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Sania Mirza & Shuai Peng vs Martina Hingis & Yung-Jan Chan, Live tennis score, US Open 2017 semi-final

By Sportskeeda Desk | Last ModifiedSep 08, 2017 17:46 GMT

Hingis and Chan win 6-4, 6-4.


17:46 (GMT)8 SEP 2017

That's it from us, guys!

Hope you enjoyed the blog. Let us hope Indian tennis does better at 2018 Slams.

And with that, we wrap things up.

Stay tuned to Sportskeeda for all the latest updates from the 2017 US Open.

Goodnight and goodbye!

17:40 (GMT)8 SEP 2017

And with Mirza's loss, the Indian campaign ends at the 2017 US Open.

17:40 (GMT)8 SEP 2017

Everytime they struggled, Hingis and Chan came back immediately through their excellent net game, fantastic footwork and tremendous mental toughness. That made the difference in the end.

And they were superior on the return games too!

17:39 (GMT)8 SEP 2017

Final score: Hingis/Chan win 6-4, 6-4

17:38 (GMT)8 SEP 2017

Peng's backhand goes out and Hingis/Chan WIN!!

17:37 (GMT)8 SEP 2017

One is saved!

17:37 (GMT)8 SEP 2017

WOW! What a backhand down the line from Chan!

2 match points

17:36 (GMT)8 SEP 2017



17:33 (GMT)8 SEP 2017

Hingis and Chan are up with a break at 5-4 and will serve for a place in the US Open final.

17:33 (GMT)8 SEP 2017

It is a TAME SURRENDER from Mirza as the Indian's backhand sails wide.

17:32 (GMT)8 SEP 2017

Now Mirza sends a forehand wide.....faces break point

17:31 (GMT)8 SEP 2017


Hingis finally miscues a volley and it is DEUCE

17:30 (GMT)8 SEP 2017

30-30 on the Mirza serve

17:29 (GMT)8 SEP 2017

Can Mirza and Peng push aside this setback and come back?

17:28 (GMT)8 SEP 2017

And they hold!



17:27 (GMT)8 SEP 2017

Deuce No. 7 as Peng makes a beautiful return

17:26 (GMT)8 SEP 2017

Peng finds the open court for her backhand winner.....deuce No. 6

17:25 (GMT)8 SEP 2017


17:24 (GMT)8 SEP 2017

Mirza's forehand sails point for the second seeds

17:24 (GMT)8 SEP 2017


17:24 (GMT)8 SEP 2017

Superb angled volley return from Peng...break point for the fourth seeds

17:23 (GMT)8 SEP 2017

Great winner down the middle from Peng....deuce

17:22 (GMT)8 SEP 2017

Hingis finds a backhand down the line winner to save a break point!


17:21 (GMT)8 SEP 2017


17:21 (GMT)8 SEP 2017

Mirza cut out all angles and Hingis sends the ball into the net

Break point for the fourth seeds

17:17 (GMT)8 SEP 2017

The fourth seeds hold their serve and they lead 4-3.

17:13 (GMT)8 SEP 2017

And we are back on serve! Was that even a surprise?


17:10 (GMT)8 SEP 2017


Wow! So much action happening in the last couple of games!

Mirza and Peng are still up 3-2 but the break advantage is gone.

17:09 (GMT)8 SEP 2017

And, as expected, Mirza goes down 0-40 on her serve.

17:08 (GMT)8 SEP 2017

Hingis has been very tough on return games, so it is going to be an uphill battle!

17:08 (GMT)8 SEP 2017

In the first set also, they broke but could not keep it going for a long time. Can they keep their lead intact this time?

17:07 (GMT)8 SEP 2017

Terrible miss from the Swiss Miss!

Mirza and Peng break for 3-1.

17:06 (GMT)8 SEP 2017

And they are 40-0 up now with THREE BREAK POINTS IN HAND

17:05 (GMT)8 SEP 2017

Mirza strikes back with venom!!!!!

The fourth seeds are 30-0 up on the Hingis serve.

17:03 (GMT)8 SEP 2017

And they HOLD

Mirza and Peng are up 2-1

17:02 (GMT)8 SEP 2017

Mirza finds an opening and clobbers the ball down the middle....they have game point.

17:01 (GMT)8 SEP 2017

What a volley that just floats over the net!

It is DEUCE on the Peng serve

17:01 (GMT)8 SEP 2017

Hingis is on fire again and putting pressure on the Peng serve.

16:59 (GMT)8 SEP 2017

It is 1-1 in the second set as Hingis and Chan hold serve comfortably.

16:55 (GMT)8 SEP 2017

Mirza gets out of jail on her serve. Great comeback in that game. The fourth seeds open proceedings in the second set with a 1-0 lead.

16:53 (GMT)8 SEP 2017

And Mirza and Peng start struggling from the first game of the second set.

Peng sends a volley way out and it is break point to the second seeds.

16:52 (GMT)8 SEP 2017

Peng's serve, especially, has been a cause of concern.

16:51 (GMT)8 SEP 2017

After that great start, Mirza and Peng simply faded away as Hingis and Chan raised their level.

16:48 (GMT)8 SEP 2017

Mirza sends a TIRED BACKHAND INTO THE NET and the first set goes to Hingis and Chan, 6-4.

16:47 (GMT)8 SEP 2017

2 set points for them at 40-15

16:46 (GMT)8 SEP 2017

Hingis is just UNSTOPPABLE at the moment!

16:43 (GMT)8 SEP 2017

Hingis intercepts and the second seeds BREAK!

Hingis and Chan are up 5-4

16:43 (GMT)8 SEP 2017

And they face two break points...15-40

16:42 (GMT)8 SEP 2017

Peng quickly goes down 0-30 on her serve

16:40 (GMT)8 SEP 2017

Chan is SO FAST at the net......the second seeds wriggle out of the danger and hold for 4-4
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