Santosh Trophy 2018: Bengal vs Manipur, Live Match Updates

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Bengal 3-0 Manipur (Sumit Dasx2, Vidyasagar); Full Time


17:02 (IST)19 MAR 2018

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17:02 (IST)19 MAR 2018

Full Time

It's all over at the Howrah Municipal Stadium as the defending champions walk home with a comfortable 3-0 win. Bengal kicked off their title defence in style against Manipur and have established their dominion in the tournament. Sumit Das's double brace set up the hosts comfortably at the end of the first half. The final nail in the coffin was put by Vidyasagar late in the second half, as Manipur struggled to pull back anything.

Despite missing out on key players, the 32 times champion has started on a strong note and will be keen to keep the momentum, going forward. For the Highlanders, they have a lot to look into as they aim to turn around their fortunes in the next fixture.

16:55 (IST)19 MAR 2018

90'+3' Manipur with the final attack of the match but the referee blows the final whistle. 

16:54 (IST)19 MAR 2018

90'+2' Chancee!!

Manipur with a promising attack in the final minutes of the match but the shot is blocked by Mukherjee. Chance squandered for the Highlanders.

16:53 (IST)19 MAR 2018

90+1' Substitution
Babun Das is forced out after going down with an impact. Final change for Bengal as Sanchayan Samaddar walks in

16:52 (IST)19 MAR 2018

90' 3 minutes have been added on as injury time. 

Manipur on the counter. Can they pull one back?

16:51 (IST)19 MAR 2018

88' Manipur on the attack in the dying minutes but Vidyasagar on the counter-attack and the cross finds its way straight to the goalkeeper

16:47 (IST)19 MAR 2018

84' Substitution

Second change for Bengal. Captain Jiten Murmu makes way for Rajon Burman 

16:45 (IST)19 MAR 2018

81' Goooaaall!!

It's all over for Manipur as Bengal extends their lead to 3 goals. Brilliant work by Sujay Dutta and a poor clearance from Manipur finds Vidyasagar in space as his strike puts the ball in the back of the net. 

16:44 (IST)19 MAR 2018

80' As we approach the penultimate stages of the match, Manipur has a lot to worry about, with only 10 minutes left to overturn a 2-goal deficit !!!!

16:43 (IST)19 MAR 2018

79' Tirthankar Sarkar's ball is tipped over by the Manipur goalkeeper. No fruitful result for Bengal.

16:39 (IST)19 MAR 2018

76' Substitution 

Bengal with their first change. Double goal scorer Sumit Das goes out to make way for Sujay Dutta. 

16:38 (IST)19 MAR 2018

74' A strong headed clearance by Bengal defender to award Manipur a throw-in but the attack is defended by Bengal by pushing the ball back to their keeper

16:33 (IST)19 MAR 2018

71' Ankit Mukherjee's through ball is cleared by Manipur defence for a corner. Tirthankar takes the corner for Bengal but the set-piece is headed clear by Manipur for a Bengal throw-in

16:31 (IST)19 MAR 2018

68' Substitution
Final change for Manipur. Chiphang-out & Thoudam Meite- in

16:30 (IST)19 MAR 2018

67' Bengal maintaining ball possession but the pass by Murmu is too long as Manipur wins a throw-in.

16:28 (IST)19 MAR 2018

64' Another long ball by Manipur and the ball is intercepted by Bengal keeper  Ranajit Mazundar who quickly comes off his line to clear the ball.

16:25 (IST)19 MAR 2018

62' Chanceee!!! 
Babun Das with a wonderful attempt that could have sealed the match for Bengal. But alas the score remains 2-0. 

Vidyasagar with a well-timed lay off to Das whose shot just sails over the crossbar

16:22 (IST)19 MAR 2018

60' Manipur on the attack again but the Bengal defence is alert and clears the ball.

16:21 (IST)19 MAR 2018

58' Not much happening with only exchange in possession in the midfield. Manipur trying hard to get a breakthrough, but Bengal's defence is too hard to penetrate

16:18 (IST)19 MAR 2018

56' Vidyasagar Singh on the attack but he gives in a foul and Manipur on the attack and Ranajit dives to thwart any danger and prevent Manipur from reducing the margin.

16:17 (IST)19 MAR 2018

54' Chist with a poor shot and the Bengal defence on their toes to avert any added danger that could have posed.

16:16 (IST)19 MAR 2018

53' Chance! 
Free kick from a dangerous area for Manipur. Can the Highlanders convert it?

16:15 (IST)19 MAR 2018

53' Substitution 
Second change for Manipur. Netrajit Singh - in, Shougrakpam Singh out

16:13 (IST)19 MAR 2018

51' Manipur try to turn on the pressure on Bengal with an ambitious attempt. Jiteshwar Singh with a shot but the Bengal goalkeeper collects it with ease

16:12 (IST)19 MAR 2018

49' Chanceee!!
Bengal not looking to rest easy as they press forward. A darting cross by Vidyasagar from the right flank but the side volley goes begging

16:11 (IST)19 MAR 2018

48'  Another a throw-in for Bengal from Tanmoy Ghosh but a resilient defending by Manipur sets them up for a counter attack but the visitors squander the chance. 

16:08 (IST)19 MAR 2018

47' Throw in in favour of Bengal and a long throw-in using the strong shoulders but the ball forward fails to find Sumit Das.

16:07 (IST)19 MAR 2018

46' And we are back with the live coverage of the second half

15:54 (IST)19 MAR 2018

Half Time: Bengal 2-0 Manipur

It has been an intriguing contest of football but Bengal has clearly looked the better team in this half. The goalline speaks for itself as the home side leads by 2 goals, courtesy Sumit Das's double brace. 

Manipur has enjoyed sporadic chances and will need to be more clinical in the next half if they fancy any comeback in the game.

15:52 (IST)19 MAR 2018

45+2' Bengal with the final attack of the half as the referee blows the whistle for half time

15:51 (IST)19 MAR 2018

45+1' A promising attack by Manipur right on the brink of half-time and suddenly the Bengal defence looks vulnerable though the ball is safely gathered by Bengal goalkeeper

15:50 (IST)19 MAR 2018

45' 2 minutes have been added on at the end of the first half.

15:50 (IST)19 MAR 2018

43' Bengal maintaining possession and on the attack down the left flank. But goes out of play for a Manipur throw-in

15:45 (IST)19 MAR 2018

41' Pulamte on the attack for Manipur and he's fouled and a freekick just outside the penalty area for Manipur to reduce the margin before half time but the shot just goes wide.

15:45 (IST)19 MAR 2018

37' Nice deft touch from Tirthankar Sarkar as he chips the ball but does not find any Bengal players upfront. Manipur defence can breathe easy.

15:44 (IST)19 MAR 2018

35' Bengal with consecutive attacks on the Manipur goal. Striker Sumit Das finds the ball from a Manipur clearance as he runs in to complete his hattrick but cannot control the speed, as the ball goes out for a goal kick.

15:39 (IST)19 MAR 2018

34' Chanceee!!
Freekick for Bengal in a lucrative area as they fancy a third goal. A well-timed delivery into the box but is taken off the goal line by the Manipur defence. Corner for Bengal

15:36 (IST)19 MAR 2018

33' Manipur's attack does not have the teeth to pose challenge to the Bengal defense and the ball is cleared long by Bengal

15:34 (IST)19 MAR 2018

30' The Bengal team is maintaining a strong backline to deny Manipur any chances. A brilliant run by the visitors and a wonderful cross down the centre but the danger is cleared by Bengal

15:32 (IST)19 MAR 2018

28' Ranajit Mazumder goes down on the ground trying to make a save and needs medical attention. 

15:30 (IST)19 MAR 2018

25' Substitution 

An early change in the game for the North-Easterners.  Oinam Singh goes out to make for Hiisupulu

15:29 (IST)19 MAR 2018

23' Manipur looking keen to find some foothold in the match as they make an ambitious attempt but Ranajit Mazumder, the Bengal keeper has no problem

15:25 (IST)19 MAR 2018

21' Another attack by Bengal and the Manipur defense rises to the occasion and prevents a third goal

15:25 (IST)19 MAR 2018

19' Bengal looking comfortable with the two-goal cushion as they are happy to play the ball around. They have looked the stronger team so far as they establish their dominion by controlling the pace of the game. 

15:22 (IST)19 MAR 2018

17' Vidyasagar is fouled and is directly swerved towards the goal but does not trouble the goalkeeper

15:22 (IST)19 MAR 2018

16' Offside
Manipur wins a throw in but is intercepted by Bengal who looks to change it into a quickfire a counter. However, the forward ball to striker Sumit Das is hauled offside as the linesman raises his flag

15:20 (IST)19 MAR 2018

14' Goooooaall

Bengal doubles their lead, as Sumit Das takes his tally to two in the match. Goal kick for Manipur but the ball is snatched away by Bengal and Vidyasagar's cross is headed in by Das

15:18 (IST)19 MAR 2018

11' Manipur takes control of the ball on the centre line and passes the ball back to the keeper and Bengal through Vidyasagar down the right flank but intercepted by Manipur defense

15:18 (IST)19 MAR 2018

10' Manipur now trying to maintain better possession, but their ball forward poses no problem for the Bengal keeper Ranajit
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