she has added a singles medal from this event and is definitely eyeing the gold.

Farooqui dropped just one game on her way to the final. In the quarter-finals, she came back from a game down to edge Japan's Kaoru Sugiyama.

Having said that, she still needs to be on the alert against her opponent, Widjaja Stephani. The unseeded Indonesian has been a giant-killer and has accounted for the top seed Rasila Maharjan and the fourth seed Pornpicha Choeikeewong. Needless to say that she will make it tough for the Indian.
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